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    Incorrect! I would surmise that J is actually quite grateful for birth control as it assists in squashing the potential of pregnancy and allows partners to indulge in sexual pleasure. Um, could you elaborate on "need" for sex. Needs and desires are not synonymous.
  2. I would prefer "stylistic" which Ayn Rand ascribes to an artists rendition of his craft. "His selection constitutes his evaluation: everything included in a work of art-from theme to subject to brushstroke or adjective-acquires metaphysical significance by the mere fact of being included, of being important enough to include". Lexicon {Ibid., 46; pb 36} Hope that explanation suffices as serious.
  3. Read the forum rules and have concluded that nothing I have mentioned breached the governing sanctions. I have yet to actually debate anything, I merely inserted an apprehension of engaging in the conversation. I actually was attempting to respond to the dialogue of Atheism where several insular exchanges occured. I apologize for the seemingly random post. If you would read those particular threads it would probably illuminate my stance and eliminate the dubious opine. The person I was referring to was Styles212 whom had an unmitigated backlash from JMeagan Snow. He was merely seeking entitled clarifications and was met with brazen snobbishness. Manifold familiarity confesses a level of Objectivist competence, sort of a disclaimer to assist in thwarting Snows insensitivities to potential misinterpretations. Review the thread first and clarify any misconceptions if you would like. Appreciate the response Bryan.
  4. Novice responder attempting to seize the condenscension from snow's mountainous mouth... Before the standard profiling, the uncouth discernments, the avalanche of antogonistic rhetoric ensues, note that I have manifold familiarity with Ayn Rand literature and am prepared for "intellectaual shooting matches". I have been meticulously reviewing threads and have been impressed with the conversation, though troubled by the ostensible dearth of regard for particular persons inquiries. With that said I hope to prosper as a participant in this intriguing forum.
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