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  1. Many here have been trying to find the “morality of irrational selfishness” which is a contradiction, selfishness is always rational, as described by rand. There are only two moralities that are predatory and therefore irrational. egoism: the morality of self interest (always rational) altruism: the morality of self-sacrifice (always irrational) henodism: the morality of seeking pleasure at all cost (even if someone has to do irrational things to achieve pleasure), see Rand description of the concept hedonism: To say that pleasure should be the standard of morality simply means that whichever values you happen to have chosen, consciously or subconsciously, rationally or irrationally, are right and moral Now someone who robs a bank, or the kid of the previous exaple who didn’t pay his friends, or even someone who cheated on his wife, fits more with having a hedonist morality, that would be “the irrational selfishness sort of speak”…. they all were having a predatory behavior, seeking short-term pleasure in doing these irrational acts which could almost certainly be detrimental for them. Of course someone could achieve pleasure doing rational acts to, but a hedonist doesn’t know the difference, is just by pure accident that in his quest for pleasure he ends up doing something rational instead of irrational. The altruist on the other hand when he practice altruism individually, can only harms himself, only self-sacrifice and self-destructs himself, but when altruism is applied on a collectively matter, as a duty (collectivism), then the consequence is always the sacrifice individuals for the sake of the public good of the group or tribe.
  2. I'm trying to find data that supports this theory. Anyone can proportionate evidence of this?
  3. Anarchists saying that the proper government, which is a government that only use retaliatory force (the self-defense kind of force) to protect individual rights, is bad just because it is a monopoly on violence, is nonsense. Specially if the government is funded by voluntarily means ("voluntary taxes"). Anarchist have a phobia.
  4. Yes, make sense. It is possible to prove negative claims, but only for stuff that we know exists (positives). For example, if one claims that there is no apple in the top desk drawer of a desk then all one needs to do is to open the top desk drawer indicated in the claim and examine it for its contents. Finding no apple therein would provide sufficient evidence under ordinary circumstances to verify or confirm the negative claim that there is no apple in the top desk drawer. People conveniently use silly examples like this, to prove that it is possible to prove "a negative", but the desk, the drawer, nor the apple, are negatives, they are positives because we know that all three items metaphysically exists, so we can say that there is a 0.00001% of probabilities to find an apple inside the drawer of an unknown desk, and it would actually be provable, but is impossible to prove something when there is no previous evidence of its existence, so, to say, we will find a unicorn inside the desk drawer, that's a 0% chance of finding it, so, no matter how many times you search inside desk drawers around the world, a unicorn will never be found inside a desk drawer. Proponents of "proving a negative is possible" will only be able to prove that proving a negative claim is possible only for metaphysical animated and inanimate objects with previous evidence of their existence, but when you are searching a unicorn inside a desk drawer, they will just tell you, keep trying until you find it. Super silly.
  5. The concept of Private property disappears in an anarchy. There are only possessions, like when a dog posses a bone, until the other dog takes it. The concept of private only exist under a proper government with objective law. It does not help when objectivists talk about "private force agencies" or "private judges", they practically are helping anarchists to succeed into stealing that concept.
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