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  1. I saw a quote from Ayn Rand that went something like the following; When a criminal can gain a value by brazenly breaking the law, and everyone can see it, and he gets away with it, civilization is finished. I don't want to put that in quotes because I don't know exactly what she said, or where and when she said it. Can anyone retrieve her exact quote and where I can find it in an interview. Thanks
  2. In which case the method of cognition is false. This goes back to my premise 7; faith is an emotion, emotions are automatic and are not fit for the formation of principles because reality is abstract by definition.
  3. I could say that a drug addict would be as happy when he has his drugs as a mystic when his false premises are reinforced. That's not an argument, but it is a metaphor to guide in the understanding of epistemology. Rand would have put it more eloquently than that.
  4. I need more practice. If anyone can critique my reasoning I would appreciate it. Me: It is never in the interest of any conscious being to hold untrue beliefs. It brings one into conflict with reality and in conflict with one's own life. Him: That premise isn't obviously true. It depends how you specify 'in the interest of'. For instance studies show that religiousity, a set of false beliefs, correlates with greater wellbeing (happiness contentment etc). Me: correlation does not equal causation. Perhaps in those religious beliefs there are habits that are healthy and
  5. I am starting a podcast in a week and a half from now and debating is one of my strengths. I studied Objectivism a long time ago when I was introduced to it by something called Neo-Tech back in 2003 (one of those offshoots of Objectivism). My goal is to get a proper grounding to reality so that I can effectively defend capitalism, individualism, and ethics. What I really would like to do is debate high profile individuals on social media. So it is not just Objectivism I need to re-learn, but also public speaking and presentation. In my opinion, I have the intelligence and work ethi
  6. In terms of learning objectivism, I thought the fundamental goal for personal understanding objectivism might be to make the widest integrations like Ayn Rand herself were able to do. To integrate from the axiom of existence exists to capitalism in such a way that is both local, abstract, clearly understood by other people, and entertaining enough for people to want to comprehend, for example. What are your thoughts? Do you agree?
  7. I think it also give some clues about what free will is.
  8. Free will is a corollary of consciousness. Julian Jaynes proposes a very interesting theory of consciousness that runs parallel with Objectivism.
  9. Have you ever read "On The Origin of Consciousness, The Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" by Julian Jaynes?
  10. Or if I were a multi-billionaire donating money to that kind of research.
  11. "...acts to gain..." I missed that "acts to" part, so by definition it is possible to integrate with reality while acting to gain the ability to reverse the aging process if one is qualified to do that kind of work in bio-medical engineering, or whatever related field of study. Thanks for the observation. In a debate with someone like stefan molyneux, that would make the difference haha)
  12. I have been submersed into irrational society that my psycho-epistemology is cluttered with subjectivity; I'm still at the metaphysics and epistemology stage of re-learning Objectivism. Life presupposes the act of valuing. Your own life is the basis of all other values you have. Your efforts are at least an attempt to sustain your life, so for example, if you can act in such a way that would reverse the aging process (i.e. extending your telomeres, or boosting HGH long term), then you would do that since it would sustain your life, similarly in the way you sustain your life by eating.
  13. I thought about this a little more. I should specify that it is not a disintegration from reality if someone works to gain the attributes of youth, but to work to gain youth as a whole is a disintegration.
  14. Excuse me if this is a stupid question. If there is any materiel that comes to mind to anyone reading this, please refer it to me as I am in the process of re-learning objectivism. Values are defined as what an organism gains and keeps for survival. Aging is a process that occurs regardless if the person wants it to happen or not; aging can be slowed down, but it cannot be stopped with current medical technology. Is it appropriate to value youth, or anti-aging? To value something that cannot be gained or kept? People buy into "anti-aging" products, but this only gives the
  15. And for the sake of informing, here is a good little article on some real conspiracies: http://www.cracked.com/article_15974_7-ins...y-happened.html
  16. This might have be be moved, I am putting this here because I am not sure where I should post it. I am a lurker to this forum, I don't post much, but I have a question and then a set of questions: Why is it that Objectivists do not argue with someone who subscribes to conspiracy theory. One explanation that I came across is that by arguing with someone who subscribes to conspiracy theory, some credibility is given to them, therefore Objectivists do not argue with them. What other reasons are there, if any, that an Objectivist does not argue against conspiracy if they do not believe i
  17. For the information of this forum regarding Myers and Briggs typology, there is an alternative personality theory that is also based on Carl Jung's work. In my opinion, it is much better. It is called socionics, and here is a forum you can visit to learn more about it: http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/ Most other sites are in Russian
  18. The political trend might just go the same way of global cooling did. Hopefully by then we will still be alive from all of the other problems that we are having Otherwise I assume that the climate change, as long as it is not to the extreme (such as an ice age), will turn out to be good for the human population as it usually is, I think.
  19. Since this topic is nowhere to be found on this forum, I assume that most of the members are not aware of this possibility. There is a segment, (which I assume is small) who thinks that 9/11 was actually done by so called black operations within the CIA/corporation/ political think-tank/military industrial complex. There is also a debate going on about everything that has been found by either “debunkers” or “truthers.” If this is true, imagine the repercussions it would have on foreign policy as well as the credibility of the establishment as a whole. At the same time, what if this i
  20. Alright, I wanted to draw out people's thinking on this forum in such a way that I could learn from. I will first give you this quote: “Naturally, the common people don’t want war, but after all, it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag people along whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. This is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists
  21. Okay, I will make this clear: This does not have to do with Nazism. I am talking about the Reichstag fire as an example to help illustrate a concept.
  22. Forget the philosophy of nazism. What did the Reichstag fire help do, what can we learn from it.
  23. But the Reichstag fire was an important part, as well as the concept behind it. I am mostly after the concept here.
  24. The Reichstag fire was the one event that greatly empowered the Nazis and allowed for the nightmare of Nazi Germany. Taken this same concept, wouldn't the effect be magnified if the attack was a religious target on a day like Christmas? And what are some of the fundamental differences between *conspiracy theorists* and objectivists (if you chose to give out names)?
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