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  1. There is no law that requires an American that lives and works in the private sector to file a 1040. Many people point out that it was the 16th amendment that requires one to pay a direct unapportioned tax on one's wages or salary. The 16th amendment does not give government this power because the framers of the 16th amendment did not give the word "income" a new definition. So instead of being honest about it, the government along with the central bankers with their newly established Federal Reserve tricked the masses into paying anyway by controlling public opinion. Today, the IRS has bu
  2. This is coming from a libertarian Ron Paul Bill Gates Martha Stewart Aaron Russo (for the most part) Alex Jones (for the most part) The three people I would not support, nor do I think anyone should support that were on this list (and anyone can debate me if they would like), are Tony Blair, Condi Rice, and Rudy Giuliani.
  3. I like that documentary. It is a nice little way of explaining the problems that we are facing with the Federal Reserve and the IRS. The two things that I do not like about this movie is that it 1.) Does not explain the contract law that taxpayer was fooled into and what makes him or her liable (the real reason why the government can send taxpayers to prison) and 2.) That Russo believes that money should be in the hands of government, when it really should be in the private sector in the economy. Nevertheless I would recommend this movie
  4. That's interesting. You say particular purpose, do you mean rational expectations or inherent quality? The chair in the room is an object that is picked up by the senses and then is subjected when it is called or thought of as a chair. It may have certain qualities that no other object has, but when it is labeled and measured, it is to the mind subjected. It would make sense that if value is objective, then that could explain why the Austrian School’s theory of value works the way it does if one were to go down that avenue. But there is a part of human nature that subjects reality
  5. I am studying the Austrian School of economics. I came a cross some legitimate criticism on the Austrian School, particularly on the theory of value. How do you know that value is objective, and if it is, can you give the reason(s) why?
  6. I am currently studying Ludwig Von Mises, and I was reading his book, “The Theory of Money and Credit.” Something I do not understand about the so-called demand for money and the rate of interest is how the interest rate changes when the supply of money is constant. I would also appreciate it if someone explained how interest rates affect saving and investing. I’m coming from a mainstream perspective and I am having trouble with classical economics. If someone can give me a clear explanation, that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  7. This is an assumption based on the nature of the Federal Reserve System. I got ahead of myself when I said “when” instead of “if.” For this I apologize, especially if I wasted anyone’s time. If the United States government starts backing its money with a gold standard, then it is a possibility that the hyperinflation scenario will not occur. But since I do not think that the United States government will change its practices, I expect trouble for the economy in the future.
  8. 1000% inflation rate, wouldn't that make the currency practically worthless?
  9. Out of curiosity, anyone care to share their opinion on what exactly will happen when the US dollar becomes worthless. I thought that it would be great to some extent since the government would no longer be able to fund organizations such as the IRS. But then I thought the government will only use its gold reserves from Fort Knox, and who knows, they may even take every one else’s gold due to the “emergency.” I honestly do not know what will happen, but I would like to have a discussion on different possibilities and maybe even find out how protect our freedoms when the situation does
  10. I am very well aware of MBTI, and did a lot of research into the subject. But as I did research into the subject of personality types, I came across something known as socionics: www.socionics.com http://the16types.info/ http://www.the16types.info/forums/ In my own personal viewpoint, most of what you will see in personality tests and theories border with mysticism. However, to my knowledge, this theory is far more promising than all of the rest.
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