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  1. All right, I've been directed to this thread because I've been told that I have grossly misinterpreted Gattaca as luddite propaganda, so I feel somewhat compelled to reply here. In the fictional world of the movie, it is still immoral. We have an equivalent issue to the discrimination shown in the movie in the real world, and it's called racism. Specifically, hiring practices influenced by racism. Yes, racism is immoral. But choosing not to hire someone for such a reason is within your rights as an employer, irrational though it may be. The choice of whether or not to
  2. Which is pretty much exactly what the movie demonstrated. Please rewatch the scene with Project Mayhem's members chanting "his name was Robert Paulson" over and over again and tell me what you think the message of that scene is. My list of philosophically bad movies: Gattaca (luddite propaganda) Forrest Gump (The prosperity gospel at its most extreme. Wealth goes to those who have faith in the invisible sky wizard, or perhaps who are lucky.) Signs (Everything is part of god's plan, even the most hurtful, insanely ridiculous things. Especially if they lead to a renewal of faith. Which
  3. We can start with the destruction of real money and subsequent replacement with fiat money, which makes it far easier to loot on a large scale from many citizens. Every asset is preemptively stolen from its creators before they have a chance to enjoy it. The IRS and the Fed work in tandem to make sure that all you get is a vague promise of public projects that might benefit you, with the possibility of being allowed to use some--or hopefully most--of the wealth you created. Next there's the creation of a new form of collectivism that somewhat mimics capitalism, even going so far as to call
  4. In my opinion, the United States has failed catastrophically to respect individual rights. While I thank the Founding Fathers for moving in the right direction, I feel very disappointed with the end result. I have a dimmer view of this country than Ayn Rand, and I think praise for America from many Objectivists stems from a desire not to be impolitic. I don't think we should settle for "far fewer atrocities than other nations!" but should instead dare to assert that a nation run by Objectivists would be far, far superior to any currently existing country. I don't see disagreeing with Ayn Ra
  5. Let me be the second person to suggest here that perhaps they just picked a popular classic, at random, for Sawyer to read, and that's all.
  6. The message of the film isn't that nihilism is attractive, but that it's attractive to impressionable idiots. I can't believe how many people miss this.
  7. Right on the main page of Yahoo, I find this crap amongst the headlines: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20061214/od_nm/...ogy_driving1_dc This came from Reuters. Is it just me, or is it getting more and more acceptable for the media to outright lie, rather than just slant, when it comes to "spirituality"?
  8. I predict that by 2020, environmentalists will have extended their forcasts of catastrophic change twenty years further into the future. The end. It doesn't sound as excitingly dystopic as scenarios B and C, but it follows the path of least resistance.
  9. I don't know. I liked that Batman Begins concerned primarily Batman, and not the villains. It didn't romanticize the villains, make them particularly sexy, or let them steal the show. Scarecrow got his due in a more satisfying way than the grandiose overkill prevalent in so many movies. A simple taser transformed him from an arrogant evil to the pitiful, disgusting wretch underneith. In that way evil gets exposed as a weakness, rather than an excitement.
  10. I have a problem with Determinism with regard to conclusions its proponents seem to jump to. First off, they say that free will doesn't exist. What, exactly, does "free will" free itself from? Causality? If they define free will as such, then I agree with them that it doesn't exist. Many of them go further by saying that volition does not exist. Very often, none of their premeses even remotely support the conclusion that volition doesn't exist. "Your choices come about solely because the physical form of your brain and the movement of particles, and laws of physics, etc." Yes, they come
  11. Yes. I learned of his nonexistence at the age of nine, a little later than many of my peers. They had, actively, told me that he was real with a straight face. They even made up stories of their own about how, since we didn't have a chimney, he went through the keyhole of the front door. They said the Santas at the mall were admittedly not Santa himself, but were actually his elves in disguise. Maybe it seemed a little far fetched, but hey--if you can't trust your parents, who can you trust? I felt let down, confused, and betrayed. Then I took the lesson they seemd to be teaching me to heart:
  12. As I read this, IAmMetaphysical stands alone as the only one I consistently agree with. Chops, Kevin has a point that talking down to her won't make her feel better, but you have absolutely no reason to grovel pitifully at her feet for having convictions. Only your reason and judgement can tell you whether you argue respectfully or not. You absolutely must not yield on this issue. You must not lie to your child! You do not raise children for the sake of your partner. (This makes a good relationship between parents a necessity before reproduction, so they don't battle for influence over the
  13. Ugh...I reread the post and saw that my previous reply did not answer the question. Mods feel free to delete this.
  14. The use of force, initiated by others, prompts us to cut our losses first before we figure out how to make things right.
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