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  1. I left with very mixed thoughts toward the movie. Visually, it was by far the best Harry Potter movie yet, and perhaps one of the best I have ever seen. The cave scene was incredible. But it is getting harder and harder for me to get past the horrible acting of the 3 main characters, it seems as if it has gotten worse and worse each movie, or maybe it's just me? All though I was pleasantly surprised with Tom Felton's acting, he hasn't really had the chance to show his acting chops in the way the other 3 have and I think it's safe to say he's the best of all the "students." I thought t
  2. It looks absolutely beautiful, the set, the costumes, the effects, the music and just the entire mood of the movie seems so optimistic and courageous. The trailer alone made me tear up! I can't wait to see it.
  3. Scariest thing I have ever done in the world, but I did it. You were completely correct (you and the many others who said it). I think I knew it had to happen eventually. I came forward and told my family, and they stood behind me when I made the decision to confront him. However, in our attempt to make contact with him, something we have not done in years, we discovered that he is currently doing time in prison for selling/possessing drugs (ironic, considering neither me nor my father think this should be a crime at all). Either way, things are finally getting delt with and letting my f
  4. Yeah that's exactly what I told him. I told him he needed to read the full book, and understand the character they were talking about. TThat Ayn Rand would not turn her heroine into some mindless trophy wife, but he's just so hung up on the word possession, that it became very hard to discuss and it got all muddled up in my trying to defend that single world. Thanks! Yeah, that's about what I told him as well, he's just so superficial he can only think of possession and that sense and keeps hitting on that one single word, and it's hard to make him imagine it meaning anything el
  5. So me and this other guy were arguing about this quote from Atlas Shrugged. "the man who is certain of his own value, will want the highest type of woman; the woman he admires, the strongest-because only the possession of a heroine will give him the sense of achievement." It's one of my favorites but he said it merely transforms a woman into a prize to reflect a man's own success. So I told him, he's right, that's exactly what it is, in the sense that the quote assumes the man to be one who is aware of his own value, and takes pride in himself, so he pursues a woman who reflects his own v
  6. I'm just having trouble trying rationalize my feelings toward certain things that happen to me. When I was little my little sister became terminally ill, and as if often the case with families like that, all the attention went to my sister. Which was fine, I never resented that and I understood, but this also led to me having to stay with a family member. I often stayed with my aunt and uncle, and when they worked my 16 year old cousin would babysit. He was, to put it mildly, sicko...in a bad way. Things rapidly went from abuse, to molestation, to rape...I was 8 years old when it started
  7. So my father is a very ardent Ayn Rand admirer and a strong Objectivist and believes strongly in an inherent immorality of the public schools system and I was just curious if this is just him or a common feeling amongst Objectivists. I am also trying to reason out my opinion on it, which is difficult when you are raised always just assuming the good of "public education" "charity" "welfare" and only recently having come upon Objectivism I'm trying to reapply this philosophy to all the things I've grown up thinking. So I was just wondering how an Objectivist looks at public education?
  8. I agree that of all the Harry Potter films this one had the best graphics, the Ministry scene was absolutely beautiful. But for me this movie over all was not on the same level of the previous two. It just felt very disjointed and a bit choppy on parts, and the dialogue was kind of flat for me, but the Fifth book was also one of my least favorite of the books. I kind of felt like if this were a movie of itself and I hadn't seen the previous 4 I really wouldn't have cared about what was happening as far as the characters, they just weren't conveyed as well to me. With the exception of Umbri
  9. At the back of my copy of "The Fountainhead" there is a list and description of each of the characters, and Peter Keating is described as a man who "never could have been" and I wasn't quite sure what this meant. I understand that few become great because of the work and genius it takes and it is a rare and exceptional person who is able to achieve it. I always thought that every man COULD be great. But does every human have the potential to be great even if few are, I mean according to Ayn Rand? I just find it strange that she says Roark is what a man should be and Keating is a m
  10. Hey, thanks so much for helping me out with the formating problem.
  11. The mind. It is what moves the world. It is the building block of all greatness of humanity and it is man’s ability to reason by means of this tool that separates him from the beasts of the fields. Nothing can impede the path of the logical unadulterated well-reasoned mind. Such a minds is the motor of existence, such a mind is to be thanked for all creation, for every step down every road that any human has ever made. This ability comes from the mind that sees a problem and knows that the strength of his mind is by far greater then any obstacle. There is nothing in the world more awe-i
  12. Rogue

    Book 7

    Tis' true what I read was just a quote by Rowlings, so maybe it was out of context. I certainly hope your right, I am fond of everyone in the trio ( as I was of Sirius) and I don't care to see any of them die
  13. Thanks...for the back-up, and perhaps I should have been more informative on what I know of her motives behind it before posting. But yes I have looked at her motives and you are right it reeks with altuirism and I can't see how she could possibly agree with Rand... So here are some quotes from Ms. Jolie herself...I am not saying they disqualify her from playing the role, but I think they serve to help prove my original point that she is not objectivist and does not understand Rand if she claims to be a fan of her philosophy. "Without pain, there would be no suffering, without suffering we
  14. Rogue

    Book 7

    Yeah I've gotten pretty tired of all the death to, that's why I have been hoping that Harry won't kick off in the 7th book...though that seems to be the predominant prediction, but maybe she'll surprise us all.
  15. Rogue

    Book 7

    What do you guys think is going to happen? Rowlings has already stated that two of the trio will die...Who do you think it will be? Everyone is saying that Harry is going to die, that has been the prediction of all my friends, that's what I thought but I was hoping that maybe she would throw a curve ball and Harry would come out alive, but then I read that and thought man that would suck for harry to have lost his two best friends, his mentor, his godfather and his parents, talk about bad luck ! So any speculations?
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