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  1. Also, as far as I have been able to find, there is no evidence that this person ever actually existed. No one who was born while he was alive wrote a single word about him or the miracles he supposedly performed.
  2. As I understand it, Greece cannot be kicked out of the EU. They have no real reason to leave either. They can either get Germany to bail them out, or default on their debts.
  3. When in doubt, do the opposite of what the corrupt statist teacher's union does. Don't participate in events organized by them. Your wife's absence can only be seen as solidarity with them. This sanction can only further empower the union. As an alternative, you might consider having your wife publish op-eds and contact the media. A public school teacher in favor of accountability might be enough of a novelty to get attention. Once you have that attention, you could highlight some of the shortcomings of the bill.
  4. If you are interested, read The Passion of Ayn Rand's Critics. It basically details how Branden was a con-man who cheated Rand out of a large amount of money, and an even larger amount of time under false pretenses.
  5. I think it is a step in the right direction. Just because marijuana has some potential for abuse (though I think far less than alcohol, or tobacco) does not in any way shape or form grant legitimacy to prohibition. A better step would be to legalize it with no taxes or regulations, barring auto/industrial accidents with someone under the influence.
  6. Most people think of extreme right wing as being fascist nationals. Left wing means Communists. This is non-sense of course, because those two positions are very similar. This paradigm was introduced by communists who correctly thought that if people had to choose between Nazis and Communists, that they would pick communists.
  7. WWII started when Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland. They also gobbled up many countries that were not at all eager to be gobbled up on their march to Berlin.
  8. I would not buy gold (or any form of gold paper) and let someone else hold it. It is too easy for them to sell the same gold more than once. The small premium to get the real thing is easily worth it. I like gold mining stocks, because I feel confident that the companies aren't selling more shares of their stock than they admit.
  9. It's gotten up to 101.8 so far. It isn't especially enjoyable.
  10. Reminds me of this quote by Heidegger: "May world in its worlding be the nearest of all nearing that nears, as it brings the truth of Being near to man’s essence, and so gives man to belong to the disclosing bringing-to-pass that is a bringing into its own."
  11. Sorry to hear you are having such a tough time getting the facts out. For what it is worth, I'm glad you are doing the right thing by fighting it.
  12. It was a serious project called "Orion" The government got as far as building a chemical explosion model. I think it has a real chance of working.
  13. That would be what it would take to convince someone to buy our current liabilities. I think those entitlement programs are so firmly committed that we will see the country burn before we see them end.
  14. I recently read a blog: Market Ticker Which among many other things mentioned the total government debt load per capita in the US. Including the present value of entitlement programs like medicare, and social security, we owe at least $53 trillion dollars according to the former Comptroller of the Currency of America, David Walker. So, per capita we owe at least $200,000. This figure includes every last citizen. That 200,000 figure got me thinking. Exactly how much does America need to spend per capita to service that debt? Well, if someone was so kind as to offer America a 30 year fixed loan at 5% to cover $200,000 we would each owe $12,883 annually on top of all other government expenditures. That doesn't sound so bad at first, but then I realized my wife owed that much too. Every person owes that, not just income earners. Nationally we would owe (using the census figure of 304,059,724) $3,917,408,184,904.32 just to service our debt. If on the other hand, our hypothetical lenders decided we were not such a good credit risk and charged us 7% we would owe: $15,957.20 each annually, and $4,854,982,425,052.80 annually as a nation. So, let's look at the income and debt of an average American household. The average household income for 2007 according to the census bureau (I suspect it's worse now due to un-employment) was $50,233. The average household size was 3.19 according to the last census information. So, at 5% the average family owes $41,096.77 to service government debt. At 7% the average family owes $50903.47 just to service government debt. Now for you bankers out there, let's consider this for a moment. What interest rate would you charge a family that owed $638000 and had a combined income of $50,233? Don't forget that this family has other debts, like a mortgage, student loans, car payments, and credit card bills.
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