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  1. Yea, its going to be a real movie, its home videoish looking now, but they are suppose to fix that or something, I think its orginal and funny and hope to see the full version soon, But I think alot of people like yourself will miss out on the humor.
  2. Ok, this is a clip from a movie that is in production. I think this is a weird comedy kinda like Napolean Dynamite ( but very diffrent of course). Anyways I think its a great clip I found, I hear the movie is coming out in around a year, I think its going to be cool........ I ran into this on a old website I use to go to, and saw this..... Im actually looking forward to it. Its about this dude that thinks he so great for hunting bumblebees, and he has a friend named Rubert that kinda looks up to him, but really hates the beehunter guy deep down inside. Heres the link they have uploaded, supposedly its in production on low budget right now, but is being picked up by the Farley Brothers. Heres the link to the video: http://www.sharkle.com/?a=play_video&id=257
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