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  1. We're not stuck in Iraq. We can leave at any time, but I think the ideal solution would be to bomb Iran first, then withdraw quickly from Iraq.
  2. I think we should also remember that Bill Gates isn't willing to defend his own company. Does anybody remember the 30 billion he donated to charity in order to quiet his attackers? Or perhaps he is currently so bound by regulation that he can't speak in his own defense without massive government reprisal.
  3. [emphasis mine] An utterly monstrous comment by the judge.
  4. I would tell her to get a divorce. If all she can think of is concealing information from her husband, who is risking life and limb in combat, then she has no business staying married.
  5. I have a border collie. But I wouldn't recommend that you get one for your apartment.
  6. I don't recall Ayn Rand mentioning Roark's past sexual experiences in any of her published books, although I have yet to read The Early Ayn Rand. If you have read Atlas Shrugged, you might rememeber the paragraph in which Miss Rand briefly describes Rearden's past sexual experiences. She indicates that Rearden, in sleeping with other women, was always looking for a sense of adventure in the bedroom. In the context of the paragraph, it doesn't sound like Rearden was involved in a commited, loving relationship with any of these women, yet I would be very hesitant to classify these relationships as immoral. But since I am not a fictional character, I would have to classify one night stands as immoral, except in very odd circumstances, such as Jennifer has mentioned in point #4. This is due to the fact that one can change the entire course of one's life almost instantly-- by simply contracting an STD or by impregnating a woman. To me, the potential costs far outweigh the benefits, especially considering the fact that I would only care enough about this person to spend one night with her.
  7. I think the best place to start for those interested in Mike Mentzer's training system would be in his book, Heavy Duty II: Mind and Body. This is by far his best work, as Mentzer not only givest the reader a basic understanding of Objectivism (which many of you won't need), he also guides him, in step by step fashion, through the formulation of his entire theory. For all of you who aren't familiar with Mentzer, I would advise that you go straight to the horses mouth. Start with his books, particularly the one mentioned above, and then proceed to the forums if you wish. Don't try to learn in the opposite way. His official website is www.mikementzer.com
  8. I remember reading a few pages of the student survival guide. If there is a specific question you have, I might be able to answer it. Or perhaps you could e-mail ARI directly.
  9. As an interesting side note, the creator of Kwanza, Dr. Maulana Karenga, is one of the multiculturalism professors at my college. I just asked my dad if he knew anything about him, and he said that Dr. Karenga gave militant speeches in his past--complete with anti-white slogans--but has since toned down his act significantly.
  10. Wow, that's a wonderful profile. This is exactly how I thought she would look after reading the book. Once it is complete, you might try auctioning it through eBay. I think you'll be pleasently surprised with the price it will fetch.
  11. It is never acceptable for the government to violate individual rights. In an Objectivist society, the state would act solely as the protector of rights. The notion that the president is suggesting, at least implicitly, is that it is proper for our government to violate the rights of individual citizens, i.e., spy on private telophone calls, e-mails, etc., in order to protect the rights of the nation. This idea is entirely incorrrect, since a nation is merely a large body of individuals living in the same geographical area, acting under the same laws.
  12. This sounds like a very good idea, and I would be more than happy to contribute, although the amount will be quite small (I am in college). I don't think it would be too hard to reach the $1,000 mark.
  13. Hello Garin. Fullerton is about....(1 sec, I'm going to mapquest).....33.25 miles from where I live.
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