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  1. All an RSS feed is an XML file written in a special directory, so it would be easy to set up, but the site only gets updated once a month (for now). So check in at least once a month, and you'll know if it's been updated.
  2. There's something I noticed that had a lot to with the Objectivist Meta-ethics. SPOILER ALERT: [Maybe you need more space? ] The PAX gas that the Alliance used on Miranda robbed people of the choice to continue living (as humans, of course). Most people decided to stop living altogether, while a very small percentage of the population were reduced to a sub-human existence as Reavers.
  3. Nintendo will again be using a 'proprietary' format for the Revolution, but the discs will be 5 inches across. Part of the benefit of using their oddball format is to 'fence in' their intellectual property. While the PS2 and XBox use DVDs for their media, they also fall prey to pirates with a DVD burner and a mod chip handy. This problem is something that Nintendo does not have to worry about, because the Gamecube's optical disc is so odd that it cannot be copied. By protecting its intellectual property rights, Nintendo makes sure that people properly pay for their product. I approve of
  4. Have you also looked into QNX? It is a realtime POSIX-compliant operating system (that means it works like Unix). It's a great fit for the embedded market, which means it will fit comfortably on a 'small' machine. There's also NetBSD which can run on your toaster: http://www.embeddedarm.com/news/netbsd_toaster.htm. (as the old joke goes) Before you go and pour your intellect and effort into a software project with some history, please do some research about the licensing issues and the ideas behind them. Linux is released under the General Public License, which masquerades as a fre
  5. This GPU, multi-processor business is old news. Read up on the Hobbit, which is the code name for the first BeOS machines. It is the precursor in spirit to these multi-core gaming machines, and something like BeOS would make very good use of the Cell. Also check out the architecture of the Amiga. The man who started Amiga, Jay Miner, believed he could make the world's best video game machine, and his creation's architecture looks a lot like these cutting-edge gaming rigs of today: Every subsystem has its own dedicated controller, leaving the CPU to do the higher-level thinking and chore
  6. This artificial distinction between positive and negative freedoms is a mistake. From the wiki: "Rights are those actions capable of being performed by a human which all other humans are morally bound not to impede." In other words, a right is a moral sanction to man's life-sustaining actions in a social context. They are rights to do, not to a particular set of things. Keep in mind that rights are contingent upon the normal conditions of human existence, so the existence of so-called exceptions merely mean that the required social and metaphysical conditions of rights do not apply in
  7. BeOS still lives on, tho' it has been supported by a ragtag bunch of developers. There's a commercial release of mainline BeOS, called Zeta, released by a German company called YellowTab. There is also an open source BeOS-derived OS called Haiku. There is also a professional re-release of the Amiga operating system, made for PowerPC systems. I came across a preview of the thing a while ago, and the impression was that the AmigaOS wasn't changed much, but feels incredibly modern, and it feels fast. Too bad that Commodore couldn't even sell water to a man dying of thirst, as the Amiga's
  8. The different BSD projects have their own priorities: Free for performance on i386 and related systems; DragonFly forked off of Free in order to demonstrate a better approach for running on multi-processor systems; Net focuses on having a portable codebase which can run on almost anything (not your old VIC-20, tho'); Open focuses on security through correct coding, but forked off of Net due to a personality conflict. OSX (or its free sibling, Darwin) has been mentioned before as a BSD, and while it is true that it was based on FreeBSD, it's a mishmash of many other things. That's why the du
  9. I see a pocket of despotism in Utah. I spent a good chunk of my life living in Utah, and from my personal experience, the state is run by puritans--people whose greatest fear that someone, somewhere, is enjoying themselves. I went to a private invite-only party held at a 'bar' that had not yet had its alcohol license granted. Any alcohol there was on a BYO-basis. The bar owners had made sure that they had every permission granted to throw the party. The place still got raided by the state's division of alcohol control, and got shut down--not because we had underaged guests, or any dru
  10. [Mock Shock] You didn't list the BSDs! [\Mock Shock] When I dabble in learning how to use and administer a Unix-like operating system, a bit of research led me to look at the BSD variants. BSD stands for Berkeley Software Distribution, which was the product of a Department of Defense-funded research team at UCal-Berkeley. BSD grew out of AT&T's UNIX, but for legal reasons, cannot be called a UNIX system, and if you have some free time, Google about the BSD lawsuit. The result of the lawsuit was that UCal-Berkeley could distribute a UNIX-derived full-fledged operating system
  11. I am a graduate of the Seminary program, and former Elder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I live and think for myself now. I wrote the bishop of the University of Utah student ward a brief letter asking to have my name removed from the membership lists. Two months later, I got this HUGE handwritten letter that was chock full of all kinds of personal details about me. This guy did his homework in an attempt to shame me back into the church. I was friends with another guy who had gone through the MTC (Missionary Training Center for you who aren't in the know), and
  12. Advocating irrationality for medicinal purposes? Get a dog instead--having a pet has been shown to make you better off more ways than religion is purported to. Remember that Objectivism stresses the importance of having a personal foundation in reality, and any attempt to substitute your rational judgment with that of another can only hurt your long-run happiness. Your happiness is the purpose, and your life is the standard that all your goals should aim at and be judged by. Building your beliefs on faith, that is, beliefs that you hold without evidence, or in the face of conflictin
  13. [Asking about Japan's interest rates.] http://www.ny.frb.org/research/global_econ...con_charts.html The charts available on this webpage only go back to 2000, when the whole world was in at least a recession. A look at the interest rates shows that short term debt, that is, risk-free lending, has been done at 0 (yes, zero, goose-egg, doughnut hole, etc.) percent since 2000. I recall coming across older sources claiming that Japan's economy is stagnant. The causes cited were that Japanese banks made loans based on the successes of pull peddlers and not value creators, and were not w
  14. I am 2/3rds of the way through Valliant's The Passion of Ayn Rand's Critics, in the part concerning Ayn Rand's personal notes regarding her attempts to help Nathaniel Branden in the months leading up to her dissociation with him. [Edit-addition: Rand's letter regarding her dissociation with Branden told the necessary facts at the necessary level of detail for the readers of the Objectivist. It was Brandens' letter in response to that that said too much, in that he could not maintain a romantic relation with Rand because of the age difference, which is only one of the many lies he has told.]
  15. I used to be addicted to placebos. It was a crippling affliction that brought me to my knees. </sarcasm> Note that the advocates of these alternative medicine treatments rarely fail to mention that Doctors never tell their patients about these things because it is in a Doctor's best interest to keep people sick, so they can get a steady stream of patient visit cash flows. In my day job for the benefits company, I too have noticed that many client health plans are beginning to pay for acupuncture and hypnotherapy. There are medical claim codes (CPTs) in the books corresponding
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