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  1. I just now realized you originally posted this back in 2004. Guess I should pay attention more.
  2. Hey Selfish, I attend Full Sail which is right down the street from UCF. I just recently moved to Florida, so Im still learning my way around, but like you, I have not run in to any Objectivists yet. My school schedule is pretty hectic, but Id love to sit and talk sometime.
  3. How could I forget. Max Payne (1 and 2)
  4. 1. Kings Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow 2. Tribes (the first one) 3. Metal Gear Solid (all of them) 4. Natural Selection 5. Day of Defeat: Source 6. Day of Defeat 7. Age of Empires II 8. Medal of Honor (PS1) 9. Star Wars Galaxies (Pre NGE) 10. Counter-Strike 11. Counter-Strike: Source 12. Half-Life 2 13. Red Orchestra
  5. Can't believe their going through with Angelina Jolie as Dagny.
  6. It would be in your self-interest to save them, thats of course assuming that you love your children. If you value someones life above your own, then it is not an act of altruism to sacrifice yourself. You can always sacrifice a lower value for a higher one.
  7. Objectivism requires you to think for yourself, which people today often find very difficult.
  8. "I think they ought to tell the truth," said Clinton. Yea, kind of like the way you told us the truth about your relations with Monica Lewinsky.
  9. Islamic terrorists, because they dont even distinguish between people who believe in Islam. Look at the sunnis and shiites, they both believe in different forms of Islam and yet they blow each other up. Now this may be over a power issue, but as California becomes more accepting of Islamic terrorism, terrorists are going to flock to Cali. because of it's geographical location next to the US and the last remnants of anything America which would become and easy target for attack. On the issue of wether or not it would ultimately be good for the US, I would have to reject my previous statment when it comes to terrorism.
  10. Ive been giving this some thought, not because I think its likely to happen, but its just funny to think about. Imagine what would happen if California became its own country. I would give my left nut to see what constitution they would come up with. Let the law makers in California see exactly how destructive there policys are and let Nancy Pelosi rule as queen over the land. This would be most beneficial to the US I think. Terrorists would try to attack Hollywood, and the Californians or Pelosians cant protect themselves, because they dont own guns anymore. They would be forced to seek protection from the US, and pay a hefty price for it. And as for the energy needs, I really dont know what they would do about that one since fossil fuels ruin the enviroment. Anybody else have any take on this topic? Would it be beneficial too the United States or destructive?
  11. Curious to see if anyone knows of any private colleges that offer a bachelors degree in philosophy. Ive tried google, but I keep getting state schools. I dont care what state the school is in, just as long as its in the USA. (Mod's note: Merged with an earlier thread on a simlar topic. -sN)
  12. much much happier, however I now scream at my t.v. screen, lol.
  13. Explosions in the Sky Mogwai Arcade Fire Bear vs. Shark Mono Page France Sigur Ros The Photographic A Man Called Adam I Hear Sirens Death Cab for Cutie Mr. Dibbs
  14. What about the situtation you have been put in. Do they feel guilt for mooching off of you? My guess is that they dont since they still havent changed there ways. Should you feel guilt for putting an end to the raid on your pocket book? You have stated that you regret helping them, but you also state that you feel guilt when you think of not helping them. Which one is more reasonable? You helped and you've been slapped in the face repeatedly Vs. If you dont help, what will come of it? You wont be supporting there gambling problem. If thats something to feel guilty about then you got me.
  15. "If you read the Bible, at face value, without a preconceived bias for finding errors – you will find it to be a coherent, consistent, and relatively easy-to-understand book." I love this part.
  16. I wish I had your teacher. I had the great pleasure of reading the story of Rosa Parks about 15 times throughout my high school years. And never once do I remember reading a story about the founding fathers.
  17. We dont need to reduce the earth's population by 90%, we just need to get stricter on who we let out of the mental institution. He kind of looks like Santa.
  18. Im located at 1:368:6 Planet Chariot, Player Gohoff. I too am addicted. I play it all the time in my 2nd period. :-)
  19. I just recently started reading the book "Return of the Primitive" as it has been siting in my bedroom for quite sometime now, and I really wish I would have started reading it sooner. Ive been interested in Objectivism for sometime now, and I have read a number of books which have totally changed my outlook on life, but this is the first book to make me reflect back to an event in my life that has always been a mystery to me. The chapter titled "The Comprachicos" is the chapter which struck me the hardest. The event which I had reflected on was when I was about five or six years old. My mother had just dropped me off at this daycare center down the street from our house. I had a bag of Reese's pieces and as I began to open them the women at the daycare center snatched them from me and said "If you want to eat these you must share them with everyone!" I never fully understood why I was being forced to share something of mine with a bunch of people I didnt know untill I read this book. It dawned on me. It was so clear and vivid. Rand's speechs about collectivism and how everything you own belongs to the group. I was able to see and make the connection which I havent up untill now been able to make. Now all I see around me are examples of the collectivist thought process which is being ingrained in to our heads. Kids copy off of the productive kid in class as if they are entitled to it. How kids cling to groups because this is what they have been taught. I wanted to share my experience with reading this book. I truly think it is one of her best. Thank you.
  20. I dont think that question is a good way of determining whether someone is an individualist. Just because someone picks the first option doesn’t necessarily mean they are an individualist. They could be a conformist, and being a conformist is just as bad as being a non-conformist. *fixed spelling*
  21. It is the lefts way of saying "Hey look, gay people can do important things to."
  22. I got in to a discussion the other day with my dad about faith and reason. He has read a number of Ayn Rand books, and he agrees with her on some views, but not all. He was basically stating that you have to except certain things on faith. For instance his argument was, how can you be certain that the Civil War actually happened?? How do you know? Were you there? You just have to take someone else's word for it. Therefore your excepting it on faith. "All history you must except on faith". I don't know what the Objectivist stand point on this is.
  23. Its just very irritating to me that when one of my friends see's me reading an Ayn Rand book or an Aristotle book, I become the outcast. Its very hard to see someone that has been a very good friend attack you with a no brained statement about how Capitalism is evil and is the cause of all the worlds problems. Its so absurd I dont even know how to respond to a statement like that. Im starting to see things more clearly now. Its like how everyone hates America. Not because we do evil things, but because we do good things. I shouldnt be worried about this at all. I think tomorrow im going to bust out my Atlas Shrugged book. Thankyou everyone for the feedback. On another note, my teacher today said "I dont understand why people need Philosophy, who cares?" I just began to laugh, because its people like him who need it the most, but on a very sad note. He is a teacher.
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