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  1. Inspector, does it include the “Integral Locking System” (I.L.S.) passive safety mechanism? I'd be curious to hear your review of this feature. More informantion can be found here: http://www.galleryofguns.com/shootingtimes...cles.asp?ID=750
  2. Thanks for putting this together Dave. I really enjoyed it.
  3. That's exciting news. I'm worried that it will be butchered though. Speaking of which... Does anyone have any insight into John Aglialoro? He's a member of the board of TOC and a registered Libertarian.
  4. From ARI: Dr. Yaron Brook is scheduled to appear on CNBC's "On the Money" tonight, March 21, 2006 at 7 PM Eastern time (4 PM Pacific). He will discuss a law passed today by the lower house of the French National Assembly that will force Apple, Sony and Microsoft to share proprietary anti-copy technologies so that rivals can offer compatible services and players.
  5. Too bad our government won't protect the property rights of its citizens in space. If such protection did exist, then it'd be a really great time to be an Aerospace Engineer. As it stands, the fact that private space development & exploration is essentially focused on, funded and judged by the success of tourism is ludicrous and shameful. I can't wait until I can afford a seat though.
  6. Thanks Matt! I was planning on firing up the TiVo to get this tonight. Also, my sister was interviewed by Dan Abroms on MSNBC today, and that's being replayed from 4-5 AM Eastern tomorrow (she's on at about 35 past the hour, or so I'm told). Here's the audio from the case for anyone interested: http://wid.ap.org/audio/scotus/051206rumsfeld.rm I haven't had a chance to watch/listen to anything yet. I also haven't had a chance to respond to the great discussion here. Thanks everyone for your input. Unfortunaltely for my sister, it looks like the court will be ruling in favor of
  7. Hal, I suggest you go read the following commentary before you continue propagating the lies that you've accepted as truth. Commentary - Who Is Lying About Iraq?
  8. Great resources, thanks. My sister is 2nd chair (if that's the right term, I'm not sure) for FAIR for the "Rumsfeld v. Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights (“FAIR”), 04-1152" case on Dec 6th, so I'd be interested to hear what any of you have to say about it. I brought it up awhile back in the below thread, but since it's only a couple days away I thought I'd ask again. OO.net Thread - Solomon Amendment - Fair V. Rumsfeld Cheers, Rob
  9. I have basically gone through the same situation with my brother (but from a different angle). He's an intelligent & somewhat rational person who is well read in history, politics and philosophy. However, he's a product of today's educational system and is full of contradictions (for example, he recognizes the value & benefits of capitalism but at the same time believes in the mixed economy and the welfare state). As I gained a deeper understanding of Objectivism I thought he would be a good person to discuss & explore the ideas presented. Long story short -- he reacted almost
  10. I find TIA Daily to be a good source of current events combined with Objectivist-oriented commentary. I've also just started a trial subscription to the Harry Binswanger List and it seems to full of good discussions / commentary.
  11. I've received a handful of these "same-day" notices and had the same response. I wrote the ARI explaining the issue and asked if anything could be done. This is the response I received: For those who are interested in such things -- I built my own networked home media system based on SageTV, which has a web interface from which you can remotely control the system. Very cool setup, but be warned that you need to be an "enthusiast" to build such a system. It's far superior to TiVo, but it requires your time, effort & money to make it so. http://www.sage.tv/
  12. I will admit that my memory of the topic is very vague and a quick Google search hasn't produced any useful insight. My intent in highlighting that particular point is that I view it as individuals taking rational, self-interested & self-motivated steps to achieve a value. I'm sure there are plenty of flaws that, once exposed, will crush my admiration for that aspect of the project. However, in that case I can simply fall back on the general theme to maintain the integrity of my avatar:
  13. The "I'm not afraid to sort out the good from the bad on my own" asserts that I can trust myself. However, I'm also not interested in completely reinventing the wheel. A post like Lance's (at least until the last line), gives me valuable insight. I'm all for the "figure it out for yourself" approach but sometimes it's simply not necessary. Consider it a division of labor. And Lance, softwareNerd is 100% correct.
  14. Jennifer -- I've never been into normal video games all that much because I get bored *extremely* quickly by computer AI. As impressive as it can be sometimes, it's still repetitive & predictable. MMOs provide for an unpredictable environment. I enjoy that as much as the potential social aspect of the genre. And yes...I've read the forum rules. I even re-read them before I posted in the Objectivist Rides... thread to ensure I was allowed to post a bunch of pictures right in the thread. Dave & RC -- I've been playing Dark Age of Camelot off & on for the past 4 year
  15. Yeah, I've been salivating over that line since back in the 916 days. The non-R version has always been in the $16,000 range and is equally as awe-inspiring, at least on a more realistic level. I'd need to be much wealthier than I presently am to justify spending $30k on a motorcycle, but a guy can dream, right?
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