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  1. Might I suggest some take their discussion over to http://forums.lionsgate.com/forumdisplay.php?f=123 and let lionsgate know that we exist and suppport the movie, and will offer a hand in discussion.
  2. How I'm doing it right now? www.thefacebook.com great way to connect to people. I started a university objectivists group on there, and invited people from my school who listed the fountainhead or atlas shrugged as one of their favorite books, and then I sent them messages if they were interested in starting an objectivist club. So far I've got 3 other people interested, and this summer, we plan!
  3. Ohhhh, what about a Pixar Production of Anthem? !
  4. Is it moral though to deal with these places that don't recognize basic individual rights? I understand that in China it has helped towards a march towards freedom, but will that march stop? It appears as though it won't, and eventually, the people of that country will not allow it. Does the idea that by trading with this countries we are propping up the government have any merit? I'm especially talking about places where there is a monopoly in the Mises sense: a government has complete control over a natural resource. Is it moral to deal with the Oil governments? What about De Beers(obviously not a country, and note: I don't know this situation as well, I've only really heard the liberal media view)?
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