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  1. Sweet, another superhero fan. Did anyone else here dig the Ninja Turtles? Yes, they were completely silly, but they were hilarious and it was also funny to see how flatly incompetent the villains were. And X-Men was just awesome. The story of mutants has a great appeal to any kid who ever felt different and excluded even when their difference made them special in a good way. People fear what they don't understand can easily equal stupid muscleheads throw nerds in lockers. It's also kind of a metaphor for adolescence too, I think.
  2. A Kat


    I don't think the draft is going to happen. But if it does, and they decide to draft the ladies as well, I got a plan to get out of it. My friend and I have agreed to go put on a nice make-out show for the army recruiters so we get the boot for being icky lesbians. I know it sucks to fake reality, but if they're going to be stupid enough to continue to exclude people based on their sex lives I'm taking advantage of their stupidity. They don't have to know me and my buddy both dig the fellas... On a more disturbing note, the draft may not be popular, but this idea of "national service" i
  3. I would like to add: Bill Frist Tom Delay Ann Coulter and all those lovely mouthpieces of the "science" of Intelligent Design In addition to some of my other beefs against them, all of these people are PROFOUNDLY anti-reason.
  4. Looks like most people took this to be the equivalent of cops and soldiers. That makes sense. In ref to Iakeo's question, i think I meant it more along the lines of comic book hero (i.e. Spider-Man) In other words, the presumption was that the normal functions of government were either unable to help (you're fighting Magneto) or are unwilling (cops suck/are corrupt/you're living in feudal times). This was why I gave the disclaimer about it not being entirely relevant to the here and now, though it could be argued that there are some people out here the cops would be unwilling to touch, eve
  5. A friend of mine, also a huge Buffy fan, is a Firefly fanatic. She has the entire series on DVD. The other day when we were cleaning up the kitchen for House Day we were playing the Buffy musical and ended up singing all the different parts. There were like 3 or 4 of us in there all singing "Walk through the fire."
  6. Sup, I'm new here and have been enjoying browsing for a couple days. Especially the Ethics folder since that is probably my favorite area of philosophy. They call me the Kat in certain socially unacceptable circles, and that's just the way I like it. I'm a college student at the Greenest Ivy of them all, majoring in evolutionary bio. I don't know if I'd call myself an Objectivist with the fancy capital O and everything. This could be because I've met some rather scary and cultlike "Randians" who seemed to want to dogmatize the lady. That said, I adore Ayn Rand. I read her work after I g
  7. I want to throw a question out there. I'm not sure what the answer is, but I think it's an important topic, though maybe not in modern-day USA. Police force and all that. If you are a warrior, that is, someone who fights for the preservation of values, is this consistent with an Objectivist philosophy? To clarify: 1) I am not sure whether a warrior actually creates values or adds to them. For example, if you are getting mugged on the street, and I, the warrior, come kick the mugger around and make sure that you are unharmed and nothing of yours was taken, I didn't give you anything
  8. I have been recently introduced to the Buffy musical (though not the show...I just didn't catch a lot of Season 6). I ADORE it. First of all I feel like on a purely musical level the songs are awesome. Melodic, well done, with outstanding lyrics. The only actor who I feel flat out couldn't sing was Alysson Hannigan (and she's so awesome in so many other ways that we can forgive her). Secondly, it integrated incredibly well with the plot and foreshadowed a lot of things ("I'll Never Tell" and Xander's subsequent jilting of Anya at the altar just one example). It furthered the show rathe
  9. I would like to say a few words about hazing from the standpoint of a college student in a fraternity. I'm in a rather special kind of fraternity, though it is nonetheless fully and standardly Greek. First of all, we're co-ed. We've got both guys and gals in fairly equal ratio (actually at present we might be slightly tilted towards the female side). So I think we lack a lot of the destructive single-sex dynamics you find in other houses that compounds hazing. Secondly, we do have new-member initiation, but it is FUN for both brothers and pledges. We do not haze. We are a small house an
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