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  1. Honestly if it were merely one person asking me to change something I would have probably did it or ignored them but I wouldn't have complained about it. I am yowling about the 20 different and contradictory requests to change my font. Just when I get it black enough and big enough and bold enough a moderator tells me I HAVE to change it to something the moderator said is more readable and then the moderator proceeded to modify my posts to the way the moderator saw fit. Surly you can see how this might tend to tick someone off? I want my posts to be readable as my point in posting th
  2. Now that I read my last post I realize that I will be argued with for wanting the Jell-O green instead of red. Maybe someone would like to let me know what temperature and consistency they want? And do you prefer floggers or the traditional paddle?
  3. Hazing? Cant you all just dip me in green Jell-O and spank me? That would get it over with a little faster.
  4. This is the most persnickety group of people I ever met. "Your text s too Green." "Your text is too Small to see" "Your text is too Light" "Your text is too Bold." "Your avatar is too Gory" "I cant Read your avatar" "Change your Avatar" "Change your Name its too Hungarian!" Now its to bold for the moderators and they change it! How about I just submit my posts as a private message and a moderator posts them to what ever the hell the boards standards are as I cant figure the out.
  5. So is it illegal to Disrespect the Koran now? I am going to jail. LOL [Again, to remove bolding.]
  6. (I was going to make my own thread but Ill just go with yours) Newsweek Started a fire storm with the story that US Interrogators desecrated the Koran at Guantanamo Bay. 16 were killed in protests in Afghanistan with 100's injured. And of course Muslim clerics threaten holy war against the United States. It turns out that Newsweek got it wrong and they apologize. So? Lets put aside the obvious reaction of why is American News so anti-American. The reaction in the Middle east is brutal. Islomo-fascist savages running in the streets killing one another is somehow an attempt to
  7. I was wondering about this. "all states are the inevitable result of initial conditions," It seems like this statement is simply saying that all things are caused. I think that this is correct but it doesn't describe "Will" or "decision making" at all. For instance to say that all knowledge is hierarchal is not to say it is inevitable. In the determinist view I think "Initial conditions" mean "First Prerequisites." As in a prime thing necessary to a specific end. To say that we are determined would be to say that at some point there is a First Prerequisite that was written in
  8. I was going to ask you to do just that. Thank you.
  9. My Answers. i) Take Out: 2-Chinese ii) Music: 1-Elvis iii) Cars: 2-Chevy iv) Pets: 2-Dog v) Sleep pattern: 2-Night Person
  10. For this to work you have to pick one. Of the two choices pick the one that you like or think describes you the best. i) Take Out: 1-Pizza 2-Chinese ii) Music: 1-Elvis 2-The Beatles iii) Cars: 1-Ford 2-Chevy iv) Pets: 1-Cat 2-Dog v) Sleep pattern: 1-Day Person 2-Night Person
  11. Nice thread. It reminds me of a line from The Fountainhead. Is that on purpose?
  12. This is a typical question from a Christian point of view. It starts with the fallacy that ethics are mandated by God instead of required by our nature as human beings. In that scenario no real ethics are possible. All right and wrong is defined by the arbitrary will of God. As there is no God this means that who ever can define what the will of that imaginary construct is can have the power to dictate right and wrong according to their own whims. In their point of view without God anything goes. No morality is necessary without the threat of punishment from an all knowing overseer. L
  13. If you take phenomenon as meaning "an observable fact or event" Consciousness could better be termed in relation to physical phenomenon. For instance a signal is a physical phenomenon but the data, all the ones and zeros, is an abstract signal communicating information between two or more receivers. In other words Consciousness is a pattern of energy and that energy is the physical phenomenon and the data being relayed between synapses is a free standing wave type of signal. A pattern or a process is something that happens to Physical things but it is not a physical thing itself
  14. Its Hungarian for "The Evil One." Its a name I picked up arguing with Christians. "Oh no the Evil One is going to post!" Its not meant to be self abasing more along the line of a term of endearment. Ominous isn't it.
  15. Did you know this was writen by Andrew Niccol? The writer of: The Truman Show S1m0ne The Terminal Upcomming is, Lord Of War and Paani This is one of the best writers in Hollywood.
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