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  1. Thank you for posting that. A wonderful interview and yes Savage was uncharactaristically cordial but I got the definite impression he has great respect for Leonard Piekoff which was most likely the reason for the civility. Has he ever gone on Savage's show again since then, does anyone know? Btw, I was listening to his show after the London bombings last week and what was being said was EXACTLY the same as what was said during this interview after 9/11...something horrendous is going to have to happen to be able to wake people up to actually support fighting terrorism. The worst culprits for this slumber being the media and a catatonic nation which Savage calls a society driven to "shop 'til it drops." Thanks again. D
  2. Me too! Btw I DID say appearance-wise only when I mentioned him. Anyone agree on Jodie Foster as Dagny? I think she would be perfect. (I am not even going to ask for agreements on Keanu Reeves as Francisco!)
  3. I would love Jodie Foster as Dagny and for Francisco - in appearance and presence ONLY mind you! Keanu Reeves
  4. Just a quick BTW-Connecticut is known as "The Constitution State"
  5. Do we want to get into dream interpretation? I LOVE doing that! Mods-Please feel free to delete or move this post if inappropriate.... ty. c
  6. Along the same line...questions to ask oneself that I found helpful in "Philosophy: Who Needs It?"
  7. Here is a quote from "Faith and Force" in "Philosphy: Who Needs It?" which is in keeping with this subject ~d.
  8. I was responding to what you wrote about zero men being able to survive in 'such a state' Hal's post had the years humans DID survive in such a state which was for 30,000 years as opposed to humans living in a civilized state which has been for 6,000 years. d.
  9. not true-refer to this part of Hal's post ... True though, the natural survival instincts may be dormant but they still are there. D
  10. thanks! I DO have respect for Ayn Rand believe me. I also think Quinn and Jensen have their own points to make re: sustainable lifestyles vs nonsustainable but they are mired down in collectivism (see excellent post by HAL in this thread for more on this) And yes I have had a try at abandoning civilization in my own way - only working PT, cutting back on spending, doing my own cooking etc. The thing is-it is BORING (to me anyway) and I have decided that that isnt where I want to go-not a happy camper doing that stuff. So that is where I am at right now.... also in the process of looking into going back to school... d.
  11. thank you for the title-I will check it out and then think on your last question. D.
  12. Their argument would most likely be they need to stay here and spread the word that civilization is killing the planet. D
  13. *questioN(s)* apologies for the misspell D also a quick thank you for all the replies.
  14. I will supply the quotes-they will be from "Philosophy, Who Needs It?" I am asking because I was interested in the anticivilization movement and an admirer of the work of Jensen, and Quinn among others. I recently returned to my interest in Rand from my youth, recently re-finishing "The Fountainhead" and now reading the book above as well as "Atlas Shrugged" Needless to say the 2 realms of thought are VERY different therefor my questio(s) on this subject. Thank you. D.
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