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  1. Via CBS news: Now if this isn't an indication of the failure that will be Obama's healthcare plan, then I don't know what is. Of course the larger issue here isn't whether or not it will "work" or be better than the mixed bag of poop we have now, but the fundamental "right to healthcare". No matter how badly the ventures of such nature do, it will always be dismissed as not big enough or not smart enough.
  2. I realize that everyone who's read the book would want to see the movie script staying true to the book's progression. But that, IMO, would be a mistake. A book isn't a screenplay and making it into one, page by page or even chapter by chapter would be like translating languages word by word. What's more important, that they stick to the word of the book or the story and meaning? As to Galt's speech, one way of tackling it would be to bring it on slightly earlier in the movie and then show events happening while he speaks. They could even do half of it and move on and then bring back the rest of the half to close the movie (kind of like a narrative).
  3. I don't know of any reason to believe that Relativity has higher dimensions. For that matter, none of the acceptable theories in physics involve any more than four dimensions (unless that's what you have a problem with). I agree that the premise behind higher dimensions aren't necessarily correct. But to dismiss it as a whole isn't very scientific. If you can prove it, great. Or else it doesn't exist.
  4. Space and Time are two different "types" of dimensions. From experiments and (theory) space and time are one entity in which matter exists. To say that space and/or time is just a construct designed to deal with movement is trivial. It's akin to saying that velocity doesn't exist, it's just a product of momentum and mass. You need a certain number of fundamental independent variables and as far as we know, that number is four. This isn't to say that higher dimensions cannot exist. There are many theories of physics (none which have been accepted as real yet) which rely on the concept of higher dimensions. Many concepts can be easier to explain as being in 5 dimensions or more. These dimensions, however, are considered to be too small to detect in regular experience. For example, if you were walking on a row of cylinders, you may not notice them if the cylinders are very very small. But an ant or a small particle would have to travel across it's (half) radius and for it there would be that one more "dimension". Here's the catch though: Since none of these dimensions have ever been measured, it's all just a theory. In physics, if it cannot be measured, it isn't real.
  5. That was great avgleandt! Keep up the good work. You could probably add more talking points from Obama and his supporters and not even have to resort to Borg. "I am my brother's keeper" etc.
  6. Nashua Telegraph This is my first time i wrote a letter and am very happy that it made the print. The format of it, as you could tell, is loosely based on ARI's press releases. Anyone who likes it can give me a ninja smiley in their post.
  7. Israel is looking into a 48 hour ceasefire. link I think this is a great move and somewhat in the direction of what The Wrath has been suggesting. If Hammas stops the rockets, then Israel has been successful. If they don't, then Israel will (hopefully) have more international support. Although I'm guessing it may not work out that cleanly. Hammas may stop the rockets for now and then attack within a few days claiming it to be retribution for Israel's atrocities and the cycle continues. Even if they don't attack right away, Hammas will still be in power which means no permanent peace in the near future.
  8. Absolutely beautiful music by Michael Montes. I mostly listen to rock and heavy metal but works like these make me want to get into classical music. The commercial is for Canon Rebel XSI and is worth taking a look at too. http://www.sacrednoise.com/news/?p=54
  9. Set up or not, it may help him after all: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home
  10. Why superman will always suck: http://www.bamkapow.com/bk-feature-why-sup...uck-1189-p.html Not the most Objectivist view on the topic but it's a funny read.
  11. @West Really? Can i get a source for that?
  12. yes please. with sources to back them up (#2 in particular)
  13. I have an inherent bias against myspace. Why don't you use a blogspot?
  14. One of the main reasons for having a draft is not because of the lack of available soldiers but because politicians (mostly democrats) believe that the military contains a disproportionate number of people with lower incomes. I think everyone would agree that if the full potential of our voluntary armed forces was unleashed (that is by easing restrictions on the rules of engagement) there is no need for a draft.
  15. It is a contradiction to protect the country by a military draft because that is a violation of individual rights--the very thing we are trying to protect. Does it not follow that any war carried out at the expense of involuntary taxes is also a contradiction?
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