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  1. Thank you, yfeldblum. I was looking through the art area of this forum to find things that would naturally interest me. Do you have a list of favorite movies you want to share?
  2. The Count of Monte Christo (recent version w/Jim Caviezal) Groundhog Day (One of the best screenplays ever written) Last of the Mohikans L.A. Confidential The Verdict The Thomas Crowne Affair (recent version, which fits Rand's lighthearted aspect of her Sense of Life like a glove) Broadcast News Cyrano de Bergerac (Jose Ferrer, 1950) Superman 1 & 2
  3. Obviously my post has gained a Lot of interest on this board, including your own. So much so that you're still here after writing in your 'last' post that you were done with me. If you decide to back up your threat and ban me, so be it.
  4. Indeed, you are condescending, which is a very ugly thing to be. Nothing I wrote back to you was offensive in the least....UnLess you're easily offended, which you are. And for someone who was so determinedly uninterested in my book in the first place for the weakest of reasons, you should at least thank me for giving you a Strong reason to remain uninterested.
  5. I have shown respect to those on this board who do not have a condescending tone in their posts and comments towards me. To those who don't feel a need to 'teach' me how to post on this board and who presume they have the ability to. I have my own style of expression and I don't ask anyone to change theirs, I just take people as they are and respond on that. As for your writing that I behave as if I'm being attacked, I'm not...... But....I'd rather be attacked by people I philosophically disagree with than be patronized by those who I share the same philosophy with. And regardless of your preconcieved notions about what graphic novels may be, it's just a different medium with as rich a potential as any other. And the Objectivists who have read my book and who don't even read graphic novels, have all enjoyed it to varying degrees, which has been very gratifying.
  6. Your 'disinterest' in my book was apparent from the 1st of your 8 posts on this topic when you agreed with Alp that the profanity was a real turnoff, which is indeed a decision to dismiss it 'solely on the basis of (my) choice to include profanity'.
  7. Appreciate the 'defense' of the use of profanity in fiction. The only place I've gotten any real flack over my use of it was on this board. Most objectivists/Rand admirers weren't bugged by it at all, and if they were, it was only in regards to the Hero of the story, Will Howland, employing it. As Objectivist Chris Davis posted on my forum about this topic: 'Speaking from my personal experience with other Objectivists ........many neglect or fail to define a line between necessary values and optional values, which would explain why some tossed your work aside just because of profanity (!). For instance, the black and white attitude of William was necessary to correctly portray the values you uphold. It wasn't absolutely necessary for him to use profanity, or for the antagonist to be grotesque in order to get your point across. They were options, and you chose them.' I think he made a Great point about Necessary and Optional values. William Howland doesn't use profanity promiscuously like the rest of the characters in the story do. He mainly curses when he's pissed off and fires a verbal weapon at the one who's done him wrong. But his character and actions aren't profane..........unless you're like these two reviewers, (one, a self-titled 'Deep Liberal) who, while overall praising the book and my talents, felt a desire to beat Will up..... http://www.silverbulletcomicbooks.com/revi...87032837135.htm http://www.moviepoopshoot.com/movie/index.html
  8. Matt, appreciate you reading the book and in your next read, look out for some visual puns and such that I've hidden within the story And on the cover. On my forum, I posted a 'TFO Easter Eggs' post where I mention that anyone who can guess at 3 or more of them gets a signed sketch of Will. Looking forward to your take on my story. I'll have to get back to you on a store signing, I just had one at Little Shop of Comics in Scotch Plains two weeks ago. I know that my girlfriends' stepfather mentioned my book to the owner of a comic shop/cafe in Somerville. That may be the same guy who owns the one in New Brunswick. I'm going to visit the shop in New Brunswick Wed, since I planned on getting out there anyway. I also just gave an interview to objectivist Chris Davis on his blog at: http://chrisdavis.typepad.com/blog/2004/03..._fawstin_i.html
  9. My graphic novel, TABLE FOR ONE, is in stores today, 2/25/04. My first 2 online reviews are at: http://popimage.com/ in 'Until Your Heart Stops vs2.7 2/25/04 and the other is at: http://www.the-trades.com/column.php?columnid=2378 Table For One by Bosch Fawstin ยท Book Review by Howard Price - Feb 26, 2004 If Will Eisner were going to do a graphic novel about a night in a restaurant, "Table For One" is the graphic novel he would have done '02/25/04: UNTIL YOUR HEART STOPS v2.7: Just when you think your beloved sequential drug of choice is about to be overrun in a sea of mediocrity, a shining light appears to renew your passion. This week Brian Domingos looks at the new graphic novel Table For One by Bosch Fawstin. In stores Today.....' Bosch Fawstin
  10. Thanks for the compliments, appreciate them. The profanity was a choice in style, one that I think works out just fine and while it may put some people off, I think most will appreciate the context of it all and go with it. I posted the part in the book that has the narrative you cited below, without the addition of 'Then she walks in' which was only added for ad purposes. I've been drawing all of my life and I took some formal illustration night classes in NY a few years ago that helped me discipline my drawing abilities to the level where I was confident enough to draw this story. Yes, these larger Comic BOOKS are referred to as graphic novels. And if you do end up getting a copy, send me your thoughts and feelings on it, I have a forum set up on my website at the time of my books release. Best, Bosch
  11. For the record, I get along fine with Matt on these boards, there's mutual respect and also a genuine interest from him to check out a book by a Rand fan, which I would think most Rand fans would. And I suggest trying a less boring way of getting your dull points across. You may hold my interest for more than the few sentences I read of yours. I mean, you want to insult me?, get to the damn point.
  12. 'Being an individualist doesn't mean using obscene language just to shock "polite society," -AshRyan As if you had to write that. That you did is very condescending. And it's the whole tone of your critique against my work, which you find objectionable on many levels(?), a work which you haven't read, I have to add. But as I wrote to 'Alp': I can't argue the merits of my story with someone who has such fragile sensibilities. So stay clear of my book, lest your hands get dirty. And for the record, profanity is not 'obscene language' unless you're a prude.
  13. Matt, I don't think there's anything I can say or do to convince you to buy the book, if you're still not sure about buying it. Now, you can argue that I could have made the preview more cohesive, but I chose a different route, one that capitalizes on this visual medium by posting pages that I found to be visually appealing without giving away the plot. The preview is meant to spark interest, Peroid. I think it's worked just fine for me. And for the record, if you think that the exchange between the hero and the foil was 'an amazingly efficient piece of dialogue'.... 'enough to make (you) want to read the rest of it', ....... there's far more where that came from.
  14. Thanks again for the excellent praise for that succinct line, which I'm really pleased about, becuase that was the response I was hoping to get. No, this is the first work I've published, self-published to be exact, under my Mainspring imprint. I read what Ash wrote, but his assumptions about what I think an individual is is as dismissive of me as I now am of him. And there's one thing in this story, the hero is always under attack for all the wrong reasons, and his righteousness takes form in hitting them harder with words than they hit him. I've found that we sometimes have to use the words that are 'beneath us' to be understood clearly by those 'beneath' us. Yes, there are eloquent scumbags, but not in my story. And to be precise, I don't think of Toohey so much as a lowlife or scumbag, but more as the most complex portrait of evil I've read. He had an air of sophistication that he had a need to keep at all times. But even Toohey had his moments with profanity when he told Keating to 'Bitch it up!' about an architectual project of his.
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