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  1. http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/articl...THNVtgD97EG5200 The Obama administration is now investigating an amazing new theory to combat the horrors of global warming (or is it supposed to be climate change now?). His science advisor is considering (get this) shooting massive amounts of pollution into the atmosphere to reflect the sun's rays. This is from the same people who are saying that pollution CAUSES global warming! Now they're saying it will also SOLVE it??? It seems to me that any shred of logic left these people's minds decades ago.
  2. Where are you seeing that? When I looked just now it was #36. I'm trying to get my wife to read Atlas Shrugged but she doesn't want to because she thinks it will piss her off. (She hates anything politics right now because it makes her depressed...)
  3. Obama would never shut down the Internet. Most of the world's traffic flows through the US. Obama cares too much about kissing Europe's behind to piss them off like that. This would probably be used for silencing political opponents by shutting down anti-Obama websites.
  4. ehh...there's nothing special there. That commercial is pretty typical Obama rhetoric.
  5. It did seem a little insulting. Unfortunately that's the answer I would expect from any mainstream politician. There are a lot of people in this country (most of them of voting age) that think marijuana is evil. The question of legalization is largely dismissed as the type of thing only a stoner teenager would ask. This actually drove me nuts in college. I would argue for legalization of all drugs and people would ALWAYS respond by saying I only wanted it legalized so I can do drugs all day long. They can't seem to comprehend that some people want it legal on a matter of principle and not because they want to get high. There has been positive progress though. The DEA recently announced that it's basically giving up the fight against marijuana.
  6. Do you really have to ask? Could it be a result of the Obamanomics we are enduring right now?
  7. Wasn't that prediction related to the Tesla Coil? I remember reading that one of his goals with that invention was to transmit signals wirelessly.
  8. I've been wanting to get a good RTS game, but have yet to find anything that seems interesting enough. I might have to give this one a try.
  9. I agree, he's definitely my favorite. He also has a large number of other very creative inventions, one of the most famous being the Tesla Coil. I *think* he may have also discovered the process of induction, but I could be wrong about that one. Interestingly enough, he died very poor, even though he developed technology that we all use today.
  10. LOL!!! AIG is suing the feds!!!! I love it. Using taxpayer money to finance a lawsuit against it's own largest shareholder. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/20/business/20aig.html?_r=2
  11. Damn straight. The really annoying part about this is if they did violate those contracts and not pay up, they would have to deal with lawsuits from the former executives anyway. So no matter what that money would be going out (UNLESS they went bankrupt...hmm...), but Geithner and Obama didn't care because all they want is yet another way to scapegoat those evil and greedy businessmen. Fortunately though, it looks like this 90% tax farce may be unconstitutional: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/first100da...an-lawyers-say/
  12. http://www.rocketryplanet.com/content/view/2788/30/ Looks like the decade of ATF bullying of model rocketry hobbyists is finally at an end! As is quite typical of the ATF, the court found that it had completely ignored scientific evidence in banning APCP and abused its authority. Slam dunk for nerds everywhere!! Now if only we could completely disband that horrible organization... I haven't used model rockets for years but I've always wanted to get back into it. Now I can actually get into the big rockets without worrying about the feds kicking down my door.
  13. I remember last year's earth hour when Google turned it's site to a black background. That was so annoying. Needless to say, I will have all 9 of my power-sucking computers running on that day as well as every single light in my house!
  14. skap35

    Junk science

    What is your major? At least in my experience I don't know what kind of bad habits you can pick up from grad school. Most real science/engineering courses I've taken were straight down to business and had no "junk science" at all. Now, anything outside the engineering college is a different story though...
  15. skap35

    Marilyn Manson

    Manson is a total moron, but his music is really great for getting pumped up at the gym. (assuming you're like me and listen to music for the beat and just ignore all the words)
  16. I enjoy drinking once in a while and I really don't see anything wrong with it. It's relaxing, I like experimenting with different mixed drinks (but I hate wine). Basically I think that as long as you can control yourself and not get wasted every day of the week, then it's perfectly fine. I would argue that it's perfectly rational to engage in activities that you enjoy, including drinking. I agree.
  17. skap35


    I just started playing this the other day, so I'm not very far into the storyline yet. So far it comes off as a post-apocalyptic zombie type game, but there are some fun aspects to it. The game randomly includes banners and tape recordings you can play that have Objectivist ideas, which I find to be very neat. It's a fun game and I like the ability to "hack" all the electronic devices. It's really an enjoyable aspect to the game and some of the puzzles can be intellectually challenging, which is a nice change of pace from the standard mindless shoot-em-up games.
  18. Why, thank you! Rachel and I got married October 3rd!
  19. I had a bad (but very funny) experience with the weigh in. The problem with the Wii Fit is that it doesn't account for BMI very well. I weight 210, but it's all muscle. When I weighed in, it basically assumed I was very overweight for my height. The little character that represents my account blew up into a big balloon. My wife has been making fun of me ever since. When setting your weight loss goals, it wouldn't even let me set my goal to within the "healthy" weight category either. (That's more of a safety feature though, so you don't lose too much weight too quickly.) For me it was just funny, but I can see how that goofy little character could hurt people's feelings if you're self concious about your weight. It does have a password feature so you can lock your account though. So you can still have some privacy from other family members seeing your weight.
  20. I really hope this just trashes affirmative action. Clearly in the next 4-8 years affirmative action will be shored up enormously, but in the long term there is officially no excuse for this type of preferential treatment anymore.
  21. I personally am horrified by this. Anyone else have thoughts?
  22. I listen to him every few days, and I like him. I tend to agree with him most of the time on war and economic issues, but not when it comes to the Republican stance on things like abortion, stem cell research, etc. Though these have been pretty much non-issues this election. I agree though about how he is toward liberals. I loved the whole Operation Chaos thing he did during the primaries. I just thought that was hilarious! Personally my absolute favorite is Neal Boortz! I started listening to him and Rush in the 2004 election and I found that I agree with Boortz about 99% of the time. My least favorite though is Hannity. He seems to be very lock-step with the Republican Party and whenever he says that line about "America was founded on Judeo-Christian values" it just annoys me. Wait...actually my least favorite is Savage. I've only listened to him a few times and it seems like the only thing he knows how to do is yell and call names. Not much substance in his show at all...
  23. I absolutely agree with you 100%, which really pains me to say this. RMS' whole "selling software is immoral" viewpoint really irritates me. BUT in my experience with UNIX in general, a lot of GNU software is really top notch. If you are a programmer on Linux, chances are you use *some* GNU software: gcc, make, emacs, flex, bison are all tools I use on a regular basis and I'll probably never use anything else. Where I draw the line on that is GPLv3, which starts to venture into the realm of restricting how you use software (Digital Rights Management). That's also the reason why Linus refuses to migrate to the new GPL for the Linux kernel.
  24. I mainly use Linux for programming. However, at work I use Windows (C#.NET) and it works well. Windows programming has a lot of problems but Visual Studio 2008 and the newer version of .NET have made some major advances that have eliminated most of the really annoying problems. As a throwback to the good 'ole days, my all time favorite development OS is VAX/VMS. That is what I learned on when I first started college and the design of the CPU and operating system are very, very logical. The day they discontinued that line was very sad for me. I've also developed on Solaris and find that to be a very nice system. The one version of UNIX that I don't like to develop on is AIX. But that's probably because it's just not what I'm used to and the reference material online isn't as readily available since it isn't used much.
  25. I wouldn't take anything they say too literally. From their own website http://www.opensource.org/licenses/category there are at least a few licenses listed that don't nearly meet the definition you quoted.
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