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  1. Oddly enough, that actually improved my opinion of Islam in the middle eastern world.
  2. Wow. Just how much witch hunting goes on here anyway?
  3. Aside from the behaviour of many Oists, the single greatest barrier is likely the fiction itself. Let's face it, the characters can be thoroughly unbelievable and her writing often comes off as base propaganda. Many people reading her fiction get a sense of Rand's extreme paranoia and just think "This girl has a sick mind", and never give it a second thought.
  4. Does anyone know any credible online sources for the arab population and economy in western Palestine (along the Gaza-Haifa coast) leading up to 1948?
  5. That is the book I got my information from on the "Church" aspects of Oism.
  6. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Muhammad, he led a group of nomads to conquer much of arabia and formed a society that lasts to this day.
  7. Slightly OT, in my mind the greatest crime ever committed against philosophy was the hijacking of this great philosopher by the Nazis.
  8. I haven't done much research on the organisational aspects of Oism (my personal beleif is that such institutionalisation tends to kill a philosophy) but I can't help but notice/read a few things. 1. Everyone here hates Nathaniel Brandon. 2. Brandon was the first to turn Rand's ideas into a kind of church. He led witch hunts, denunciations, and seemed generally incapable of thinking on his own. 3. Brandon was the first to codify Rand's ideas into stone through the NBI. My question is what did Rand's circle look like before Brandon, was it more open untill Brandon arrived?
  9. I'm with Hal here, the original analogy is misleading and absurd, happiness would work better.
  10. Without dragging this into a "What does Tikkun mean?" type of thread, I heard the term originally from the magazine of the same name, which while having religious content, seems more about spreading peace in the world. Anyway, nice meeting you two.
  11. The Nietzscheans are portrayed in a very animalistic, pro-braun way. They form families (called "Prides') and act out a kind of survival of the fittest style of life. Humans are still alive but the two groups do not trust each other. The show ended about a month ago after running for about 5 years.
  12. I chose the name due to a conversation I had with my father last night. Mainly the fact that Christianity has a nasty strain of world hatred running through it while jewish culture does not. Where a Christian tends to beleive the world is fallen and worthless; jews, in my understanding, tend to try and make the world a better place. I'm not religious though so I wouldn't read to much into my nick if I were you.
  13. Hi everyone! Just dropping by to meet others who liked "The Fountainhead" and see what they thought of it. Looking forward to posting and hearing what you have to say!
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