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  1. I was not sure where to put this. I have never really bought in to the whole global warming scare, mainly because of the fact that the earth goes through natural cycles of warming and cooling. But, now according to researchers the earth should be going back into a cooling cycle and is failing to do so. This is where I start to wonder if maybe it could be true. I have two questions: 1) What is your personal opinion of global warming and why 2) Do you now of any good resources on the subject that is not biased on way or another?
  2. This is the kind of thing that really gets to me. I am a dyslexic and at times in high school I need need some accomidation. But people who have ability and dont use but instead look for an easy way out (AKA incorrectly lableling themselves learning disabled) really need to be taken off the planet. There are some kids out there who actually need more time on the test and people like this make it really hard for them to be taken seriously.
  3. "Before you can do things for people, you must be the kind of man who can get things done. But to get things done, you must love the doing, not the secondary consequences."
  4. Landmark has changed a lot in ten years. It used to be people between the ages of 25 to 35 with reading problems. Now, most of the people come right out of highschool and have ADD or ADHD. There are still a lot of kids with Dyslexia and the like but the population of the school has changed a lot. By stoner I mean anyone who uses pot on a regular baises or there is a pattern to there uses. So if you get stoned everyday, once every three weeks, just on hoildays, only on your birthday ect. Than to me you are a stoner.
  5. It is an amazing school but with a lot of stoners. It one of my only complaints about this place, when did your brother go to Landmark? What was his LD?
  6. I was just reading through this thread, I dont know if anyone else has said anything about this but I feel I have to. Awhile back a poster said that ADD was not real. I have to disagree with this, there have been proven diffrences between a normal brain and an ADD brain. One and probably the most important is that the frontal lobe of an ADD brain is around 30% smaller that that of a normal brain. Also, there is evidence that the harder a person with ADD trys to use there fortal lobe the less blood flow there is to it. I myself have dyslexia (there are more folds in the outer layer of the brain of a dyslexic then in a normal brain but its over all smother) and go to Landmark College a specialized school for people with LDs. But I never let it get in my way I have read both Atlas and the Fountainhead though it did take me a very long time. I dont like people that use it as an excuse for everything, but there are somethings that they just cannot do. As for drug use, its completely illogical since it detacts from enjoyment of life, but Im not agaist having a drink now and then.
  7. I have been trying for some time to find a reliable news source. The results of which have been this: If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.
  8. Hey there! I currently live in Minnesota but will be leaving in a month or so for college. But its good to know that there is someone else out there!
  9. I don't know if anyone here has started a thread on this yet. I was flipping through channels today looking for something to watch when I come across a show called "Judging Amy." I was going to change the channel until one of the character mentioned Ayn Rand. Basically what happened was this: An old social worker gets a call from a kid saying that he is going to commit suicide and quotes part of Galt's speech. The show made it look like "Atlas Shrugged" made the kid want to commit suicide. I was really irritated with the misrepresentation of Objectivism. One character even called the Objectivism "...Attila the Hun meets Martha Sturt..." I was wondering if anyone know of shows that do a good/bad job of representing Objectivism?
  10. I know what you mean! You should have seen my friend when we were reading the answers to the questions! Here is the main web page there are a lot of really interesting articles. http://www.geocraft.com/WVFossils/HOMEPAGE5a.html
  11. I was having a argument with a friend recently about global warming. As a result I went on-line to try and find some information when I stumbled across this... http://www.geocraft.com/WVFossils/GlobWarmTest/start.html (I won the argument and learned a few new things.) I though some people here might get a kick out of it!
  12. Hey thanks to everyone that replayed! Personally I think these school are very helpful for trouble kid like my sibling. The schools teach them about confront there problems, working with others, and developing there morals. The main problem I see is that sometimes kids that don't need to be sent there are. My sister has some friends that were in that situation for various reason. (They had psychological problems that were not identified, lazy parents ect.) To my understanding one of the CEDU schools refused to close. The staff would not leave and the parents would not take there kids home because they feel what they are doing is right. (I will have get get back to you with the name of the school) Also I know that a lot of the parents of CEDU graduates are interested in buying at lest some of the CEDU properties. After my sister left the man that started the program Mel Wasserman (sp?) died. He never really wrote down that his methods were so a lot of it was lost. Thats when the schools started to go down hill. People like my parents who had gone to workshops hosted by Mel have been trying to pool money to get the property so they can get the schools back on track. ~Rosmerta~
  13. I thought this was a really good movie. Its about the life of a black boxer, Jack Johnson, though not all of it is true so in the movie they call him Jefferson. He was the first african-american to win the heavy weight boxing championship. But the only reason he did that was to earn money to start a cafe (it was all he wanted to do in life) He married a white women because he loved her and did not care what society though. There is one line in particular that I love from this movie. He is about to go fight in the championship when he sees some people from his home town. While talking to him they say something about him fighting for them he asks what they mean and one of them replys that when he wins the fight then he will "...be proud to be colored tomorrow..." Jefferson replys "If you aren't there already no amount of boxing in the world is going to get you there!" Anyway just wondering if anyone else has seen this and what they thought!
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