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  1. Yes, they are still in the original Ayn Rand Bookstore packaging.
  2. I have listed my Objectivism Lecture Library (all cd's) on Ebay for half-price. I am going back to school and need the money. They have been opened, obviously, but the CD's are in perfect condition. If someone from this website successfully bids on multiple items, I will send them a reimbursement check with the merchandise covering redundant shipping charges. You can find all of my items here: http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/love2write.with.ink Up for grabs is: Peikoff The Philosophy of Objectivism (all 12 lectures) Certainty and Happiness Binswanger Psycho-Epistemology 1 &2 Locke Wal-Mart: The Story of the World's Greatest Retailer Successful High Tech Companies Shop Victorioiusly!
  3. If you have to carry just one map around NYC, carry this one Fodor's Flashmaps New York City, 6th Edition: The Ultimate Map Guide They are small and incredibly useful. I pretty much threw out all the maps I had gotten from my other guides. It would also be good to have a list on a seperate piece of paper with the addresses of places you plan on visiting that day. (aka don't plot them on the map other than maybe a dot)
  4. Nice. That is exactly what I was looking for. It is similar to what I've been throwing around in my head as "active reading," basically meaning asking a lot of questions, but obviously the questions have to be related and contextual. When I read it is easy for me to bring forth pictures and feelings and ideas, but only a certain few and they aren't explicitly defined or put into a hiearchy.
  5. I am taking the LSAT and this section (reading comprehension) is where I am lack 100% confidence. It made me think a little deeper on the subject and I realized that I have never been a quick or effective reader. I am by no means illiterate (not even close) but I feel like I can be better. Does anyone have any advice or ideas on the subject, at least more than just to slow down, read more, or check for personal interest.
  6. Jonathan Hoenig is a successful Hedge Fund Manager of CapitalistPig hedge fun. He is also a regular on Cashin' In (Fox News) every Saturday. I thoroughly enjoy the show when it doesn't turn into a shouting match. Check him out at http://www.capitalistpig.com/
  7. Objectivists are ponderers in the aristotelian sense, not the platonic, in that after we ponder we act.
  8. You better not look at your computer screen again lest it cause you to mindlessly act. I am not trying to be mean, but my computer display made me do it.
  9. Cuban is no scammer. He will offer his opinion. If other people agree they will accept his opinion and short the stock. But they can also choose not to short, or indeed, choose to buy the stock. I see nothing that infringes on other people's rights
  10. We're not stuck in Iraq.
  11. We are stuck in Iraq. The consequences of a self-abnegating foriegn policy. Iran has enriched uranium. The consequences of the prior and appeasement. What does one do? I advocate a short and well planned withdrawal from Iraq followed by an aggressive and strategic destruction of Iran's nuclear facilities. Failing these, I too will start eating butter again.
  12. I have not been able to find anything written by this author. His website is sponsored by capmag but there are no articles written by him and nothing turns up in the search. I also googled him an didn't come up with anything. Does anyone know what the deal is?
  13. Well done GC!!! This post was very enjoyable for me. My favorite section is when you effortlessly prove the false theories of value wrong with simple counterarguments. This helped immensely when trying to understand what a arbitrarily set price by a government entity would be: You said "economic values are objective because they objectively reflect the values that people hold." Arbitrarily set economic values (prices) are objective because the objectively reflect the values that the government hold (which are indeed disvalues). This seems simple enough but it gave me a brain cramp. I remember you saying that you were about to read a bunch of economics books. Which ones did you find the most valuable?
  14. I am getting out of the game because I can already tell I am going to play it too much. Let me know if anyone wants my account ( I have one in universe 3 (score 573) and 11 (score 750)). I am sending my resources to mrock. Once I transport then I will drop the alliance, and after a week I will delete the accounts if I don't get any takers
  15. Actually, not getting rid of my 2nd account. It is alright to have multiple accounts as long as they are not in the same universe. THis is actually pretty cool because I am applying two different strategies. Let me know if anyone has a planet in universe 11. http://www.ogametips.com/133/question-i-ha...ts-what-do-i-do
  16. Was accepted to the TLI alliance and getting rid of my second account.
  17. I am participating and addicted. I have 75 points, in 4:273:10 and put in my application to join the TLI just now. I also have a second planet it universe 11. Planet name: Ability. Tag name: Shaner. I am building up my infrastructure now and should be able to help in attacks within 2 weeks. If anyone still needs to dump resources I will readily accept and put to work. I log on a couple times a day just to keep building mines and energy sources.
  18. I am not sure why this topic has created such a ruckus. Alcohol does not have morality, its use does. And how you use it determines its level of being good, so you cannot take alcohol out of its context and then call it immoral. That is like saying guns or trees or cars are immoral.
  19. Why did the producers make racism so apparent? I thought we were trying to eradicate it.
  20. I would like to revive this topic because no conclusion, as far as I am concerned, was ever reached. Price is not static and is specific to its context. Price is simply the agreed upon value between a seller and a buyer. (very broad) Cost, market fluctations, inflation and whatever else that was said prior may affect the price but should not be included in its definition because they are not essential to every price. Inflation may not exist, sometimes cost isn't a factor and may sell far below its cost, at cost or far above its cost, and market fluctuations, which include many things, may not be fluctating or even exist in a certain situation i.e life and death. Price is a post-trader mentality concept created to convey what someone is willing to pay for something else, but in every situation, whether we are in a bartering situation, inflationary, deflationary, fixed (or variable) costs rising and falling, three things remain: a buyer, a seller, and an agreed upon price. I should note that price requires consent, is a value and is capitalistic in nature. Which makes it objective, whatever you choose the price to be. I am not exactly sure what I would call the monetary value placed on an item arbitrarily by a dictatorial regime. On a more difficult point, when considering the current price of a widget one should consider technology as it most important predictor of price. This will be a relative price, of course, but given the amount of antecedent technology, any increases in technology will decrease the price. The amount of decrease would be determined by the specific technology. Furthermore if there was a decrease in the input price due to technology for a certain widget, the price would drop as well.
  21. It goes to show how the motivation of americans to live and their resiliency overcome the destructive behavior of the fed. Even when the fed is haphazardly raising and lowering rates like excited schoolchildren on a seesaw the businessmen bravely charge ahead. It also goes to show how clueless many americans are. They are comforted when the rates go down but they don't know why or care. It seems there is a spread of rates where the economy can tolerate "legalized theft" (up to as much as 8 or 9% for sustained periods during his intital years) before they start voting with their feet and start marching out of the markets. This seems to be when their subconcoius say a little stealing of my money is ok, if it is the government, but only to a point. Alan Greenspan is lucky that people don't have a clue or else he wouldn't be known as the benevolent rate adjuster, he would be known as the subjective wealth destroying, recession causing hermit.
  22. We probably give more strength to our enemies by buying oil than by allowing the ports deal, unfortunately. We gave them that strength a long time ago when our oil wells were nationalized, just as tommy said. That was a costly mistake and becomes more costly every day. Ideally, by defending free trade our government will start to identity, through elimination, what the real threat is to our country. If there is a threat to our ports we will be encouraged on the homefront to eliminate that threat. The mass panic will trigger more defense spending on the homefront (coasts) which if anything is a good use of our stolen tax money. If we accept the port deal we will avoid the poisonous ideas of protectionism and encourage efficient defense, as well as broadcasting to the world that we are not afraid of them and will not lower ourselves by becoming a fear driven mullah. Our enemies will find that it is to their benefit to deal with America as traders not parasites. Remember, the UAE has a lot to lose in terms of wealth and security if their reputation is compromised. They are one of the middle-eastern nations that "get it" when it comes to money, happiness, security and productiveness. Our country also "gets it" and still remains an overtly religious.
  23. I see a debate for isolationism in the near future. Our first priority as a country isn't to support productive values outside of our country, our job is to protect our selfish interests abroad. Interests such as able port management and oil.
  24. I am not sure why a port is more of a security issue than say your local hawk shop. It is a business and should be ran as one which means all American laws must be followed. If DP World wants to gain the trust of Americans I suggest they make public their security policies and assign an independent security firm to attest to their compliance. They have already proven to be able port managers. But these are all just extras. I read a great article that touches the issue of what a port should be responsible for. http://www.tcsdaily.com/article.aspx?id=022406I The author makes the point that out ports should not be the first line of defense, but the last. Let the Coast Guard do their job and let DP World do theirs. We should not be scared into second guessing our free-trade ideal. If anything, we are all going to enjoy cheaper shipping by allowing an able port managing company do what they do best And we as america will do what we do better than most--protect individual rights and ability.
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