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  1. 21 Marines die to take a village which could have been destroyed with the technology we have all paid for to make us the best and the strongest. Too much concern for the image of America controls the military deciscions in this war. It is absolutely tragic and a waste on so many levels.
  2. Yesterday my wife was watching Oprah in our bedroom which is the only room in the house with AC. Thus I was forced to a degree to watch this nonsense. The topic was make-overs. There was a group of about 5 people who worked to make these ugly women better looking. At the end of the show, Oprah address the make-over experts and said," As I always say it takes a village." I think that sums up her approach to life.
  3. "King of Comedy" is a great film with unbelievable performances from DeNiro and (believe it or not) Jerry Lewis. DeNiro is the 30 something loser, living at home, living in a fantasy world or being a comedian/TV talk show host. His performance is funny, scary, manic, sad all at the same time. The last segment of the film is an incredible work of acting by Robert De Niro.
  4. Today's political leaders in the West are driven more by polls than by objective reality. Therefore wars today are fought not to defeat an enemy, but to win the hearts and minds of the enemy. World opinion drives the actions of leaders so military decisions are luke warm. We have the technology to win this war, but not the testicular fortitude to use it. If you want to win and have the means to win at your disposal, but refuse to use those tools due to the concern over the reaction of others, that is obscene. Especially when service men and women are dying and being wounded.
  5. I would agree that she is better than her fellow TV talk host, however the competition is pretty pathetic.
  6. I do admire Oprah's achievements, however the almost cult like worship of her by her "followers" which she does not attempt to downplay is what bothers me. Her wealth is not a problem, but just the fact that one achieves wealth is not the end game. I think though she made it on her own, she now wants to be the ultimate altruist, attempting to solve the problem of Africans and others who should change their destructive life patterns and do as she did. Her attempt to help them only stunts that impulse which lies deep in the human spirit.
  7. No matter the genre of music, the music I enjoy the most is played written and played with artistic honesty/authenticity. Whether it is Baroque, Classical, Post-Modern, Bluegrass, Metal, Progressive, Punk, Jazz, Blues.... it is the realness of the composition and performance that hooks me. The music is played for the music and not for any other weak motive. If it achieves commercial success and retains its honesty that is all the better.
  8. Regarding Michael Savage's basic core values of "Borders, Language, and Culture": Borders: I would make this analogy: "What is mine is mine is to the individual as "What is America's is Americans'" is to the nation. Language: The additional cost of the government or businesses printing hundreds of thousands of forms in a multitude of languages and hiring those who are bilingual is a huge cost, it bloats government and business thus making it inefficient. Individuals may be able to speak a foreign language , but may not be the most qualified workers. This adds to the size and inefficiency of government and business. These costs, burdens, and wrong headed policies stop government and business from doing what they are meant to do, that is protect our rights and make money. Culture: Our culture which strives for liberty (though this is weakening as time goes on) and is driven by the ideals of capitalism ( though these are also weakening ) comes into conflict with some other cultures in which these are greatly watered down or are nonexistent.
  9. If she has not been mentioned already Oprah Winfrey for what are obvious reasons. Followers of the Dali Lhama...all that compassion. George Bush...for calling Islam a "religion of peace".
  10. I love to listen radio talk shows, not all but a select few. I was wondering if anyone else is a listener. I think a few hosts demonstrate some, I repeat, some Objectivist ideas. They would in my opinion be just two: Micheal Savage and Jay Severine ( he is on an FM talk station in Boston 96.9, but it is only a matter of before he goes national).
  11. It is refreshing to see the president nominate a white male for the opening on the Supreme Court. While many were calling for Sandra Day O'Connor's replacement to be another woman, or an African American or an Hispanic American or a combination of these Bush has not let the political correctness crowd influence his appointment. Bush says he is highly qualified (that is yet to be proven). If he is it is wonderful to see an appoinment based on character and talent rather than race or gender.
  12. Rush incorporated Ayn Rand's ideas in a very obvious way and no explanantion is needed. I really enjoy Rush, in fact they were my gateway to Ayn Rand. However many other bands in the Progressive genre, to me, represent Objectivist ideals. When musicians play with a combination of great expertise and feeling. When they write music that goes against the current popular trend, but the music fulfills them, that reflects Objectivism. Thus my list would include: Rush ELP Yes Genesis (Peter Gabriel era) Transatlantic Flower Kings King Crimson IQ Spock's Beard Tangent Dream Theater
  13. Ah the "War On Terror". This war needs to be fought in this nation and in other nations where sleepers cells await their orders to attack. I have no tolerance for religous tolerance which allows those who would kill to hide behind the cloak of religion. We must preserve our own safety by rooting out the home grown or imported threat.
  14. It is apparent that George Bush and the Neo-cons presently in power in Washington have built an ever expanding government. This is quite contrary to Objectivist ideals of small government. Demecrats do not offer a better solution, so how can Objectivists work to achieve a government which truly lets the individual be an individual?
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