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    I am an Applied Mathematics student that is also working on writing and programming projects.
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    Five years of study so far, and I am beginning to get my wings ...
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    Astronomy , programming, mathematics, physics, Objectivist philosophy, Role-playing (the sort using dice... in particular DnD and d20 Modern.), gaming, history ( military history in particular).

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  1. Patch Adams has got to be one of the most disgusting smear jobs ever made into a movie. I do not know much about the seemingly dubious methods of the real Patch Adams, but the movie is a gross distortion. The character in the movie is an insane , irresponsible, fraudalent whack job that thinks acting like a retard somehow helps people. He proceeds to run a clinic without a license ( while still a med student), refuse to take medical histories ( which gets his co-worker and girlfriend murdere...

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