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  1. I need to do a quick reread of ITOE, then I might just write [ at some length perhaps ] on how the "key probllems" in the philosophy of mathematics are excellent examples of the epistemological confusons / evasdions covered in ITOE. Should be interesting to write, and hopefully to read...

  2. "Lakoff and Núñez make a great deal of the fact that different areas in mathematics define the natural numbers in different ways. For instance, in axiomatic set theory all natural numbers (and in fact, ultimately all mathematical entities) are defined as sets. One defines the number 0 to be the empty set, 1 to be the set whose only element is the empty set (so that 1 itself is not the empty set, but a little like a closet which contains only an empty box; the box is empty but the closet is no...

  3. Seriously FB? You cant even go two hours without toggling my profile pic to the old one and then back again? or without making my content vanish thten bringing it back , seemingly at random?

  4. FB now claims I do not have permission to comment on my own status. What the hell is wrong with FB?

  5. Good day : Discussed some game development work , programming work. Made some enemies ( this might not sound like a good thing, but it is when you have *my* enemies ) and made some new friends. Ah life is good.

  6. If you have no thoughts of your own, you wil of course have to scavenge whatever you can find. Sadly most of what you are then able to chew up enough to swallow, will be poison.

  7. If physics is to be saved, it needs a Newton with an Objectivst-[like] epistemology. Better hurry up though.....

  8. Is it just me, or does FB have a lot of short blackouts lately?

  9. (paraphrasing ) : "Eulers Identity [ e^(i * pi ) + 1 = 0] is magical". No, it is a neat trick, but it is hardly mystica.

  10. You say that modern physics is nearly complete? More like completely insane. Lets look at some ideas that were either once taken seriously in mainstream physics, or which still are. Parallel realties Infinite numbers of infinite universes "hidden" dimensions Laws of physics which vary depending on the "directon" in space one looks Particles coming in out of "outside of existence" Particles which a physical "properly" of probablity The universe being a "hologram" Undead zombie cats Curvatu...

  11. I am sick of people that do the following : Point out that you are in error, provide very shaky and false "evidence' for it and then accuse me of being "pretentious" when I do not accept that I have an error in my thinking simply because of unfounded assertions. Worse yet are those that then accuse me of being "preteniously rationalistic" on this basis. There is a difference. Not accepting shaky evidence or being mistaken and not accepting that you are wrong without evidence is not th...

  12. Anarcho-capitalism : An exercise in evasion. Enough said.

  13. "Capitalism is built on Reality, Government is built on Lies. " completely absurd over-generalisation. Ugh. It implies anarchy, which makes capitalism impossible.

  14. I remember how in my [introductory] Linear Algebra paper they of course taught us about matrix multiplication Did they tell us what it actually was , why it had beeen developed ( as a method for performing certain linear transformations) or what it could be viewed to be equivalent to ( hint, it is analogous to functional composition)? No, of course not. It was presented as though it was a axiomatic matrices arithemetic opertation. When actually it isnt. Good one! Mind you, this is the sa...

  15. What I want to know is why so many of the Anti-SOPA protestors fail to recognize the *actual* danger. The danger is the potential for NON-OBJECTIVE COPYRIGHT LAWS to be used to violate the rights of those that have legimitate rights to distrubute a certain material and to associate with a given organisation. It is not the intention of SOPA which si the threat. It is the non-objective laws upon which it relies upon which could be used to "justify" hightly immoral actions.

  16. The only thing worse than government controlled statism ruled by a dictator is the lawless state ruled by arbitrary whim and a thousand petty thugs. But this is what anarcho-capitalism is implicitly demanding. Do not be fooled.

  17. Barack Obama : Proof that sometimes real villians are far more ridicolous and sinister than cartoon villians.

  18. Hahah. To those following the Diablo 3 release fiasco : A friend of mine recently preordered Diablo III from Best Buy, when the site was claiming the release was Feb 1 ( you know, for NO reason given Blizzard have told them nothing about this ). Now they sent her a corrected date of December this year. What? That makes no sense at all. First Best Buy pull hopelessy optimistic figures out of their hat in order to sucker in pre-orders ( a dirty and dishonest tactic ), now they are making...

  19. Two mathematicians were having dinner in a restaurant, arguing about the average mathematical knowledge of the American public. One mathematician claimed that this average was woefully inadequate, the other maintained that it was surprisingly high. "I'll tell you what," said the cynic. "Ask that waitress a simple math question. If she gets it right, I'll pick up dinner. If not, you do." He then excused himself to visit the men's room, and the other called the waitress over. "When my friend re...

  20. All the music the young people ( teens - early twenties) listen to makes me feel way older than my real age ( 29). I wonder if this is normal or largely because the sense of life of their music is just so alien to me?

  21. To all those that think Diablo III is coming out on Feb 1, just because Best Buy have falsely claim this : You are mistaken. Here is why ( in the first comment below ):

  22. Quiz time : Top five amongst the more obscure Monty Python Flying Circus sketches! Come on, lets see if anyone can name some really obscure but good ones!

  23. I wonder what is wrong with the Steam Friends code. FIVE seconds after someone signs off, it claims that person has not been online for , say 42 hours. Or one minute its 55 minutes since theyve been on, less than half an hour later its 9 hours. How the the hell does this application get the math so wrong?

  24. So, for those that missed me being annoyed about this yesterday : Yes , in case you forget/missed it : The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy is coming out ..in 3D..starting with Phantom Menace this year. Oh my god, is Lucas really so devoid of anything of value to give us that he has to rerelease these JUST so that they are in 3d? 3D is a largely a gimmick really. Making them 3D does not really add anything of great value to these awful movies, nor does it magically transform them from the unwatche...

  25. Oh god...I tried to forget...the thought was just too horrible. But The Phantom Menace 3d Trailer is out at the cinemas ( in America anyway). Lucas, you already raped Star Wars four times ( including the Star Wars Holiday Special), you dont need to rape it another three times in 3D. You sadiastic bastard....

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