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  1. Sewdo -- I copied this directly from a Medline search. If you have access to online journals or print journals you may be able to get a copy of the article: Title: Dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids and composition of human aortic plaques. Source: Lancet (Lancet) 1994 Oct 29; 344(8931): 1195-6 Additional Info: ENGLAND Standard No: ISSN: 0140-6736 (Print); 1474-547X (Electronic); NLM Unique Journal Identifier: 2985213R Language: English Abstract: How long-term dietary intake of essential fatty acids affects the fatty-acid content of aortic plaques is not clear. We compared th
  2. Yup. And there is a Lancet study that showed a long time ago that of what fatty acids are in atherosclerotic plaque, they are 75% unsaturated. So much for "artery clogging saturated fats."
  3. I move that this thread be re-named: The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle: Does it Apply to People?
  4. As if dishonesty is the default? I'm not going to continue in playing these games with you, Betsy. What is said is absolutely clear and not framed in sentences with double negatives. Goodbye.
  5. It means that once you have consistent observations about a person you trust for a long enough period of time, you can count on honesty precisely because they have free will.
  6. Socialism is not incompatible with Christianity. Read the epistles and the exhortations of how Christians are to live and what they are to do with their money. it is true that the bible does not advocate handing over ones' money specifically for that purpose so that the state may do it - but rather, that once one is done handing over one's money to Caesar, he hands the rest to God by living in a commune, taking a vow of poverty (and abstinence if it will further God's goals), and spending his life caring for widows and orphans.
  7. Yeah it was a mistake - I could have sworn that was you, sorry.
  8. Maarten - While these disputes are indeed tiring, especially for those who do not wish to actively take part, they can often be more that simply "disagreeing about an issue." One person may have, perhaps, deeply insulted the values another holds dear. They may seriously disagree about what is fundamental to Objectivism. They may simply be evading reality and then denying it. Now, this sort of conflict certainly could happen between two academics in an intellectual dispute, and you are correct, it would not be published, or the insults would be vague or veiled. However internet for
  9. Why not? It would follow from this line of argument that I can never be certain of the future actions and character of the man I may marry, even 50 years after being married to him. To hold out the arbitrariness of dishonesty at that point would be just that - arbitrary. Certainty in judgment is possible with regards to honesty and depends on two things: how consistent are the observations, and how long have they been going on?
  10. Betsy said, "Right now socialism is the default because not even religion has been able to dislodge it from government or academia." Very true. And we will hasten down the socialist road even faster under Republicans. It's not socialism vs. religion. Religion is specifically adopting all kinds of political ideologies and movements that can be subsumed underneath it - such as socialism and environmentalism - both of which have explicit support from the Bible. If anything can give socialism a new lease on life, it's religion. The real problem is if we get Obama against a religious Repu
  11. As for the supposed ultimatum that was mentioned by one poster above, there has been none. Diana made a request - yes, it was harsh but IMO it was well-deserved - but there was no ultimatum. An ultimatum is when you tell someone, "If you do such and such, I will respond by doing so and so." Diana has not done that. Given her lack of participation with or communication with those on The Forum, her decision is easy to understand - this is simply a case of choosing personal integrity over lesser values. For those who participate in The Forum and gain value from it, their decision to value Th
  12. An excellent book about a remarkable woman detailing how rational mind can slowly emerge from religion. The second book is an autobiography of sorts which Caged Virgin is more of a series of essays addressing treatment of women in Islam. Infidel is a much meatier book and is more introspective on the part of Ali. I enjoyed reading this book because it mirrors my experiences, although her circumstances were much more trying.
  13. I'm thinking it's Physics through Induction no longer available. My guess is that the DIM course is no longer available because you can buy the 6 DIM lectures from OCON instead, which are better. I believe the price is somewhere around $120-$150.
  14. My point was to bring attention to the "fleas" reference, which was not a reference by Diana to members of the The Forum at large.
  15. Anyone who cares about this issue can see which statements have been taken out of context by whom by following the relevant links. Such as viewing what is claimed to have been said by person X here in contrast to what was actually said by person X, here. Let the intellectual obfuscation continue!
  16. And I might add that the futility of the Democrats and their "me-too-ism" of religion is only evident that the religious principles as the basis for altruism have been shown to be the more consistent ones. The real issue here is not this party or that one, this religion or that one - but whether we have enough time to spread Objectivist ideas through the culture so that ordinary Joe has enough intellectual ammo to explicitly identify what's wrong with political ideas of today, not just implicitly sense that they are wrong. Only in this way can we actually stop the world being taken over by
  17. The Democrats' ideas to institute socialism, environmentalism, etc. are not consistent. Gore endorses religion as a way to get his controls enacted, but he doesn't believe it. It's just a political tool. He's just a nihilist who wants to destroy for the sake of destruction. Imagine a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions. Can you even imagine this happening? Such controls would have to be slowly enacted, and even a 5% reduction would begin to halt civilization. Americans would never stand for it once it happened. There would be riots in the streets. Hillary Clinton endorses religion as a
  18. There are only a few things in any science that are "obviously directly practical." Why did Aristotle study biology? Was doing so "non-productive work?" How about Linnaeus and Darwin? Were their basic discoveries non-practical? After all, their discoveries haven't resulted in any practical products, for the most part, except that a few plants Linnaeus described are not major workhorses for molecular biology a few hundred years later. Quite a long wait time for return on investment. Sometimes the benefits of knowledge are not immediate. It's much easier to discover new things in the
  19. Oatmeal, yucky... You know, I have made beer before and it is fun. Homemade beer is quite tasty, too, often rivaling the so-called microbrews. Perhaps I need to start a brewery and get a liquor license so I can afford more money for food. No, I just need to get back to work and away from this damn forum...
  20. This is an interesting article in the New Scientist on why genetic modifications may have different physiological effects than those produced by plant breeding. If you take a gene from a petunia and put it into, say, a totally unrelated plant such as a tomato, you can't exactly assume that the transgene is going to be processed in the same way. So some caution is required when selling a transgenetic product - in a way that is not required when creating hybrids between closely related species with almost identical physiological mechanisms. I have no problem with GM foods, provided they've
  21. I try to eat on $100 a month or less - but that doesn't include alcohol! I recommend buying in bulk from places like Costco. Oatmeal ( not a personal favorite, I can barely stomach the stuff, but it is cheap), beans, rice, eggs, and other things that many above have already mentioned. Ari Armstrong has some incidental suggestions in a variety of posts here related to a food stamp challenge he is running, I've written about the topic myself here, and depending on what state you live in, the SHARE program may also be an option for you. The SHARE program also occurs in other states outside
  22. I have just been able to retrieve the full text of my deleted post in the Peikoff election thread on The Forum, and will be posting it on my blog shortly (see below). If you would like to see the text and the stated reason it was deleted, feel free to visit my website. Let any and all determine whether my reply, or the comment of the person I was replying to, was insulting. It should be read in the context of the rest of the content of the Peikoff thread on The Forum, which is linked above.More information can be found here as to others' experience on The Forum. This is taking up too much
  23. I don't enter into such discussions lightly when one of the parties is deceased and no longer around to defend himself. I never met Stephen Speicher, and although my interactions with him on The Forum were mixed, I have been silent on this issue for some time because I just want to be a generally polite individual and let bygones be bygones. Frankly, I don't care that much about this issue since anyone is free to visit the Forum, OO.net, NoodleFood, etc. to examine evidence for the claims of either party. Why should anyone be afraid of the truth, if they are honest? But, you are correct.
  24. Priceless, Mister Swig. Thanks for succinctly illustrating the evidence, from The Forum, of one of the charges against The Forum. Betsy says, "I welcome public exposure and discussion of my statements and actions from anyone because I have nothing to fear or hide or atone for." We are all entitled to our own opinions. But in the words of Shakespeare: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."
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