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  1. this is the correct link... https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/sky...?id_talk=905168
  2. The debate is being held by Stefan Molyneux. https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/sky...?id_talk=893702 Join in, id be interested in objectivist view points.
  3. I highly disagree with the view point of the persons post I forwarded here. It is not my opinion at all. And i dont think Ive expressed my viewpoint here yet.
  4. I understand. I posted it for better understanding and for it to be talked over with objective people. I suppose i could of been more clear on that!
  5. I didnt reply to his question of 'why this topic is important' because I dont believe it was sincere or relevant. If it wasnt an important topic, Id imagine a discussion wouldnt of taken place, or that he'd return. But thanks for hashing over it. aleph_0's posts were really helpful. Thanks!
  6. i understand that, but does it really disprove / prove anything>? So what exactly is his point in saying anything.
  7. thats why I brought this up in the first place. I didnt understand where he was coming from. Whenever I have questions or need help understanding something, I come here, for the objectivity. Thats why this was important. To me anyway. Thanks for the clarification cogito and kendall
  8. he says that a counter-example is true by default... then technically he didnt give a counter-example since what he said requires further proof?
  9. On another forum a member posted this... there is a on-going debate on this issue. DISCUSSION HERE Hiring a prostitute does not imply low self esteem. The Logical Proof P = Prositute A = Someone J = John LSS = LowSelfEsteem CGS = CanGetSex Claim: (CGS(A) & Hires(A,P)) -> LSS(A) But: CGS(J) TRUE Hires(J,P) TRUE LSS(J) FALSE Thus: A = J -> ((CGS(A) & Hires(A,P)) -> ~LSS(A)) Therefore: ~((CGS(A) & Hires(A,P)) -> LSS(A)) The claim is made that hiring a prostitute when you can get sex implies implies that the person has low self esteem
  10. I use to be a DBZ junkie too. I still have all the episodes on DVD!!!! I stopped watching when I realized they kept reworking the same plot over and over and over. Everythings peaceful, then a bad guy comes, they fight and they start winning, and then he turns into a super bad guy and then woops them all, then they turn into super duper sayans and then he turns into super duper bad guy, then they become super duper sayans and then everyone dies and they have to get the dragonballs to ressurect everyone... =(
  11. Dude your only 15 you have no idea what your talking about. Go watch ninja turtles.... Im just kidding Rommel =) I got into Objectivism at a young age too. I wouldnt worry about it too much- your more then welcome here. And btw, ninja turtles is awesome.
  12. Heh, on a lighter side to this topic- after I read this I realized that your name is I-fat... Just a funny coincidence. Certainly you would be if eating is your ultimate goal. Back on topic.... this is an excerpt from one of our email conversations HIM(dyske) ....(one of his reasons for emotions being the root) Say, I feel guilty about something that I did, but I can?t find any reason why I should feel guilty about it. So, I spend days thinking about why I?m feeling guilty, and finally I discover the reason. In this case, my emotion was the one which told me something about reality. My t
  13. Thanks for your insights, you guys are great. I have to work another double tonight so I will comment in the morning. This is his website http://www.dyske.com/ I questioned him on his essay about philosophy. He said that every thought and decision is caused by emotion, that it is the root cause of thought and action- the ONLY cause. Hes quite inconsistant in all his views, any essay you pick by him you will find absurd. I have to go to sleep now, talk to you all later. Thanks again.
  14. [Mod's note: I have split some posts from here into a separate "Life and an Ultimate End" thread, as they were less about how to respond to this subjectivist. - sN] Me and a subjectivist are having email conversations about objectivism. Does his reply make any sense to you? I used the term "living life as an end in itself." He asserts that there is no logical point in living. Is this because he doesnt understand that the choice to live (exist) is what constitutes all that follows (values... ect) This is his response: This “an end in itself” is a very convenient expression which allows
  15. It is usually much more strict in the sense JW parents believe they have much more to protect there children from than non JW's. Since they do not celebrate any holidays, associate with non-JW's (for the most part) or participate in ANY politics, they tend to shelter there kids as much as they can... while they can. I grew up abit different. My mom was only a JW and my dad was not. It was a broken house hold for much of my life. I am also the youngest, my parents "better" days and come and gone. So even though I did not experience the strictness... or anything for that matter from them, I
  16. Hi, I am new to the forum. I've read all of Ayn Rands books in the past 2 years and have been learning as much as I can about objectivism and its application. I have been learning simply... how to think. I am 19 years and was raised a JW by my mom. I wanted to know if there were any Objectivists here that were raised or were once JW's. Id love to talk to you about some questions I have, among other things. Thankyou all! You can either respond in the thread or PM me. Take care. (Moderator's note: Edited at request of poster, to remove full name)
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