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  1. I find this very interesting. Although I'm too much of a lay person to fully grasp all of these numbers, codes, etc., I am intrigued by the alternatives suggested. I just turned forty this year. Fortunately, my husband is only thirty three, which gives us both ample time to do some financial planning. Although the initial discussion was about reducing tax liability, and I'm certainly looking to do just that, but what can you suggest for a person like myself having no experience, fore-knowledge, nor education on the subject? I know my money isn't best spent on a 401k, particularly to reduce tax liability and especially to plan a lucrative financial future, but where do I begin? I don't want gimmicks. I want solid, viable options. Gah, what is a regular Jane to do?
  2. Very interesting observations. However, and this is a big 'however,' this type of logic is what elects dictators. You don't stop a fire with gasoline. One thing I've learned about politics in all my years is that the least thing you expect to happen will happen. Obama with Executive Power will do more harm than any past president, even Bush. McCain is no different, promising further government controls and we know where that leads us. I'm beside myself at what is happening, but what really enrages me is that Americans are vehemently demanding this. This is where we see the flaws of democracy. The rule of the majority will destroy freedom, all for the sake of intellectual indolence. What are people like us do? Stand up and fight for our freedoms, no different than our fore fathers. Write, write, write, and write more. And then talk to as many individuals who will listen.
  3. Nevada is a great place, where taxes are kept at a minimum. However, I live in Santa Ana, about 10 minutes away from the Ayn Rand Institute in Irvine. So, yeah, I like living here.
  4. Well, the sad truth is, despite out right field Mormons are, they aren't the worst culprits of religious inculcation. I've met some very belligerent "born agains" who could make Branch Davidians appear subdued. Although this is an extreme, the dichotomy between religious types and atheist is rather distinct in that reconciling opposing fundamental beliefs, such as praying, original sin, etc. How do you overcome such issues, so that when a child is born the couple can keep an open dialogue where their children won't feel threatened or the need to choose sides. I just don't see a way around it. So, if anyone can enlighten me, I would appreciate it. Oh! BTW, Thank you for the lovely compliments.
  5. Actually, not really. However, the men are lazy and use their priesthood title to serve as merit for their character verses doing something productive. You should see how pretentious these guys are, not to mention self righteous, without so much as an iota of intelligence. Those who are intelligent are ostracized and ridiculed. The morons (no pun intended...well, maybe a little ) who spit this crap out of their mouths quote scripture that the "learned man is an enemy to god." That about says it all, doesn't it? The truth is, all religions advocate their idea of "truth," rationalizing all manner of self-immolation and empty piety. Heck, they can't even agree what the god-head are, much less the definition of "truth Christianity," whatever the heck that is. Can you tell I'm a bit put off by religion? LOL
  6. Sorry if I'm intruding as a noob here, but... I have one question to those of you who are marrying religious types. How can you possibly reconcile the religion issue, particularly when it comes to children? When I read Fountainhead, I was mormon. When I finished Atlas Shrugged, I became an ex-mormon and divorced my mormon ex-husband.
  7. Wow, we went back and forth and so...what's the outcome? I hope you managed to determine that there are so many other women out there who would do you right. BTW, its important to be rational in your selfishness. To be so inconsiderate of you doesn't warrant your highest, which sex represents. Lots of ppl have offered some good food for thought. I'm wondering how you think about it.
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