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  1. I discovered Ayn Rand's writings through a bodybuilder/writer by the name of Mike Mentzer when I was 25. His writing style was so different to the mainstream, using logic and critical thinking in ways that had NEVER been applied to the gym. In each article, he paid his respects and expressed his gratitude to AR for the development of his mind. I was curious as to who this person was. Being from Ireland, I had no exposure to her or her ideas at that time. I was hooked on learining more about her and her ideas. My brother bought me the Fountainhead as a gift and set this cause in motion. Roark's expulsion scene had a profound effect on me and I was so eager to discover the reasoning behind his taking such a stance. Much as I had enjoyed the Fountainhead, nothing could have prepared me for the impact Atlas has had on my life. I'm very grateful to have found this philosophy and my life flourishes as a direct result. Who knew a bodybuilding magazine could have such a far-reaching and lasting impact. Thank you Mike Mentzer (sadly passed away 2002)
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