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  1. Okay. Then you should start with one fundamental idea: Both doubt and belief have to happen for a reason. A feeling of doubt without a reason is not an argument. And the belief in the truth of a sentence itself is not an argument either. You may feel doubt, but you will have to find out where that doubt comes from and if it has a reasonable basis. If it doesn't, you can't really keep it up. Doubt and belief are just two ways to look at the same thing. If you doubt that modern medicine works, you must believe that it doesn't work and the other way around. This fact by itself is not a reason, though. Unless you can't back your hunches up with something, why do you trust them?
  2. As far as I see it, your problem is that you usually act and think rationally, but you just don't find a way to dismiss these claims of the supernatural. You don't know how to just outrule them and say: this is just nonsense. There's still that doubt that it could somehow still work. Is that a correct characterization? If so, I think I can help. Just want to be sure I diagnose before I offer a cure. Welcome to the forum.
  3. Finally. The international man of mystery reveals his face:
  4. I've been thinking that the Motor company would have been a great book of its own. So turning it into a movie is fine with me. And I've wanted to see a decent movie on "Once and future king" ever since I've seen "The Mighty". Am too ignorant to comment on the rest.
  5. Here's the link. This 1:17 hour video is about the threat of radical islamism. It compares the threat as well as the world's denial of it with the Nazi Germany threat and it explains the current recruiting and propaganda methods. It offers a horrible picture.
  6. Hi everyone! I've been wondering about that for quite a while. So now I finally have come up here with some questions regarding this "benevolent universe premise": 1) Where exactly does Rand refer to this? I have never seen her actually saying something like this. Is there a quote somewhere? Can you provide one? 2) How can the universe be benevolent? It's not conscious. A benevolent universe is primacy of consciousness, isn't it? I can understand that the universe is understandable. I can understand that man is well-suited to live in this universe. I can also understand that emergencies only happen on occasion. But a benevolent universe says something completely different, doesn't it? It means that the universe understands (how?) what man's needs are and helps him meet them (how?). This just makes no sense to me. I rather see the universe as neutral. Nietzsche once said about nature: "Take indifference as a power." I think that sums up my point pretty well. It's a feature of man's ability to live that living on earth is such a nice thing. I seriously doubt it's the universe's benevolence as I doubt that such exists in the first place. Any thoughts?
  7. Thanks! That's what I needed before going to bed!
  8. Oh, I loved Antz. (spoiler ahead) There was this part when he is told: "Get back to work!" and he just asks: "Why?" and the soldier gives him a startled look, says: "Uhm, I'll be back" and runs away to find out. That was really funny. Also taking Woody Allen for his voice was pure genius.
  9. Here's a wikipedia article on a critical book. It basically says that Mother Theresa used these people's suffering to get financing for spreading her catholic cult.
  10. You turn over a lot of your rights regarding your videos to Youtube if you submit your stuff there. Be careful. Read the Terms of Service first.
  11. I agree completely that "to free the citizens of that country from their oppressors" is complete altruism and that it's wrong for that reason. I just sensed a promotion of such "duty" in several posts with the hint of just bombing the place, and wanted to point out how this is working against the initial goal. I have judged the goal itself in my sentence "Playing world police is self-sacrifice". Sorry for the misunderstanding. I hope this clarified things.
  12. Because that's the standard by which it's judged.
  13. Sounds like a nice trip. I look forward to reading about it. I have come up with a title for your report, too: "Objectivism And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance"
  14. To add my two cents: Killing civilians on purpose is wrong. There may be unwanted collateral damage, okay. I guess we have to live with that in any real war (even though efforts should be made to limit that). But civilians are not the targets. Armies and governments are. If the goal is "to free the citizens of that country from their oppressors" I doubt that killing them is the way to reach it. I think it is right and justified to defend yourself against a direct attack. Preventive attacks would require quite some evidence. Playing world police is self-sacrifice. That's all I have to say about this. You can go on fighting now.
  15. I guess you guys would totally pwn me, even if I had uber micro
  16. Thanks for the link. This guy is a scam. Otherwise he would have collected Randi's million dollars for providing a valid double-blind study.
  17. What is a dark field microscope? How does it work? What does it display?
  18. Welcome! Uhm ... You signed up just to write that?
  19. I think sense of life and intuition are two different things. I read this quote to mean that sense of life is your general feeling towards life itself. Your basic outlook on life. It is, as Rand said, based on tons of experience, too much experience to untangle. Intuition, on the other hand, means that you have an unidentified hunch about a certain topic, regarding a certain question, and let your feelings be your guide instead of reason, basically.
  20. Hmm... Unless I understood something wrong, this would not be right. If a right is something every rational being possesses, then you can't just ignore that if you don't like it. Basically for the same reason you can't just kill people if it were to your benefit. If you have a rational creature, that is: a creature with a conceptual faculty, there's always a ton to gain from that creature. If the conceptual faculty is the characteristic feature of man, then having other creatures with such a faculty would be of tremendous benefit to you. And they would only be able to excercise this faculty to the fullest if their rights are accepted. The example that comes to my mind is African slaves. It's just been plain wrong to just claim that they were not human and treat them like animals.
  21. I'd really like to read this article to finally make up my mind on this issue, but the link doesn't work. Most of the sites I have found doing a google search link there, too, however. Does anyone have a link to this article on another website? Thanks.
  22. So a right is some sort of a meta-need, so to speak. And as such it is more fundamental as it is the basis to fulfill all the other needs. Sounds good to me. Rights are required so that man can live according to his nature in the first place. So that's what makes a governmental framework necessary. This raises other questions in my mind (as usual), but they don't really belong here. Thanks Jenni!
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