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  1. Maty

    My Poems

    I think that I might have misled you in that quote; I was referring to poemhunter.com. Actually, on this forum I've had some very productive correspondences. Thanks for the link, I'm sure it's going to be useful.
  2. Maty

    My Poems

    As per a very apt correction and suggestion made by Brian Faulkner at the time I first posted it, this is the finished poem (last line). For some unfortunate reason one cannot edit his own posts in the forum, so I could not alter it... (and a few others)
  3. Maty

    My Poems

    Thank you for your kind words, Intellectuallammo. (Although I wonder what a lammo means ) Its interesting to see how a reader can relate closer to a poem through the association of the author's experience (described in the poem) to one of his own--I guess that when a poem strums a personal string, we can feel the vibration, rather then merely comprehend the subject, and thus experience it with greater intimacy; which, in turn, stirs deeper emotions--hence a stronger emotional response. I guess that this is the reason why the same poem (or artwork) can arouse different people to differ
  4. Wow! When I saw that you are in Toronto, Canada and that you write, I was wondering if you are at all familiar with Margaret Atwood? I'm reading everything that I can find of hers right now!

  5. Maty

    My Poems

    It’s been a while since I've posted here (about a year with no internet) and following are some poems dating across this year (some earlier). I feel that the style has matured and, even though not yet fully satisfying, some are getting closer to the way I envision my poetry. The order is not chronological. 'Hope Would Sprout Within Your Garden' (Jan. 2006) Let me borrow from your voice That color, which you wear; And wrap in tender shades This promise, that I nourish... Let my heart rejoice, And let my mind repair... For as your blessing fades; My precious child will flourish.
  6. No. That depends. What I've tried to present in my post was the following: 1. First, that even should their decision had been immoral, there would be no ground to call for a government action unless their course would have inflicted harm on someone else, and-- 2. That, in this instance, the first and outmost source of immorality (if any) would lie not in them posing a threat to someone else, but in opening themselves to a possible threat by setting as their first priority to 'provide service to the people', as you say, without asking who are those people, and under what terms.
  7. I believe this should have been stated much earlier, but ‘better late than never’. Let us relate this to the previous quote. You are right about the government having to employ precise language in its laws, and yet, it is legal VS illegal that these laws are meant to identify--not moral VS immoral. A government cannot (and must not) force an individual to be moral--so long as his immorality poses no threat to other individual citizens. To take a simple example, a perfectly fit individual can decide that he wishes to work no more in order sustain himself, but would rather beg his bread
  8. Please elaborate, if you will; by 'situation', do you refer to my personal/financial situation which might (or not) allow me to do so, or do you refer to a certain legal status according to which I might (or might not) be able to work in the U.S? How could it jeopardize my citizenship? PS: Thanks for the link; I will definitely check it out.
  9. I am not sure if that is the right place to post this topic, but it seemed to me the most appropriate. Please feel free to relocate it should it become necessary. I have been living in Toronto, Canada for the past 4 years, and have lately obtained my citizenship. As it stands, I am greatly dissatisfied with the Canadian political/economical policies (in short; the welfare system), and frankly (to use a mild tone) I am quite doubtful as to the future of such state of affairs and its imminent consequences. I have therefore begun considering a move to the U.S, in hope of finding there a p
  10. What do you mean by 'fully integrates esthetics'? As far as I know, esthetics (as a philosophical field) is yet to be thoroughly covered. Even the key question 'what is beauty?' is yet to be answered. What I think you might ask is rather or not a person tries to (consciously) grasp everything that happens or (is) evident; for example, when listening to music (which is also a process of identification and integration). Yet, that still doesn't qualify as an 'integrated esthetics' in the philosophical sense.
  11. Maty

    My Poems

    I find that readers tend to get lost in the poem 'Justice'. I therefore decided to list the main metaphorical structure, so that those who are interested might get a better understanding. Wheels (wagons) = countries (Main one represents the U.S.) Drivers= Governments/rulers Shepherd= Justice & defense system Horses= Philosophies Breeders= Philosophers Those are the main metaphors. I believe it should be enough in order to get on the right track and understand the poem. Following this lead, the other metaphors can be easily inferred.
  12. There can be no argument, assumption or action irrelevant (disconnected from) or 'not applying to philosophy. Each one of the above (if executed) implying certain philosophical premises (whether consciously or unconsciously). That means everything; everything you say, think or do. Everything-- but laying flat without a breath (and that too in some cases), has to do with philosophy. (Philosophy being the only science that can serve as man's 'guide to life') Yet, in the philosophical chaos of today (when most people are not explicitly aware of their philosophy or the field as such), to use Dr.
  13. The movie 'Spiderman', which was mentioned above, has a most Altruistic base. The essence of the movie is that the hero has to sacrifice the life he wants (studies, the woman he loves) in order to help 'the people'--just because 'they need him' (and regardless of the contempt and hatred he gets in return- that last point is more evident in the TV series then the movie). Not to mention all the irrationalities in the idea of 'Supernatural-powers'. I cannot see how a movie can get any more Altruistic then that (unless it’s a movie made in Soviet Russia by the communist propaganda--supervised by S
  14. I forgot to add that the minor mistakes, if left unattened, might cause problems later on. (In addition to their implications).
  15. Maty

    My Poems

    Very slow tempo, allow space when reading and words to fade out. Emptiness; Every bottle, Has a bottom… So it cannot Get Any emptier… And yet this night, Seems to be bottomless… I keep sinking, Deeper, In it’s space… Thinking, Of a place… Deeper... This bottle, Seems to be full of it; Emptiness... And yet, Might it be loneliness? Playing its old tricks…
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