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  1. Ah! I am in Golden (Denver Metro). But my intentions would/will not be totally for Objectivism. I would be subjectivelylooking for a smart woman. But I will check the URLs.
  2. I just called myself that for the purpose of humility among strangers; not to mention being frustrated that I am not a millionaire yet. My experience with message boards is that if you express any knowledge, that people disagree with, some people will attack you. It is debate bait.
  3. I was just scrolling down to see if I had any common taste in movies with people here, and I noticed that nobody responded to this post. I, for one, like old Bogart movies. How can any objectivist not like Key Largo, The African Queen, or The Maltese Falcon?!?!?!? In general though, our present day movies are horrible by comparison. I will have to read up on some more of the choices in this forum. But I must admit that I will probably rile up a few of you if I get going. I just refuse to give my money to the anti-freedom/anti-American crowd. Oh! And to further anger you, I have got to say that the movie "The Fountain Head" was terrible-- and I am an Ayn Rand student.
  4. From “colorful Colorado”: I am a sincere objectivist from when I first started college; via Ayn Rand, Julian Jaynes, Nathaniel Brandon…. My philosophical search migrated towards Neo-Tech. But over the years I have decided that objectivism is based on better base of reason. (Although more advanced objectivists may gain some insight from Neo-Tech, in general, don’t waste your time or money on NT. They have picked up on some mystical, if not nerdy, notions; not to mention some bad writing techniques.) I admit that I have an agenda. I am completely for the war in Iraq, and I am for taking any such preventative military action to protect The United States of America; including attacking Iran to prevent them from making nuclear weapons…. War is, and should be, the last option. But I believe it is the moral and ethical duty of the USA to protect itself/ourselves. My “agenda” is to protect the most moral and ethical society of freedom and property rights EVER in the history of the world. But maybe we can “objectively” debate where the “initiation of force” ends and where American imperialism begins. But most of all, I think our worst enemy is the “5th Column”; and that would be the people in America who support the dishonest values of Hollywood elites, Michael Moore, the Howard Dean’s and John Kerry’s…. But don’t confuse me with a conservative. Although I hate the ACLU, I cannot accept the values (or lack thereof) of any religious dogma in our great secular society. But, anyway... you get the idea. Talk to you soon. Laissez-faire!
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