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  1. Simply log each user`s IP address. these usually map 1:1 to countries.
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masturbation If the term is not well-defined, follow the link and see the pictures Question: Is is moral to Masturbate AND to fantasize having real sex? (Just to make sure, I`m talking in a personal context. leave the government out.) 1. Wouldn`t that count as evading reality? (For, in reality - I`m single) 2. If the only reason for masturbating is pleasure, would that not count as hedonism? can a man "living QUA man" masturbate? 3. Sex is depicted by Rand as a "celebration of one`s existence". Is is moral to celebrate by myself? 4. Is it mor
  3. Does OE accept proofs of the negative type? For instance: Zero is defined as the number (marked "0") which satisfies: (Ax: (0*x = 0)) AND (Ax: (0+x = x)). Claim: In any given set with well-defined and useful (+,*) operators, If zero exists - it`s unique. ("useful" means commutative and associative) Proof: Assume that two different numbers "0" != "O" qualify as zeroes. We know that 0*O=0, since O is a zero, Also we know that 0*O=0 since 0 is a zero and * is commutative. Hence, 0*O=0=O -> 0=O -> *BOOM* How about this one: Claim: There`s an infinite number of inte
  4. Iv`e been comtemplating this question for a long time. Suppose we are to estimate a nation's material prosperity (and not "living standards" which depend on one's preferences), It`s clear that GDP is inadequate since it sums both private production and public "production". I suggest that we compare real average income. First we shall find the "average shopping cart" of two nations - this reflects what people usually buy in a year, averaged on both nations together (with proper weights). It`s a good approximation for people's preferences. Example: the avg US shopping cart consists of:
  5. I have no cookie problems and am currently logged-on to another web-forum service running exactly the same software. I can`t even post on the question forum, e.g. ask questions.
  6. Does Russell`s paradox suffer the same fallacy? That would be an elegant way to end a 200-yr mathematical debate - no self references! I wonder, since computer languages cannot self-reference, why should human languages do that?
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