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  1. Because, apparently, it took me writing said play, to finally get perspective enough. Plus Biddle says something I hadn't heard any say explicitly before, that the orientation, as such, is neither moral nor immoral. Again, I find it compelling, and am still thinking about all this.
  2. Because I find it compelling. Ever since during the writing of one of my plays, The Untold Story of Iphis and Ianthe, I've gotten perspective, and I think this coupled with it, is enough to change my mind completely. But, I still haven't watched the video, and thought hard on this. I thought it was super relevant to this thread, so I posted it, while I'm thinking about things.
  3. Biddle on homosexuality: "Biddle explains that sexual orientation per se is neither moral nor immoral and that the relevant issue is whether, given a person’s orientation, he approaches sex in a rational, self-interested, rights-respecting manner. Biddle then discusses the purpose and importance of sex in human life, points out that hostility to homosexuality stems primarily from religion and should be ignored, touches on possible causes of homosexuality and explains that this as irrelevant to its moral status, and encourages homosexuals and everyone else to embrace their sexual orientation and to engage in sex rationally and joyously." http://www.theobjectivestandard.com/blog/index.php/2013/11/homosexuality-moral-or-immoral/
  4. Yes, lousy attendance, but is it because of the reviews, or not liking of Rand, not knowing about the play being performed, etc. Yeah, I meant The Romantic Manifesto. I am definitely not looking to cut my narrators out. But I'm interested in taking another look at The Romantic Manifesto.
  5. Thanks for your review of it. Perhaps that may play into why the play is not being performed for as long as it was initially planned for. I'm going to have to take a look at Rand's book there again. It's my least reread Rand book. I have a narrator in nearly all of my plays. Only my first published one I don't. 5 out 6 plays, have a narrator. I use mine to advance the plot, time, inform, even hide from the audience what is about to take place onstage in one of my plays...
  6. I'm a winner! My "victory speech" is on my FB wall!
  7. The Quent Cordair Fine Art gallery "Haiku and Win" contest, that I was invited to write in, has ended for the inclusion of more entries, but the voting of the entries that have been entered, is still going on until November 5th. This is the FB event contest site: https://www.facebook.com/events/125948304242590/?ref=22 Please consider GOING TO THAT SITE to "like" entries that you do genuinely like, because each time you do, it counts as a vote. I REFUSE to vote for my own written entries there, as at least one other writer has theirs. If I win, I want it to be solely by being worthy enough of YOUR "like". So please, consider going to that site and simply "like" any that you like of my numerous written entries there, and others written entries there, too. Thanks!
  8. The official trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_o8LbJ-u9g http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_o8LbJ-u9g
  9. No, there isn't. Do you mean this, I just found some discussion there, all the way at post #296?
  10. I haven't listened to the podcasts, but the debate between Peikoff and Brook on immigration can be listened to here
  11. Secondhander: yep! I think around 60 in was when I really got that impression. BB hairdo:
  12. Here is a Iink that you can read the full version: http://activatecomix.com/162-1-1.comic Haven't had time to look through it. Over 60pages.
  13. Just found out about this webcomic biography on Rand. http://io9.com/webcomic-biography-of-ayn-rand-puts-her-works-in-contex-1421655984 http://www.bleedingcool.com/2013/09/29/ayn-rand-gets-comic-biography-on-line-for-free/ I think you can view all of it for free online.
  14. In regards to beastiality, the legality of it, it should be legal, animals don't have rights. I know it's around the web now, like at Zootube365, but why girls want doggie dick or horse cock, I don't know. What do people love about their pets anyways? I'm not a pet lover. "Oh, Fido, the way you barked and scared off that guy, really just does it for me. Here let me fellate you" Can anyone think of how it could be moral from an Objectivitist perspective? But, regardless, it should be legal.
  15. I thought this was interesting to listen to, on Philosophy in Action, 15minutes on incest: http://www.philosophyinaction.com/archive/2013-03-03-Q4.html I don't think consensual incest is inherently immoral, and it should not be outlawed. Though the relationship should be legal, not all are moral, just like other relationships. For example: Are you wanting to screw your sister or daughter because they have nice figures, or is it because you are in love with them, not just in lust with them, etc.
  16. On the topic of incest, two of my plays deal with it, in case anyone is interested. Both are based on the Greek myths, but told in my own way. Byblis and Caunus Myrrha and Cinyras I think incest should be legal. The government should stay out of it, as long as it's consensual. The legality of incest varies between states and countries. As does age of consent laws and age-exemption laws. Morally, I think it's contextual on whether or not it's right or wrong.
  17. My sixth play has now been published. It is a dramatic contemporary telling of the old told Ovidian tale of Myrrha and Cinyras, in the form of a one-act play, written in prose. Myrrha and Cinyras, like you've never read them before! Myrrha and Cinyras Length: 51 pages Price: $1.69 It is available in other countries as well, such as Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon Japan, etc. Those interested in obtaining permission to produce my play, may contact me, and any questions or comments for me, post them here. Enjoy your read!
  18. TOS blog: http://www.theobjectivestandard.com/blog/index.php/2013/09/allan-gotthelf-ambassador-for-ayn-rands-philosophy-of-objectivism/
  19. Obituary: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/nytimes/obituary.aspx?n=allan-gotthelf&pid=166807246#fbLoggedOut
  20. Just watched the video. Wasn't paying attention to the lyrics, but I didn't like her voice, her hair, she looked like an objectisexual with the sledge, liked her Docs she was wearing, but not on her, didn't like her lip color clashes with the Docs. Only good thing is is that her hair is not a stark contrast to her eyebrows. I hate seeing blonde hair with dark eyebrows. If you must dye you hair light, do highlights or something, when the roots show your real color, only then does it help the dark eyebrows. I'm not bothering looking at the lyrics. Bray-ay-ache - can't stand how she sings that. She's nothing to get an erection over - she can scream how sexually mature she is all she wants to, but she does nothing for me, and I'm not listening anymore.
  21. She can't pull of the hair style. Is she trying to look like Emma Hewitt? Not gonna work.
  22. Thanks, I'll take a closer look at the myth. I'm just trying to see if there are any more Greek myths that I can see plays in, as all mine so far are Greek myth based. I have two more plays plotted and planned, but after that... ? Rand used Greek mythology in interesting ways in her writing, as well. I have a thread I started about that specifically elsewhere, just saying.
  23. My fifth play has just now been published and is available for purchase. Byblis and Caunus It is a dramatic contemporary telling of the old told Ovidian tale of Byblis and Caunus, in the form of a one-act play, written in prose. Byblis and Caunus, like you've never read them before! Length: 30 pages Price: $1.49 It is available in other countries as well, such as Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon Japan, etc. Those interested in obtaining permission to produce my play, may contact me, and any questions or comments for me, post them here. Enjoy your read!
  24. Allan Gotthelf has died: http://www.aynrandsociety.org/allangotthelf Allan Gotthelf : Some of what he has passed on: http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&field-author=Allan%20Gotthelf&page=1&rh=n%3A283155%2Cp_27%3AAllan%20Gotthelf
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