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  1. They say he's down, lockdown over: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/04/19/police-go-door-to-door-in-hunt-for-boston-bombing-suspect/ " The second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing is believed to be "down" after gunfire broke out from a boat or shed behind a house in the Watertown section of Boston moments after state and local officials said their hunt had come up dry Friday. Sources told Fox News a suspect was "down," but later said he was alive and possibly surrounded. A neighbor described the sound of as many as 30 shots as akin to "a roll of firecrackers shooting off," and said blood was found on the door of a shed, or on a trailered boat near it behind a home on Franklin Street. "All hell broke loose," the neighbor told a MyFox Boston reporter. Sources told Fox News the shed and the boat had been searched earlier, but a woman noticed a door to it had been opened, saw blood and called police. The gunfire broke out when police went to search it, but it was unclear if any police were injured."
  2. Let me add this from an article by Alex Epstein from ARI: http://www.aynrand.org/site/News2?page=NewsArticle&id=13279&news_iv_ctrl=1021 Here is a page from ARI website with lots on Islam, Islamic Totalitarianism, etc. http://www.aynrand.org/site/PageServer?pagename=media_topic_islamic_totalitarianism
  3. Well, one suspect was apprehended and another on the run, one officer dead, lots of gunfire, explosion, lots of activity, this keeps updates coming: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mobileweb/2013/04/19/watertown-police-chase_n_3114276.html
  4. Never heard of the Atlas Drugged book by Stephen Goldstein but it's in the news: "Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and the House Budget Committee's budget proposal to cut spending on "income security" programs for the poor -- that's everything from food stamps to housing assistance to the earned-income tax credit--slow relief for Hurricane Sandy victims, the FDA's inaction to regulate items such as energy drinks and even institutions such as Florida Gulf Coast University teaching Rand's principles in its economics department (while being a publicly funded University itself) are all examples of Atlas Drugged: Ayn Rand Be Damned!'s scenarios coming to fruition." http://world.einnews.com/247pr/338076 " Atlas Drugged Author Goldstein stated, "If we as citizens fail to keep close watch on the political system, that "What If" inches closer to reality. We are seeing the influence of her ideas being played out in front of us and it is truly frightening.""
  5. The FBI has released this showing the two suspects: http://m.cbsnews.com/storysynopsis.rbml?&pageType=national&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cbsnews.com%2F8301-201_162-57580325%2Ffbi-releases-video-of-2-boston-bombing-suspects%2F&feed_id=1&videoid=37&catid=57580325&nb_splitPage=0
  6. Eioul, great post. I'd like to add that when one's foot aches and nothing they do helps, then one goes to a doctor to find out what's going on with it. If ones stomach doesn't feel right or if you can't get rid of a cold, one should seek out a doctor. If one feels unhappy, or has some anxiety, or feelings of hopelessness, depressed, especially suicidally depressed, One should seek out mental health professionals.
  7. Please take option 2. Mental health professionals can help you survive train wrecks if you are unable to pull yourself out of it on your own. They can help sort through feelings, emotions, and thinking. They can help you see opportunities where you are unable to. Working on your moral character, self-esteem, can work towards self improvement. Think of all the things you couldn't do or have or enjoy when dead. That gives me all the more reason to live. And a starting point: choosing to live, choosing to continue on.
  8. Did any of you see the new Byran Larsen painting at QCFA? http://www.cordair.com/larsen/food_for_thought.php I went back tonight after seeing it before and see that it's sold now. I knew it wouldn't take long. The price was nice. I wonder if it will be available as a print?
  9. Here's some good information just released: " BOSTON — Investigators poring over photos and video from the Boston Marathon bombing have a department-store surveillance-camera image of a man dropping off a bag at the scene of the one of the blasts, a top city politician said Wednesday. City Council President Stephen Murphy, who said he was briefed by members of the Boston Police Department, said he does not know if investigators know the man's name. He said officers are chasing leads that could take them to the suspect. "They may be on the verge of arresting someone and that's good," he said. Separately, a law enforcement official who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity and was not authorized to discuss the case publicly confirmed only that investigators had an image of a potential suspect but did not know his identity. The twin bomb blasts Monday near the finish line of the world's most famous foot race killed three people and wounded more than 170, tearing off limbs in a hail of shrapnel. Law enforcement agencies pleaded for the public to come forward with photos, videos or any information that might help them solve the case, and they gathered surveillance video from businesses around the finish line. The bombs are believed to have been fashioned out of ordinary kitchen pressure cookers packed with explosives, nails, ball bearings and metal shards designed to maim. Investigators suspect the bombs were hidden in black duffel bags and left on the ground. As a result, they were looking for images of someone lugging a dark, heavy bag." http://www.wpxi.com/news/ap/crime/fbi-appeals-for-help-solving-marathon-bombings/nXNzd/
  10. Two more arrested in plotting one a former librarian, caught by undercover FBI, from same social network as Valle: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2013/04/new-arrests-from-cannibal-cops-social-network.html
  11. Some things may come up later, like if you want to sue your employer: http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/dont-lie-job-application-29878.html
  12. One guy lied on his and he had a record with "assault with a deadly weapon". He was promptly fired. I think they do two background checks one took longer to come back or something, I only heard this through gossip. They say saying that you had a record doesn't automatically disqualify you from a job. Them finding out you lied about it means you are a liar and can't be trusted and on the application don't you sign that everything you said was true? If I was you, I'd tell the truth. My record is pretty clean, never been convicted, but I did have an EPFA filed against me by my ex-wife. When we went to court, she dropped the charges/case dismissed kind of thing. I asked my lawyer if I had a record, he said No, but that it still can be found out. I don't have to say anything on applications because I wasn't convicted of any crime. Also, if you are found out that you lied, you may face legal trouble over that from the employer or governemnt, I'd look into that because I'm not sure.
  13. If you read over that passage, note that Kira always sat alone at a table in the corner, but one day it just so happens that little freckled girl was there at that table in the corner because she was boycotted. So we find the two of them sitting at the same table, doesn't mean they are sitting together so to speak. It's safer for Kira and in better taste to sit there with the little freckled girl, than with 28 adversaries where it could be problematical. 1 adversary, or 28... can you see why it'd be safer and in better taste picking the less numerous?
  14. Madhavi, When you get later in the novel and Andrei knows about Kira and Leo, pay close attention to what Kira says. I can't remember exactly, but it had to do with who she was thinking about during the sex with Andrei. Also I think her first time with him she hoped it would be quick. She was doing him for Leo. She was doing him out of love for Leo. In Craig Biddles book, Loving Life, he mentioned sadism and masochism in altruism. Sacrificing others to you, or you sacrificing yourself to others. I will look for the specific remark. This is more along the lines of what I meant:
  15. And now that article is on Huffingtonpost : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/les-leopold/ayn-rand_b_3062112.html
  16. Madhavi, I just recently read WTL for the third time, same edition as yours, Kira Arguonova is still my favorite female character of Rands. I think that whole imagery with the whipping... it's either be sacrificed, or sacrifice. That's the two sides of altruism. Altruism is sado-masochism in practice. Anyways, Kira would not want to be among those sacrificed. No way. She wouldn't want the few the best sacrificed to the many. She spoke to Andre about that. You can also read what she said before Rand edited Kira in this thread: http://forum.objectivismonline.com/index.php?showtopic=24819 Her only hero was a Viking: And when she first saw Leo, she described him thusly: Now what she said about its almost artificial, is beyond me, I don't understand that.
  17. Peikoff answers in a podcast about this topic: http://www.peikoff.com/2011/12/19/was-it-moral-for-steven-mallory-in-the-fountainhead-to-try-to-shoot-ellsworth-toohey-if-violence-is-not-right-what-is-the-moral-way-to-stop-him-and-get-justice-done/
  18. Right, that's why I quoted Rand about what she said about arguments could be made for later term abortions. So for me the line must be drawn when the fetus is not longer parasitical and physically separate from its host. Viability arguments are irrelevant to me. She did say "when born" rights are acquired, so that is where the woman's right to abortion would end.
  19. This is what happens when you draw the line at conception, and embryos and its considered first degree murder: http://forum.objectivismonline.com/index.php?showtopic=17245
  20. Mdegges wrote: " Oftentimes the placenta comes out before the umbilical cord is cut. " If that is the case, then it's no longer a biological parasite, but a physically separate human baby. So if we do not have placenta expulsion, and U-cord nonseverance, then I would think, we have a fetus outside the womb, until the u-cord is clamped and cut or the placenta has been expelled from vag or womb in the case of a C. If a woman did not want to have an abortion because of medical reasons (like afraid she may never be able to have a child, or whatever) I think she should be able to during delivery phase, like when the fetus begins to emerge from the vag or during a C. This is why I think it's important to draw lines objectively so as to protect the rights of the woman. Basically where her rights end, and the babies begins.
  21. This is an article in the news analyzing Rands view on abortion: (they have a comment section) http://liveactionnews.org/ayn-rand-on-abortion/
  22. Mdegges wrote "Once the placenta is out of the oven, a child has been born." Exactly my point. Rand said "when it's born". So the fetus would have to be out of the oven, either naturally or via a C, AND the cord clamped and cut. Only when it's BORN is it a physically separate actual living human being. This whole cord nonseverance thing complicates it for me now. The line then I think would be drawn at placenta expulsion, the when we have knowledge that the fetus is no longer parasitical to the host and is physically separate. I think what you quoted above describes the three stages of labor for a woman. Rand also said in regards to abortion: " One may argue about the later stages of a pregnancy, but the essential issue concerns only the first three months."
  23. But a fetus is a potential man, not an actual man. If something happens during delivery, be something medical to the fetus or woman, or even something in that mom to be's life, or that she didn't want to or couldn't afford to or couldn't gain medical attention before hand, like blood work, sonogram, etc. She didn't have knowledge of just what was in her womb until it was delivering it, and she doesn't want to actualize the potential for whatever reason, I don't see why she could not stop it outside the womb from becoming an actual while it's still connected and surviving off of her because of the fetus and the woman share a fetomaternal organ together still (the placenta).
  24. Yeah, it's gross, but now I just read that some are actual human babies that still have the cord attached to the placenta, but not to mommy: " The all-natural trend, called Lotus Birth or umbilical nonseverance, calls for a mother to allow the umbilican border to detach from her baby naturally, The New York Post reported. In practical terms, that means carting around a blob of red matter (aka the placenta) that can stayed plugged into the baby's tummy for up to 10 days." Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2013/04/11/lotus-birth-trend-keeps-umbilical-cord-and-placenta-attached-to-baby-for-days/#ixzz2QJ7PB9us It's " Umbilical Nonseverance" The issue I have is the time of the placenta expulsion. Until it's expelled, the fetus is still a parasite feeding off its host. From the Wiki on placenta: " the placenta is an organ that connects the developing fetus to the uterine wall to allow nutrient uptake, waste elimination, and gas exchange via the mother's blood supply. "
  25. I don't think it's a fallacy to draw the line.
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