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  1. It's actually photoshopped - the guy is an actual Muslim protestor, but his sign said "Behead those who insult Islam"; not far off, regardless.
  2. Religion of "Peace" Burns Neutral, Liberal Nation's Embassy "Hundreds of Syrian demonstrators stormed the Danish Embassy in Damascus Saturday and set fire to the building," Yes, apparently Allah the "Merciful" has demanded that the members of his "peaceful" religion commit arson in the name of god. Listen; you want to play with the big boys? You want to be a global power? Don't go to war over cartoons. Children fight over comics and drawings and inane, fanciful beliefs - not adults. Yes, that means I am saying that every Islamic zealot is essentially a child. Not far behind is the Catho
  3. Adolescents shouldn't be using drugs in the first place, be they cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana or others. Using any substance while the body and mind are still growing is dangerous, no one has ever contended that.
  4. This is an essay I concocted one morning recently after a very infamous anniversary. Having posted it elsewhere, I'm quite prepared for the fiery backlash I may recieve. Flame on. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fight Terrorism. How? Free the weed. There. I said it. Recently, America had it's 68th anniversary of the prohibition against marijuana. It was only after a conscious, decade long drive to convince Americans that crazed immigrants and minorities were pushing jazz and reefer on good clean youth, turning them i
  5. I won't inundate you with a long post of all my unimpressive works, but for those with the inclination to read them, I will direct you to the proper location. Mostly short short stories and the bane of the internet, poetry. http://www.livejournal.com/users/volpex/74260.html
  6. Anti-romance novelists need not continue. Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series of romance/action novels is, insofar as I have read, superbly put together with reference to story arcs, concept and scope. While admittedly, in individual moments they can be bogged down by the typical romance novel fluff - and plentiful hot, steamy sex which I of course, don't have any interest in... Revolving around a group of specially selected warriors from various cultures in the past, these "Dark-Hunters" are servants of the goddess Artemis, who uses them to control (i.e., eliminate) "Daimons" who
  7. Thank you. That's what Featherfall tells me, at least - that he'll have corrupted me into an Objectivist within 3 years.
  8. Well, reason I can deal with... Tact? ...I'm not sure I know what you mean.
  9. Well well, Mr. Zeise - we meet again. Greetings, Objectivism Online. My name is Anthony, age 20; unlike Jacob not so nonchalant about my last name. But from the time I've known him in Green Bay, he's alright - you two will be very happy, I'm sure. While not an Objectivist per se (I prefer Constitutional Capitalist) I no doubt enjoy a good steel to steel debate - hopefully his challenging me to this place will result in a many a fine tet-a-tet with him. I trust he wouldn't have led me here if someone as caustic, abrasive and bullheaded as I would be a problem -- right Jake?
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