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  1. Join The Undercurrent. Spread the Right Ideas. Get Paid. Who: Full-time students seeking experience applying Objectivism to today’s world. What: Paid internship, $1000 stipend (100 hour commitment). When: Fall (Sept-Nov) How: Apply here: http://the-undercurrent.com/fall-paid-internships-apply-today/ The Undercurrent draws participants from across the country, and therefore interns will work from home, collaborating over email and regular teleconference meetings. Work hours are flexible (averaging 10 hours per week) to allow interns to combine their TU work with normal classwork
  2. Calling everyone interested in Objectivist student activism! Staff members from The Undercurrent will be at Quinn's Bar on Thursday at 9PM to discuss our plans for the next academic year. If you're interested in communicating Objectivist ideas — either in print or in video — or starting/strengthening a campus club on your campus, join us! We're dedicated to promoting the Objectivist student movement. The event will be held at Quinn's Bar on the first floor of the Marina Tower of the Sheraton San Diego Hotel during OCON 2012. You can RSVP for the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.co
  3. You can now preview an article from the Spring 2012 Edition of The Undercurrent here: http://the-undercurr...ife-well-lived/. In this article, Alex Hrin defends the value of energy to life itself, which gives real weight to the threat represented by government regulations like cap-and-trade. If you find this valuable, consider ordering this edition of The Undercurrent to distribute locally or on your campus. Other articles in this issue investigate the nature of revolutionary movements like Occupy Wall Street and the morality of government education. If you haven’t put your order in for
  4. The newest edition of The Undercurrent is now available to order! In this issue, we will look at issues ranging from the effect of government involvement in education to the recent surge in revolutionary movements. With regards to the latter, Valery Publius offers an analysis of what makes revolutions desirable and successful, and why movements like Occupy Wall Street are ultimately destined to fail to bring about positive change. Noah Stahl examines the tendency of social and political debaters to focus on superficial aspects of issues, and argues that we need to instead encourage a focus
  5. You can now preview the Fall 2011 Edition of The Undercurrent as a PDF here: http://www.the-undercurrent.com/blog/the-fall-2011-edition-of-the-undercurrent-is-now-available-to-order Articles in this issue investigate the nature and value of capitalism. If you haven’t put your order in for this issue, please do so on our order page at: http://www.the-undercurrent.com/order The order deadline for print copies is September 6th, 2011. Thank you for your continued support!
  6. The latest edition of The Undercurrent is now available to order! This edition focuses on the nature and value of capitalism. Valery Publius begins with a question: "Would you give up the internet for a million dollars?" In his article, he explains why our love of technology should be accompanied by appreciation of the creative and productive individuals that make it possible. Inspired by Ayn Rand's identification of capitalism as fundamentally moral, Noah Stahl argues why morality is necessary in technology and life itself. Finally, Alex Hrin offers a sober reflection on the anniversary of
  7. We now have an exciting preview of The Undercurrent’s April 2011 Edition up on the website: http://the-undercurrent.com/blog/april-edition-pdf-is-online-its-not-too-late-to-order Visit http://the-undercurrent.com/blog/april-edition-pdf-is-online-its-not-too-late-to-order to order your copies. The next edition won’t be printed until the fall, so get your copies today!
  8. I hope you’re having a great year so far. The Undercurrent is proud to announce its newest edition for April 2011! We are currently accepting orders at http://the-undercurrent.com/order. You can also send your name, address, and number of copies you would like to receive to [email protected] This is a great issue, containing articles on the proper ways to view a college education, our duty to our country, the need for intellectual polarization, and the problems with the theory that green energy will lead us to a brighter future. You won't want to miss this, but April 11th is the
  9. Could you describe how you think this song relates to We The Living?
  10. Will a recording of this be posted somewhere? I really want to watch the whole thing.
  11. The contrast between Lily's and Nina's character is not about "fixing" anything. Yes, going out with Lily did not help Nina. I'm not arguing that going out with Lily was a good thing for Nina to do, or that it should help Nina in some way. You are completely missing my point. Throughout the entire movie, you are beaten over the head with the differences between these two girls. Nina is mentally unstable and on a quest for perfection. Lily doesn't care about perfection, is hedonistic, but comes out looking more mentally balanced in the end. Nina ends up stabbing herself, Lily doesn't. Li
  12. I agree with this. I think the movie connects Portman's statement "I want to be perfect" with her mental illness. This is underscored by the fact that Lily (played by Mila Kunis) does not aim for perfection, but instead is loose with her dancing and personal life. She eats cheeseburgers, does drugs, sleeps with random men, and does not strive for technical excellence in her dancing. However, she is depicted as mentally healthy and isn't severely injured at the end of the movie. She has the "virtue" of "balance" or "compromise" in her life, and that sets her free from mental illness and injury
  13. Just wanted to let you all know that we've extended the ordering deadline to February 11th! You have until this Friday to order this exciting edition of TU. If you cannot afford to distribute papers but you would like to, please let me know. In all likelihood, I'll be able to find a donor to sponsor your efforts.
  14. I just wanted to let you know that The Undercurrent has some exciting news: we’re moving to a schedule of four editions per year in 2011! In 2010 we printed only two editions, and over 77,000 copies of the paper were distributed throughout the US and Canada. With your help, we hope to increase the spread of rational ideas in our culture by producing twice as many issues of TU and printing even more copies of the paper in 2011. Start the year off right by placing your order for the February 2011 Edition at http://the-undercurrent.com/order today, or e-mail your name, address, and the numbe
  15. The Undercurrent, an Objectivist newspaper distributed at colleges nationwide, is currently recruiting new staff members. The Undercurrent has two openings for the Spring Semester Internship Program for full-time college students. We have one opening available for an administrative intern, and one opening for an editorial intern. As an intern, you can work flexible hours from home, gain valuable experience, and promote Ayn Rand's ideas with a phenomenal team! Details for each of the internships may be found on our website at: http://the-undercurrent.com/join. Each intern is compensated w
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