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  1. I too enjoy South Park. I agree with A.West that it's big problem is it just tears down negatives. Also, wasn't there an anti-stem cell research episode? I can't really remember... I think my favorite episode would have to be the "You Got Served!" one (I don't think that's the actual title).
  2. Yes, grades that take into account one's attendance at a collegiate level are idiotic. But I'm sure you realize it is up for the individual professors to decide how they want to handle this no matter how annoying it may be. Though in high schools and earlier levels of education, where the students are not adults, I see no problem with making attendance absolutely mandatory by having it affect one's grade.
  3. Give me a break. That was a truly obnoxious letter. Mr. Adams took a normal occurrence and twisted it so he could go on a long sarcastic rant. The situation is the student simply asked if he could be excused from class. He didn’t demand to be excused from class nor should we assume the student felt it was his right to be excused. I see nothing wrong with students asking if they can be excused from class, and I certainly don’t equate that action with “needing” a better grade on a test or disrupting a lecture by chatting with friends. A reasonable teacher who thought a student didn’t need to be excused from class (and it's only the teacher who decides whether a student should be excused from class) would simply tell the student, “You are not excused from my class. If you do not attend you will miss important material that I will not go over again. Attendance is necessary in order to learn the material and obtain a good grade.” Missing important material and having one’s grade lowered should be enough to deter inappropriate behavior.
  4. I looked at that forum and it was very scary. I wouldn't even know where to begin if I were to point out all of their flaws. If you're trying to find out what far left socialist types are thinking that is the place to check out.
  5. This is a bit off topic, but I think who we sleep with has a lot to do with the individual we are.
  6. I read the same article earlier today and had the same reaction. It was very positive and definitly has the possibility of encouraging new readers.
  7. One of Rush's songs, "The Temple of Syrinx," starts off with the line "and the meek shall inherit the earth..." Great song, by the way
  8. I remember Captain Planet, what an awful show. My dad didn't want me watching it (is it any wonder he was the one who introduced me to Ayn Rand's works?). I watched Ducktales though, Duck Tales...WOO-HOO. I find it hilarious that a lot of us watched that show. As for Mathnet, I think I watched that too. Did that show have anything to do with Square One? Another show I enjoyed, because I liked the game, was Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego.
  9. What are you basing this off of? I'm a rational male animal and I have no "sexual instinct" to "spread my seed over many partners."
  10. This post adds nothing, but I, like others, must publicly address how much I valued Mr. Speicher's posts. I don't post a lot, and this is either because of not enough time or someone has already made my point and my post would be repetitive (as this case may be). But I try to read posts as much as I can, and Mr. Speicher's are incredible. I believe he provided some of the clearest explanations when it came to Objectivsm 101. On top of that his knowledge of physics and the necessity of a proper philosophy for the advancement of science was remarkable. I also admire Mr. Veskler's intelligence and respect him as the founder and owner of this one of a kind venue. I trust he will handle the situation properly.
  11. Right now I'm working for a company who's parent company is the Aisin Group, one of the top automobile parts suppliers in Japan and the world. I'm currently learning Japanese and would love to voluntarily move to Japan for some time.
  12. Did anyone else at first glance think the title of this thread was "I saw my first $2 [billion] today"? I guess I'm not thinking to clearly today
  13. I'd have to say reading Atlas Shrugged first is the best way to go. If you're trying to introduce someone to Objectivism, let them check out Atlas Shrugged with you near by for discussion. I've only been able to get two people with no previous knowledge of Ayn Rand to read Atlas Shrugged. It's simply a great book, and if the reader is ignorant enough to overlook it's philosophical importance they at least won't get bored with the story. In terms of you being near by for discussion, I think a person's introduction into Objectivism is helped when they can get one on one discussions about the key points within the philosophy at first. Then once they've had a moderate introduction through discussion and the pleasure of reading Atlas Shrugged, it's easy for them to step into the nonfiction realm. I agree with Bowzer's sentiment towards OPAR, but I think a student should be eased into reading it via other Rand nonfiction works. Follow the Ayn Rand Institute's suggestions.
  14. I too saw an off broadway production of the Phantom of the Opera a while back. I now plan on seeing it after the positive reviews it has received from the members here. I don't really remember the show that well, I was quite young when I saw it, so I look forward to seeing it again.
  15. Well anyone who receives a newsletter keep me posted about any rescheduling. I want to see Brook go up against O'reilly.
  16. I didn't see Brook on the show. Did I miss him when I was flipping through channels? It seemed like the bulk of the show was about Scott Peterson being sentenced to death.
  17. I too enjoy playing Halo, and I'm very impressed with Halo 2. Unfortunately, I don't have an xbox, so I'm the guy who's always walking down to another guy's dorm room to play xbox.
  18. I second all the iTunes suggestions. I use it on my Mac and Windows machine and couldn't be happier. The music store has a great selection and is very easy to use. Since you seem concerned about having the use of your songs limited, I'll warn you that when you purchase a track it can only be played on a maximum of 5 computers (of course I feel this limit is reasonable and won't be reached).
  19. Back to the Future (trilogy), Contact, Life is Beautiful, Indian Jones (trilogy), The Royal Tenenbaums, and The Qatsi Trilogy
  20. I have to suggest my car, a mid 90s Honda del Sol. A lot of people refer to the car as a Honda del SLOW, but they've obviously never driven a DOHC VTEC model. It's quite quick, handles great, has a smooth and easy manual 5 speed, and I think it's better than a convertible. The del Sol has a targa top, so the roof is a hard top that is removable and can be stored in the trunk. A DOHC VTEC model is relatively harder to find than the other two models but usually runs around $6,000 or $7,000.
  21. I bet. I'm sad to say my del Sol is not so fun to drive in these Michigan winters...
  22. I drive a 1995 Honda del Sol VTEC. It's an amazing two seater targa top vehicle with a beautiful B16A DOHC VTEC 160HP Honda 4-cylinder engine. A lot of modifications so far and to come!
  23. I too enjoy Columbo for all the reasons stated above. I guess it was something that rubbed off from my father as it, along with Seinfeld, was the only show he watched on TV. I have a question though, through out the show did we ever see Mrs. Columbo?
  24. You make it sound as if Bush makes all decisions based purely off of faith. I knew the US government was a large bureaucracy, but I had no idea that it was as bad as you make it seem. I mean, we have all these military aides and strategists, along with cabinet officials and general advisors put to waste since Bush simply sits back, prays, and takes it all on faith. jfortun really hit the nail on the head,
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