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  1. Mr. Delaney- a good point. I suppose I feel like what I'm doing might be wrong, but then again it might not. I hoped to draw on the experience of like-minded people (objectivists) to help me evaluate the situation, seeing as I have little real experience with this of my own. By no means do I want anyone to "tell me how to live my life," but I don't think there's anything wrong with asking advice. Inspector, I suppose that I lean mostly toward agreeing with you. I just have difficulty resisting the temptation, as well as convincing myself it's bad enough to stop.
  2. A month or so ago a year-and-a-half long relationship that I had ended. So began the first time that I have been single in college- I am now a sophomore. Without trying to be arrogant or boastful in any way, I find that I am having little or no trouble meeting attractive women. Girls who are obviously also attracted to me, as well. As I'm sure everyone knows, there is a prevailing attitude about casual encounters on college campuses- that is, it's no big deal. My question is, is it? Should I, morally, be intimate only with girls with whom I am in a relationship? I feel I may be bein
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