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  1. Damn. Kev, if I ever have a boyfriend that did that I think I'd be at a loss. Do you know that I've never gotten flowers? Not even once? But I have to say that if someone didn't stand up to me they'd be in for a hell of a time. I can tell you that I'M certainly not going to be 'accepting' if I think my significant other is being a dumbass, so I can't really expect anything extra from him. But seriously, I don't see how you can avoid arguing in a relationship. Clearly you disagree with her religious affiliation, which I think is going to lead to grief. You can't be expected to be accepting o
  2. Congratulations, although I've already congratulated you elsewhere.
  3. Gotta love the David Bowie background music. And actually, as we were taught in our humanities class, Jesus never recorded his teachings. They were recorded by the apostles and each recorded a different version, some many years after the other. In fact, the further from the actual event it gets, the more outlandish it becomes. For example, one of the earliest accounts of the crucifixion states that Jesus died in the normal fashion- no heroic pleas to God.
  4. I believe that to some degree I understand what you're saying here. You like to do things because you want to see them done, correct? But that is obviously a selfish motive. I think what bobsponge meant was more along the lines of people who did art because 'everyone needs art'. This can be also expressed as 'for the sake of art'. Art is obviously defined as outside of your person. To the original question, when considering it think about it this way. "Are they compensated for their work moentarily/objectively?" 'Because they like to save completely anonymous people' would probably not
  5. Not my favorite, but a good one... "It is not advisable, James, to venture unsolicited opinions. You should spare yourself the embarrassing discovery of their exact value to your listener." Source: Atlas Shrugged Here.
  6. I've decided that in a year, I'll be doing my first live performance of a song I've written with a band I'm going to put together. I haven't been proactive enough about finding fellow musicians, and since I spent my New Years driving down old country roads and singing my lungs out I figured it was appropriate.
  7. Ahaha. I guess I'm strange. You see, I prefer people who don't seem to get along with others, by choice. I like the ones who walk alone, absorbed in their own thoughts. Possibly because I'm one of those people. I like people who can make quality conversation, the kind that requires more experiences than what-he/she-did-at-the-bar-last-night. I'm not a fan of casual conversation. So, seeing some guy on the street talking with a couple of girls wouldn't elicit a second glance.
  8. Denzel Washington? I'd have never thought it- but you are correct. He is amazingly fitting for the role.
  9. Funny you should say that, because originally it was going to be the scene where Dagny was standing on the platform above the station at Taggart Transcontinental headquarters, addressing the workers. This is right before Galt follows her down the rail tunnel. It is one of my favorite scenes because I love the way she is described- how Rand explicitly states that her prescence in an evening gown, a goddess in her own domain, is so strangely appropriate. However, I chose to use the dress design from Rearden's party, and ended up using the New York skyline as the background. I may chang
  10. As opposed to...? I don't think anyone's professed to be otherwise that I've seen. I will. I just prefer men who look like they...bathe? Often. I like mine to have a moontan. Or for eyebrow hair per square inch. This is all in good humor of course. On a more serious note though, I don't like Viggo, he's too apologetic. Saw him in a interview and it really ruined it for me. And I never liked Mel Gibson for the same reasons. I'm not familliar with Daniel Day-Lewis, but he's not bad looking. I prefer more sharp features though. Another attractive thing about me
  11. Good call, but no-it's going to be the diamond one. And the hands are, besides the buildings and the railings, obviously, the most unfinished portion of the peice. Hands are obscenely difficult to draw correctly and proportionately. In fact, the hand in the background is only implied at the moment, and by the time I'm done will probably look completely different. Thanks for the criticism, keep it coming if you can think of any more. I find the longer I stare at a peice the harder it is for me to find the flaws because I tend to fall in love with it.
  12. I envy you. I've experienced all of the above at one time or another, although fortunately my forboding manner usually puts off most potential suitors. But I've found my looks have the opposite affect- people take me less seriously, especially when they find me attractive. For example, one of my coworkers was lounging around on the job when it was another one's turn to go on break. He told him he'd be back in a minute, he was on break. I confronted him and chewed him out, in front of his lady-friends, for being a layabout and a liar. The response? "Darlin', I'll be there in a minute, j
  13. I'm going to leave the eyes- but the hair isn't really finished. And as to the condescending look- I agree, but it's not neccessarily the eyes. It may be that she's barely smiling, and in the arch of her eyebrow. My favorite things to draw are faces, and facial expressions- you'd be suprised what a few pixel's worth of variation can do to a face. And it's going to be in full color. If I auction it, I'll probably sell more than one- they're prints, after all. Edit: And thank you for the reference photos, guys.
  14. Since I was around seven, I think. I'm an art major at my local college.
  15. It's not a scan actually, I drew it on my computer using a graphics tablet. Printed, it should be 11x17 inches. And yes, I did use Google Images, but no luck thus far. Edit: That is, no luck with the streetlamp part.
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