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  1. "Camp" is a very vague term. Moreover, to act effiminately is too simple of a defintion for the term.
  2. Oh bother! I didn't mean to sound so stupid. I promise I'm not. More than anything I'm curious about Rand's philosophy and politics. Excuse my stupidity.
  3. Hmm, after some careful thought, yes. In an academic context, one should be informed as possible in his or her field. Obviously, academic fields mix. However, educators should restrain themselves from discussing information they have not investigated. Please explain how inaccurate teaching is bogus? My definition of "inaccurate teaching" is within an academic context. For example, a professor who refuses to teach evolution in a biology class. This professor may not have ever been taught about evolution. However, as a biology professor, he or she has the responsibility to teach bi
  4. The act is immoral, but the person is not necessairly immoral. One must be able to make the choice.
  5. I find the American (and western) obssession of anime somewhat pathetic. There are certainly high quality films that could be classified as anime. For example, most of Miyazaki's work. However, most anime is of little substance. Even more disconcerting is the idea of anime being the center of Japanese culture. Such an attitude is similar to a foriegner thinking star trek is all America is about. An "otaku" attitude will not get you very far with the Japanese. In my opinion, the capitalistic stregnths, value of education, and achievement in the arts are a much more representative of Japanes
  6. Immoral behavior is choices that are wrong. This definition may seem vague. However, the limits of language exist and that is the case in this situation. For example, what exactly does yellow mean? We certainly know what is yellow. I suppose that a more precise argument on my part is to say the actions I discussed.
  7. In my opinion teaching inaccurate information as fact is immoral, within reason. For example, I don't expect a 15th century lecturer to know all the facts about genetics. However, choosing to teach inaccurate information based ones own bias immoral. What are anyone's thoughts?
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