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  1. I mean caring for all the fluffy animals and forests. I don't think I'm ever going to post here again, Au Revoir.
  2. I hadn't read all the posts, sorry if I started from phase1. Just thought by responding to the first post was how the people here liked it, sticking to the topic. I did read a few posts down from page 1, and read a few posts before mine. Good, that keeps us from getting off topic. I usually ask people what they mean by words, just so they can tell me not to think real hard about them. In turn, it assures they wont quote me on the basic things that I wouldn't want them to think real hard about. This is a project. Hmmm, will I lose if I don't come up with one Right now? This is w
  3. I haven't been lied to about anything, and I don't deny there are maniacs among all groups who profess things to support their cause, but why would they make claims that don't do anything but cause controversy? I'll look at those threads, and the links you gave me, I'll also do some googling. I'm not denying that there are quasiclones proclaiming what ever it is they've been told to say.... dupes and pawns, just not sure there is reason for environmentalists to do it. I've seen little activist groups growing up, and i've had my talks with them on the streets. They're always preaching cra
  4. Ok, clearer what you are implying. I didn't know there was only two categories of environmentalists, did you come to this conclusion? I'm no expert on the subject myself, but I was under the impression that global warming is a natural occurrence, but the process itself has accelerated due to industrial effects. I don't think global warming was the thesis I had in mind aynway, it was just a branch of one supporting sentence... I would have to do some googling if you were to argue this one, I'd rather just set the topic aside. This is interesting, i'd like to read this article if
  5. They're not all Quasimodo monsters. My friends sister is a pretty normal woman who is an ecologist. She is grateful to what this country has provided for her and her family. She is out of the country right now working on environmental issues, I think in Cuba or Columbia? How about the ecologists who pursue fuel replacement energies, or the ones that encourages you to recycle, or the ones who detest toxic waste dumps, which kill innocent people living in the vicinity. They’re not outside throwing rocks at your windows are they? Their idea of harmony isn’t wearing fig leaves over their private p
  6. I think preserving the earth serves the utmost important human need, and that's living. To ensure survival of the earth is to ensure the survival of the human race. So that’s what I think, they’re here to ensure everyones survival. And to ensure our entire races survival, is to ensure their own. So really, they are ensuring their own survival, the basic motive behind their actions. Even the extremists (Quasi-modo religious devotes?) who have their foots cramped in their mouths, are really just trying to survive. I did acknowledge that there is no irrefutable evidence that proves we are killing
  7. Just to paint a clearer picture, I believe the intentions of environmentalists are golden. They are the ones who study the relationship between human and earth, they are the ones who may point fingers at what they consider the cause of environmental damage. Usually the fingers they point, are pointed at capitalisms way of life, as I was trying to say in my first post. They don't have any problems with how the government works, it's how the government effects the earth that they are interested in. This is not a communist party, this is a field thats sole purpose it to work toward protecting the
  8. "The environmentalists you are talking about are the irrational quasi-religious kind." I don't think we're talking about the same people. If you did respond to my post though, could you provide evidence supporting this statement? Maybe you can reply to the first post with what you think environmentalism means, and what comes to mind, instead of replying to mine. Haha, funny. The answer is no. I'm glad to see that most people agree with me. It's also what I want to think. I've had no problems believing that environmentalists have anything but good intentions
  9. To me, environmentalism essentially means, many environmentalists - environmentalists who concern themselves with the ecological problems our world is facing. Big factories, fuel powered automotive transportation, etc – these things release gaseous fumes into the atmosphere which is causing our delicate system of life to directly react. There are men walking this earth today, who have in their life time witnessed an industrial age that has caused a breach in the ozone layer, has melted polar ice caps, and has caused rise in global warming. While environmentalists concern themselves with these
  10. Thanks for spending the time. I've learned a lot from this thread, thanks.
  11. I'll accept this, but if a spider does not have some form of awareness that assists in making decisions, then who is utilizing the spiders brain and body movements? Are they being controlled from remote location? There must be some faint sense of self concept in the very core of a spider. I can’t prove if a spider makes choices or not, and neither could you, but aren't they animals like us, who have a brain like us? They walk around, eat things, digest foods, attack bad guys. Brains. Brains. Brains. Aren't their bodies inhibited and inhabited by a ‘Self’ concept? A self concept that sees outsi
  12. Yes, that would all be very surprising. That whole idea is a stumper, and would really seem to diminish some of my hocus pocus beliefs. But, babies wouldn't weave symmetrical webs in the first place because they don't have the body designed for it. The spider does however. It also has eight eyes, and uses them to calculate the "web design" process. You can't deny that this creature is actually using its brain. No. But, if evolution responds to animals who flourish to natural habitats by giving them super learning intelligence that differs from their distant ancestors slow learning, but
  13. The proof is in the pudding. Thinking in conceptual form - would you say that this can only be done in the form of words, spoken aloud in some form of human language? Or can conceptual thinking be formed in your mind, without language? If a bird makes a nest, wouldn't you say that the bird is actually forming in reality, his idea of nest building? Or does he need to be able to discuss his ideas to be considered conceptual? Maybe he does discuss his ideas with other birds, with his body language, and intricite chirps. And he learned these things using the same form of language. And so the qu
  14. This is really good advice. I’ve tried making small talk and it has worked very well a few times. I've already tried a lot of the things you mentioned, and have made some slight improvements. Things like walk past a group of people, or not shift to the side when someone is walking toward me. Even started sitting next to people in the front of the bus, instead of walking to the far back right hand corner. Last night I also made an impression on a waitress while eating with my friends. Of course, after I ordered, the atmosphere seemed to turn against me. My two friends who were laughing with me
  15. Nothing so far. Is there a large emphasis on objective morality in Ayn Rands philosophy? I think that much of capitalistic and economic success can be in the light of Objectivism. But, when there is something like human relationships, or dealing with peoples emotional states, I think there’s less room to take the Objectivists point of view in approaching something that is best left to subjectivity and natural human response. Do I even need to say these things, or am I way off topic? duly noted, though not quite sure yet. Maybe i'll do the respectful thing, and consider looking more into
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