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  1. Remember The Titans Dangerous Beauty The Edge The Shawshank Redemption Hidalgo The Contender
  2. Most gangster/mafia movies are hyped to cult status in several languages and cultures all over the world. There is no "art" in this. I have seen several adaptations and direct copies of The Godfather. In several 3rd world countries, mafiosos are given a celeb status by the populace and the media too. The inane and the irrational rules most cinema.
  3. Richard, Please note that this is not a forum to advertise your products.
  4. Tibet has been a cauldron for many magic potions. History has been witness to that. So is Kashmir. And several more. I have been there. I live in China at the moment for my business. There is fear so potent, it hits you in the face. China is a whole new ball game when you see it from inside. The way the mind is destroyed in its formative years - well, those in "power" have made a profession of doing precisely that. Seeing things in the right perspective makes a difference. I do not think most folks talking here are qualified to comment on it without actually knowing what's going on - you can merely guess!
  5. Doesn't require forming a political outfit, though. No.
  6. There, I believe that you are quite wrong
  7. Turing AI, are you proposing to address the issue of the ban on online gaming in general inside the US of A - specifically poker/casino?
  8. Yes Though it need not be said vocally, it's implied by most of the members of this forum. Each, in his/her own way is already doing it.
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