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  1. I've just finished reading the first book in what seems to be a great trilogy. The book is titled "Off Armageddon Reef", and is a sci-fi novel, currently set in a medieval world. Some great capitalism vs theocracy themes there, combined with intelligent plot. You can read the first few sample chapters at the link below. Chances are you will be hooked after reading the very first chapter (NOTE: pay close attention to the dates at the beginning of first few chapters, as centuries pass between each one initially): http://www.webscription.net/chapters/07653.../0765315009.htm Here's the text from the cover of the 1st book:
  2. I don't think this series will last past the 1st season. It keeps getting progressively worse. I loved the opening scenes of the premiere - the first few minutes looked great for a TV series. But now, with each episode the whole thing feels more like a Xena Warrior Princess than an original story. I wonder if it would turn out any different if HBO was in charge of production?
  3. I simply hope that this was unintentional and not a complete butchering of the Objectivism philosophy behind the story of the books, but it really doesn't seem to be. Other then this little line, I rather enjoyed episode 3. Yup - it hurt my ears hearing Richard say that as well.
  4. Yep - certainly nothing ground-breaking here. And the first 10 minutes that they showed in the previews were by far the best part. Still - I'll continue to watch the series. I don't consider the fact that the story is very different from the books a bad thing. It makes it more interesting to watch, rather than going over something I've already read. Goodkind said, that as long as the series stays true to the characters, the story differences won't matter to the fans - I have to agree with him. I would much rather the series be picked up by HBO instead - but oh well - this is better than nothing.
  5. I'd say easily much more than that. Especially young people. I learned about Objectivism thanks to Sword of Truth books as well. One day I read Goodkind's bio, found Ayn Rand mentioned in it, and went from there. This is definitely going to expose a lot more people - particularly those who decide to check out the books once they get hooked on the series. Especially if the show is never completed - because somehow I doubt they'll be able to keep going for more than a few seasons at the most.
  6. First scene from the series can be found here - at least the camerawork looks good, if they could only keep it up: http://www.craveonline.com/articles/filmtv...the_seeker.html I don't know about other states but in NYC area the show will air next week Saturday Nov 1st at 8pm on channel CW11. Also there will be a short preview one week before (tomorrow - on Saturday, Oct 25th) at 9:30PM. It's initial 10 minutes of the 1st episode - which can already be found on youtube, but I'd rather wait for high-def version on the TV.
  7. Faith of the Fallen (the book that comes after the one you're reading), is the best in the entire series.
  8. The trailer for the series is already out as well. Looks decent: http://www.legendoftheseeker.com/
  9. On a similar note - if you look at the distribution of income based on your education level, you'll see that it keeps rising as you go from Elementary to Secondary to Bachelor's Degree, and peaks at Master's Degree it then falls down for people with Doctorate Degrees.
  10. I honestly fail to see the problem. Unless like Viking said, you are disputing the fact that people going to prison are less trustworthy. If I have two options: A and B, and the odds of succeeding are twice as good for A than for B, then by picking B I'd be guilty of rejecting reality.
  11. I see nobody chose to answer your question. The logical choice, with race being the only information given, would be to trust the White guy. By analogy, if you were to cheat on a test, and had to choose bewteen copying from an Asian student vs. a White student, statistically speaking you'd have more chance of a good grade going with the former. Coin toss analogy doesn't apply here - unless we're talking about a coin that ends up Tails 75% of the time...
  12. Anxiety is a tough one, and short of some extraordinary life changing event (surviving a plane crash for example), or help from a mental health professional, I doubt it's possible to pull yourself out, regardless of the philosophy...
  13. Muslim countries have lower rates of adultery... This man suffers from Islamophobia...
  14. I don't remember the original article, but I just googled it, and found something here: http://www.slate.com/id/2152983.
  15. How about standardized test scores? I read an interesting article recently, talking about the Neandertals, and Homo Sapiens. I'm not clear on all the details, but it basically proposed that it was crossbreeding between the two groups, that created smarter offspring. It then went on to demonstrate that the gene responsible for larger brain capacity, has only been prevalent in Europe, and not in Africa (which lined up with their theory - since there were no Neanderthals to cross-breed with in Africa).
  16. ...I guess you must be a fan of Spanish... And I like their method even better - placing the punctuation mark in front and in the back.
  17. So it looks like based on the continent population given by softwarenerd, the (very approximate and extremely rough) percentages would be the following. I assumed Europe + North America = White, Africa = Black, South America = Hispanic, and Asia = Asian. 44% Asian 17% Indian (sorry guys, I have no idea how to classify you) 16% White 14% Black 8% Hispanic I understand I'm using the term race, in a non-scientific way. I just mean the common-day usage. softwarenerd - so which is the proper check in the racial forms you fill out? I'm guessing Caucasian?
  18. Maybe someone can help me with this. I've spent a lot of time trying to find out what percentage of total world population does each race constitue. So far I haven't found anything conclusive - I've heard 8% for Caucasians, and something like 57% for Asians, but couldn't verify. Anyone?
  19. I'd start worrying soon, because that will be the next target. Consider this story: Personally, if it wasn't for the fact that we're living in a theocracy, I'd "level the playing field" by getting rid of censorship on public airwaves. Luckily the FCC rejected the plea: But what if it wasn't just one owner fighting for this, but every radio station that's subjected to FCC right now? And it's not hard to imagine an analogous situation taking place in the TV world. If the owners of censored stations can no longer attract customers because of the lame (censored) content, they won't waste time lobbying politicians for censorship everywhere.
  20. What about American English to British English translation (or the other way around)?
  21. I myself use HostGator, been with them for over a year, and never had any issues. I did a lot of searching through online forums, and reviews, and these guys were almost always one of the top companies in the price range, plus they're cheap (starts at $6.95), and get you a lot for what you pay, compared with others.
  22. Religious nuts = free advertisement, and many people will see the movie, only because of the controversy. The more people go and see the movie, the more profits for the producers, and the higher the probability we'll see more movies like this in the future. The obvious thing to do here for the ignorant bible thumpers, would be to ignore the movie, but I don't expect the people who gave up reason, to understand the irony of their acts.
  23. I was mostly referring to the Indian cities, ranking that high.
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