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  1. Does anyone have any specific information regarding this new "act" that was put into place? I've heard nothing but horrible things about it.
  2. I was having a discussion regarding Wal-Mart, and happened to mention that most objectivists are in favor of the company and its expansion. I myself am unsure on how Wal-Mart treats its employees, but I was told that the company delivers poor wages, treats them poorly, and is becoming too powerful. What is the defense for Wal-Mart, who is appearently so powerful that it can "treat their employees however they want?"
  3. I somehow had created the assumption that art was (on some level) free from reality. I see now that even the emotion that inspires the art is rational.
  4. I have only just begun to read The Romantic Manifesto, but I am still having trouble with the notion of defining art in a concrete manner. I have always thought of art (in all forms) as a very personal thing, so I can't see that it even should be defined like this. What would you all say to a statement such as this: Rational self expression demands no rationality.
  5. No matter what you do with the stolen money, you had to make the conscious decision to steal it in the first place. That makes the action immoral, without a doubt. But does it stop there? What if the stolen money is used for good? I actually experienced this a while back, when I used to work in a grocery store. One night at this job at a very late hour, I witnessed an obviously very poor, relatively young man that had an entire shopping cart packed with diapers and baby formula. No booze. No expensive luxuries at all. Merely basic products he needed that I am assuming would go to his famil
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