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  1. Thank you all for the information. I am going to try to start with Python. Hopefully I dont get utterly lost. Take care and keep on thinking. As I have been reading into this subject I have seen the mention of 'power'. I dont understand what criterion is used to judge how powerful a certain piece of prgramming is. Can anyone give me the rundown?
  2. Well, thank you all for the vast amount of information you provided. However I do not have ANY reference to judge the validity of the statements. So I decided I am going to start with Python. Ill stop back in with updates as to how I am progressing. I would still appreciate any input from you all. Take care, and thanks again.
  3. 1. Nothing I can do anything with. 2.Its stringing together various commands. 3. So I can get a better understanding of what is going on when I use a program. I feel dangerously ignorant about something that is becoming an all pervasive part of our lives.
  4. First of all I would like to welcome and hail the programmers reading this. I have an enormous amount of respect for you and consider you the new architects of a wondrous and powerful new chapter in our history. The things you create are the foundation for the new frontier of a computerized world. That being said I have an interest in learning how to program and was wondering if anyone could point me in a direction to pursue.
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