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  1. Maybe John Galt is a Icon of what man is, Not anyone person, but a part of alot of people that act like him. or have read about him and try to imulate him .
  2. I find the nutritional field very subjective, I was under the opinion that science is part measurement a specific thing in a specific time for specific reaction. I haven't found to date any specifics that say if you ate so many grams of apples or oranges or spinach or white meat or red meat how many cigarettes or cigars how many alcoholic drinks will cause this that or the other thing.
  3. Thanks for the Tip on this book i will buy it asap.
  4. The way I understand the article he was killed here's the link. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/12/17/ji...says_wikipedia/ "At 18:54 EST on December 12, John Seigenthaler's wife, who was infuriated at Wikipedia regarding the recent scandal regarding his role in the Kennedy Assassination, came into the house, where Jim was having dinner. Wearing a mask, he [sic] shot him three times in the head and ran," reported the online reference source. Then I went to Wikipedia and read this For the record, The Register must note that the ubermeister of Wikipedia appears to be alive and well The "news" of his death consisted of a random edit to his own, particularly fulsome entry on the encyclopedia he helped create. ® http://www.mwusers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=670 So I don't know if it's true or not?
  5. I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was about 25 years old, I am over 40 now and for most of my life my profession is very physical hard labor. There was no need for me to have to concern myself with my academic skills. But thanks to the Internet and my interest of it, it made me desire to want to communicate more with people. That is when I recognize that my dyslexia was getting in the way. But i was determined and I am determined not to allow it to hinder my yearning to learn and grow and communicate at a higher level with people.
  6. Thank you i will download it ASAP
  7. I like to go to this site for the what i think is a objective view of whats going on with the war on Terrorism. http://debka.com/index.php Iraq’s Zarqawi Sets up Gaza Branch at Palestinian Base Since early December, a branch of Abu Musab al Zarqawi’s al Qaeda in Iraq has been running a forward base in Gaza City preparatory to in-depth attacks in Israel, http://debka.com/article.php?aid=1122
  8. I tryed to watch the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, Boy! if that was a joke i wish i did't spend my money on that one. I think that is what Kants brain must've looked like on the inside Also I can't find the edit button on my browser? It was there but now it's not. I don't understand why not there any longer. OK i did find the edit button I'll go back to my original post and edit some other errors. Thank you very much the software needs to be trained to my voice, I just installed it a couple days ago. The more I use it the more the accuracy will be. As far as the grammar that has to do is my broken English. And a lack of me, during my homework properly when I was in school. I cut to many classes when I was young.
  9. Please forgive my spelling and grammar errors I have a mild case of dyslexia, I use a voice to texted software to try to help compensate sometimes the software works incorrectly but most of time at work pretty good up . If I am trying to compose too fast I can overlook my spelling and grammar. I do appreciate your recommendations and will try to slow down.
  10. I found this link about Wikipedia founder 'shot by friend of Siegenthaler' http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/12/17/ji...says_wikipedia/ And when started to read it I saw this Wales made his fortune in bond trading before setting up the Bomis pornography ring. A long time devotee of Ayn Rand, Wales recently criticized the decision to grant federal funds to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, according to reports on a web discussion board. It's this strange? the way they make Ayn too look dirty or am I missing something. I have read that Ayn Rand didn't like pornography but didn't say that much about it. I agree with the statement about grant federal funds. But I think to a out side linking the words like bond trading =Junk bonds, pornography ring as = to ring leader, devotee of Ayn Rand, as if Ayn rand approved or all this guys actions. Read the link and let me know if maybe I am taking it wrong or not.. I Think I smell something fishy.
  11. Anthem's it was the first book I read from Ayn Rand, I think that this book should be the premise Eq72521 of all of Ayn Rand's work. It reads like a looking Glass of things to come, and also reminder of things in the past. The freedom of man's spirit being crushed by the collectivist, state. The book calls out to me to never surrendered to collectivism, kind of like the Borg in Star Trek trying to asimulate those of free minds to the collective. Its been three years since I've read the book which started a chain reaction causing me to read all most every book that Ayn Rand wrote. This is a list of the books I read or heard on tape in the approximate order over last three years Anthem's ,We the Living,Opar, philosophy who needs it, Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, Fountainhead, Atlas shrugged,I have not read a sense of life yet. The Virtue of Selfishness, and cap it all off with The Anti-Industrial Revolution" in Return of the Primitive:The Anti-Industrial Revolution. It was very hard to accept where the world has been, and where is going. But the truth had to be known it is good to know that there is others out there working around the globe to spread the ideas of Ayn Rand that started over 50 years ago, we are in a world being dominated by irrational collective ideas over reason everywhere I go in all actions in my life I share the ideas, and principles. With others I believe I will continue to do this into the day I die, or become assimilated into the Borg collective statism through force. I believe a person has the right to their work their skills and should not be forced to have to contribute to a collectivist state.
  12. Michael have you tried any other work like being in business for yourself, while working your janitorial job? Will your state stop sending you money if you try to do more work?
  13. I would like to say for those that have been around along time this thread would seam pointless. But for me beening new to Opar/Rand it is very helpfull to learn from the posts. I see in action /real time, now contradictory identification works. thank you all keep up this thread i can see where A/R made her points valid.
  14. so it would be safe to say that words are invented, and here is where the ideas of God/s came from yes.
  15. I was reading over at DEBKAfile’s that Russian sources indicate that China’s indigenous shipbuilding industry is advancing towards the building of units geared towards a near-term Taiwan invasion. here is the link http://debka.com/article.php?aid=82
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