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  1. Yes, we can: http://physicsbuzz.p...s-of-atoms.html
  2. For now.... It has died and resurrected before. Doesn't that scare you?
  3. Easily. Think of private planes and yachts. But even if customs people discovered one at a port in, say, New York, the terrorist merely need to detonate it there. Even a tiny 5 kiloton nuke would be devastating. A big one in the megaton range would be disastrous.
  4. I've read just about all of Asimov's fiction. Philosophical issues aside, They are indeed good reads. Although it would have been better if Golan Trevize, one of Asimov's best characters BTW, had found a reason to reverse his decision in the last book. And I didn't particularly like "Forward The Foundation." Have you read "The End of Eternity" and "The Gods Themselves"? They're a lot better than Foundation.
  5. I bet you don't get people ganging up on you to get into soccer. The problem isn't so much the low scoring, but the fact that much of the game consists of people running up and down the field chasing a ball. Anyway, the paper I read, Reforma, has a tabloid-shaped "sports" section. On a good day, for me, soccer makes up only 60% of it. Football often rates no more than three pages, usually two. tennis never gets more than two, even when major tourneys are on. As to this year's NFL season, I've found it frustrating. Interesting, yes, but I can't make out trends, besides the fact that the Colts and Lions seem to have traded places.
  6. Thank you. Had I not heard more poeple say this, I'd worry I'd dropped into a parallel universe Between small and medium. It used to be bigger. Two local networks used to run two games each Sunday, plus SNF and MNF. Today they show just one each, plus SNF and MNF. On cable you still get two games each Sunday, and the night games, too. If you get NFL Network (I do) you can watch the odd Thursday night game. But it's a distant, poor relation to sucker (I mean soccer.... I mean sucker). In the interests of truth, the newspaper ought to rename the sports section "Soccer plus real sports).
  7. It's getting so I can envision a Super Bowl between the Bills and Lions without having to get drunk first But if they both do play in the big game, how will they both lose?
  8. Actors make the characters, even f they don't contribute a single line or thought to the writing of any episode. Fact is we identify the characters with the actors who play them. This leads to type-casting, to be sure, but it also means the success of a character depends on both the actor and the writing. That said, the Simpsons were very popular for a very long time and made lots of money, not only through selling ads and re-run and foreign rights, but also through merchandising. For the early days of the show, the actors were likely underpaid. It's logical they'd want more money now, when they see the piles of cash made by Fox. You see this same phenomenon, sometimes, with talented athletes in pro sports. Sometimes a rookie drafted late proves to be a star, but has a salary for a second stringer and a five year contract.
  9. I think it was Arthur C. Clarke who said the best evidence for the impossibility of time travel is the total absence of time travelers.
  10. Of course they will. If there is one... Nah. If you don't agree, you're probably a Cowboys' fan. Oh, wait...
  11. Absolutely. Besides, he's the one who says that if everyone is special then no one is, at least in connection with his plans. He set out to destroy the heroes. But for all that, I like Ratatouille better.
  12. "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." Thomas Edison
  13. Hasn't anyone else seen the flaw in this claim? The world can't end on Saturday, because that's God's freaking Day Off! Ask any non-Reform rabbi if you don't believe me.
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