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    D'kian got a reaction from splitprimary in Eddie Willers   
    I wish this continuing slander of Eddie would stop.

    He was paid because his employer found his services valuable. In that sense, he was no different from a conductor, an engineer, a signal man or a dispatcher. Except Eddie was good enough to be Dagny's right hand.

    He lacked initiative, yes, perhaps even ambition. When Directive 10-289 is issued, he doesn't quit, even when Dagny does. When the tunnel blows up, he neither quits nor takes over operations to salvage the railroad. That's the reason he gets to be the operating vicepresident's right hand rather than the operating vicepresident himself.

    In the end he takes the initiative, by going to San Francisco to keep that terminal open. That's too little too late, and he comits the same error Dagny did: keeping TI alive when all it could do was feed the looters.

    Compared to Dagny or Hank or Francisco, Eddie was second class, true. So what? He was a moral, productive man. That's all there is to it.
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    D'kian reacted to WilliamColton in NFL 2011   
    I can't believe the Lions this year .

    It's a huuuuge change of the tides, if you look at their record from 2008 (and even before) compared to 2011 thus far. I'm sure Jim Schwartz has a whole lot to do with it. In the meantime, the Bills are playing very strong. I wonder if there's any connection to be drawn from cities suffering from a poor economy and well-performing NFL teams. Just look at New Orleans Super-Bowl before last.

    In other news, the Chiefs are a delightful let-down. Looks like that AFC West crown last year was a fluke. But if the down-economy model is true, I expect a Super Bowl appearance in the next coupla years. Can you guess where my allegiance lies?

    D'kian, I have to ask: is NFL very big in Mexico City? Or are you an expat?
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    D'kian got a reaction from JASKN in "Good Luck" Alternative phrases?   
    "Fortune favors the bold"
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    D'kian reacted to Daniellecs in The killing of characters   
    Forget about Kira, the bitch was way too annoying, I was happy she died, but when Andrei died, I cried and didn't want to finish the book for a month.
    Everytime I read that book it makes me sad.
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    D'kian got a reaction from SapereAude in Obama: Law Against Gay Marriage Unconstitutional   
    I pre-check my premises before reading the forum. It saves time.

    I prefer consistency in my enemies. It makes them predictable and therefore easier to defeat, or to protect agaisnt. The religious right has integrity in spades. The left doesn't.
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    D'kian got a reaction from Dante in Until today Libya was on UN Human Rights Council.   
    You wish!

    They wrote mildly-worded letters.
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