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  1. People should want to get off welfare because they are getting benefits they have not earned. THATS why...that is what their motivation should be. They should want to do their personal best because they should realize that they are responsible for their own life. No one else. Welfare is a hard chain for people to break that have grown up within the cycle. But that doesn't mean they still should not take responsbility for themself. Eliminating all programs tomorrow wouldn't work: we would have a riot on our hands. It is something that would have to be done over time. But publicaly funded welfare can and should be elimated. Private charities can help those that really need help, such as the sick and elderly, and orphans...etc...or those that may have temporary issues through no fault of their own. There are too many people on welfare that stay on welfare because it is easy. I have known several people that have decided to not report their live in boyfriend (who worked and was the father of their kid(s) ) so they could keep getting their benefits. Regarding a living wage. You should be paid according to your ability not your need. I believe a billing clerk in a medical office deserves more pay than a street sweeper because her job required more training and more skill. Wages should be paid based on the market rate and the skills required of the position. If the employer chooses the pay more for retention puporses, hey, thats great. That is how the employer makes his/her company more attractive to potential employees. But required employers to pay based on an employees need and not what they do for work? That is communism. Just curious, I believe you are new to the forum, have you read any of Rand's works, such as The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged?
  2. That is the funniest thing I have read all day. You slay me, Dismuke. Good rubuttal too...I actually read the whole post...didn't think I had it in me, but it was very good.
  3. that is an excellent point. I like to look up stuff on Wikipedia sometimes because often it will refer to source material that I can then go to myself. I look at it as a possible first step towards finding more information.
  4. Hmmm...as long as he would choose to marry a person based on what he values, I don't think he would be settling. Here is my question: what if he marries someone else that he falls in love with after Dagny, and then she becomes available again. Would it be wrong for him to divorce his new wife and pursue her?
  5. David, I should have said, I wish there were schools like that in my area...as in Plano... Franco's school that I know of is too far away for us, but they have a good site. He offered me and Travis some excellent advice regarding kids not too long ago. I am hoping to incorporate it into a thread in the near future either hear or at the NTOS site, or maybe both. I am in the process of trying to find a Montessori school for my youngest nearby. I haven't visited or interviewed any yet, so I don't know which ones if any or Objectivist in nature, but will make sure I report any that I find here.
  6. Chris Noth has an elegance to him, I think like heros from the 50s did, like Cary Grant. It didn't see it so much in Law & Order, but definately in Sex & The City. I am married to the most handsomest man alive.
  7. I have always thought Catherine Zeta Jones is so beautiful. She is graceful and very much womanly, but without losing any of her humaness. I don't know if that makes any sense or not. Sometimes I will look at other woman, and it seems like you have to give up something to be their kind of feminine. But not her...she seems like it all came naturally. She doesn't need make or the trappings. Not that I spend much time saying "I wish" anymore in my life, hahah...but I wish I looked like her hahah. If I were Lesbian I would probably be drooling over her. But I'm not, so its just admiration. I think Sophia Loren is a beautiful woman as well. I like a lot of the other choices people has stated as well.
  8. What Lath said. It seems to me that people treat this issue as different from regular property because it is not something you can touch nor feel. I think that is the rationality...or maybe the irrationality...that those that say it is okay to pirate software use as well. I don't think it matters what protections are or are not taken: wouldn't it be wrong to take ANYTHING from a person withouth permission?
  9. Interesting....I wish we had something like that in TX.
  10. Don't let the unearned guilt that your family keeps trying to place on you ruin your life. I realize this isn't an easy situation. Especially since it involves your parents. It would be a lot easier if it was just your siblings, sure. But, it sounds like they (your parents) will move out from what you said. If your siblings value you, they will get over it. If they don't, well, as harsh as it sounds, you don't need them mucking up your life. Co-dependency is a vile thing...truly it is. You need to cut the strings and tell them to sink or swim. It is in your best interest first, but you know what, if they decide to grow up, they will realize it is the best thing for them too. Could you put together a realistic timeframe of when you what them out? For example, tell the siblings they have 30 days to leave, and the parents 45 days to leave...etc...you may want them out at least a month (or a few) PRIOR to your wedding if at all possible. Weddings are stressful enough. Get the ugliness out of the way as soon as possible so you can focus on your wedding and rearranging your home the way you and and your husband to be wants it to be. Anyhoo...I would suggest checking in on the time line...so after a few days...hey brother, how are you doing with job interviews, or having you spoken with friends you are going to room with...etc...etc...make sure they understand it is real. If you say "I need you out in a month" and never mention it again during the next 30 days, they may think you are not serious, or lack the courage to enforce it. Regarding your parents. I don't think it would be wrong for you to pitch in a little bit to help them if you want to, despite how they wasted their money. However, from you describing the situation as "unnmovable" it sounds like you felt you had no choice in buying the house and letting them and your siblings move in. That is wrong. That's probably why you have such an urge to get your own place with your fiance...so you can make decisions that you feel are not forced upon you for the sake of others. The burden and heaviness of blackmail is unbearable!!!! BTW: whatever you do, if you want a different house and your parents and siblings want to stay in the current one, then make sure you sell it to someone that will rent to them. Don't become their landlord unless you know they will be able to pay you rent.
  11. First of all, there are still some nitwits in the world that don't know how to properly protect their network, even in a business setting. When my husband and I used to travel back and forth to work, I would drive, and he would be working on his laptop...and it was amazing as we drove by businesses how many networks were open. I am sure there are those that may leave it open because they don't mind sharing their access to the internet. But. as the guy that owns the ISP pointed out, what if that is in violation of the service? I don't understand why you say that the government has to step in and say that you would need written permission, or else we can assume it is free? Not knocking you, bear with me...I am very new to Objectivism, granted...but although they are supposed to protect our property rights, why do we need them to come up with specific regulation for us to feel like someone going into someone else's network isn't a violation of property rights? A network is property, and when you go on someone's network, that is access to their property. This is an interesting situation. certainly something I had never considered before. While I was on vacation last year, I thought nothing of pulling into the parking lots of hotels to use their hotspots to check my email or look up something online on my laptop even though I wasn't a guest there. Next time. I will plan ahead and mark out the hotspots on my route that are places like freely offer access (like coffee shops and McDonalds...where I can go in and get a soda/coffee..etc) (Mod's note: Removed quote of entire immediately preceding post. - sNerd)
  12. Very nice.....thanks for the links...I will have to share this with my 15 year old son. It sounds pretty cool to me as well. I have been trying to find some bands with actual Objectivist lyrics, or ones that are fairly close for a bit. I am not that picky when it comes to music...but I need to balance my love of Tori Amos and Grateful Dead with something a little more rational. (Saw Chemical Romance in the fall in concert...someone else mentioned them as good music. They are great in concert...not sure if they would be considered objectivist...but fun music!)
  13. Actually, I couldn't stand it any more. This is what I posted: "After reading Jim's blog (he posted about using Yahoo Personals for recruiting)I think it would be a good idea to consider that as well. http://www.blogcharm.com/jimstroud/21238/H...rsonals%21.html He is a clever fellow, that Jim. Not to be a flip flopper on the subject...but the more I think about this I think a recruiter can be accused of discriminatory no matter where they find a candidate if someone was upset with them enough. If you can recruit using personals and myspace for ONE purpose why not for all purposes? Just click on all the ethnic groups…boom…there you go…just recruit for the best candidate all the time, every time. Sure, watch your back, cover yourself, be aware of where you get your candidates and how, don’t discriminate, but don’t let powerful sourcing techniques blow by you because you are afraid of what MAY be thought of them. Maybe it’s the caffeine talking,, I dunno, but …. I don’t think I can be the only person that has been thinking about this. " Interestingly enough, I have a couple of new invites to personal invitations on that board since I posted that. So I guess I am not alone in thinking that way.
  14. A Diversity recruiter's job is to recruit diverse candidates...aka non white and/or non male candidates. I quite admire the resourcefulness of this particular recruiter to find people in general on the internet. What ticks me off is that we are told it is not okay to use the same tools for recruiting if you are not specifically targeting minorities. It doesn't matter to the nansayers if you are truly just searching for the best candidate, regardless of race, sex or whatever. If I were to say 'Sure I use Myspace and Yahoo profiles to recruit" I am lambasted for it, because there is a possibility of discrimination. Because I am not a diversity recruiter. Edited to add: I guess I could give you the PC definition: companies with diversity recruiting programs say they are making sure they are recruiting a diverse workforce in terms of ideas...backgrounds...blah, blah...some even go as far though as to use the word multiculturalism. Sorry, I should have been more specific.
  15. (I hope this is in the right section) I am a Recruiter by profession. As you may be aware, my profession has to adhere to all sorts of lovely employment law issues. They have never really been issues for me, because I have always worked to recruit the best person for the job. That makes it easy for me usually to obey the laws without feeling like I am compromising. Anyway, there are a lot of discussions on a particular recruiting board about different ways to find candidates to contact. MySpace has been used by some recruiters with success. There has been a HUGE backlash against those recruiters because there is a possibility that people on MySpace COULD be discriminated against because you are able to search profiles by sex, age, race. Marriage status, and other statuses. Even if they are not. Well, a few weeks later, I see this other recruiter, who happens to specialize in “diversity recruiting” that goes into detail on how he utilizes Yahoo Personals to target minorities for his candidate recruiting purposes. This guy is praised. How is this different? It’s not of course….you know, good for that guy for being proactive enough to utilize creative sources. But I don’t think that searching for a black candidate is any more pure than searching for a white candidate. Of course no one mentioned this hypocrisy. I certainly didn't. I am no longer self employed, I am starting a new job later this week, and it is very dangerous to be perceived as racist in this field. However, I am trying to think of a way to say something without putting myself in a really bad light. Any suggestions? Comments?
  16. If I cannot afford to leave a tip, then I won't go out to eat. I don't see it as altruism, but as a service fee. I figure it into the budget of eating at a restaurant where there is a waiter or waitress that brings me my food. Now, if the service is horrible, yes, I won't leave a tip. But, a service is being provided to me. That's the way I look at it. As far as how much to tip, all depends on the service. If I have my kids with me, and the service is excellent, I always leave 20%. This is because there is a bit of a bigger mess at the table, and she/he is always working a bit harder for me. Now, I was a waitress long ago, so I am reluctant to "stiff" one. However, that doesn't make me altruistic in leaving a tip. It may make me more understanding than some, but also makes me a little more critical. If I could be a waitress and do a good job to earn tips, than anyone can, so they better earn their tip.
  17. Okay, compared to most of you, I guess I am a bit stunted, since I didn't stumble on to Rand until later in life. High school: heard of The Fountainhead, but that was only read in Honors, and well, that wasn't where I was. I did see The Fountainhead mentioned in the movie Dirty Dancing in a negative light. Made mental note to check it out (this was when I was 16) and kept saying that to myself every time I saw the movie after that Saw Atlas Shrugged on the shelf at local bookstore when I was in my late 20s and thought “Wow, that must be a really good book. It is so damn thick, but I heard it is so well read. I should read it some day.” When I was 34 I see someone refer to an Ayn Rand meetup on a Humanism discussion board…have no idea what Objectivism is or that Rand created a philosophy. I go to the group, chat with the people I know; go again a second time, and chat with the hostess for a bit, and she explains some interesting things. She looks at me and can see I am confused. She says “You need to read Anthem. That is the place to start.” So I go to the library, and do just that. Then I get We the Living. Then I read The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged (still working on that one) and am currently attending an OPAR study group. It has only been, hmmm….about 6 or 7 months since I even discovered that such a thing as Objectivism existed. I don’t have a full understanding yet to claim to be an Objectivist, but my husband is farther ahead of me, and is ready to embrace it, and can defend the philosophy against detractors pretty well. Discovering Objectivism is probably one of the best things that has happened to either one of us. I wish Rand's works was required reading in every high school. I am doing everything I can to encourage my teenage son to start reading her works, without being forceful. I have a teenage sister that has expressed and interest, so hopefully she will take the time to explore and apply this wonderful philosophy as well. You know, this probably sounds melodramatic, but I believe Objectivism can truly save lives in some cases. Anyhoo...that's my story so far. =)
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